Can You carry CBD Products when flying?

Despite the fact that an ever-increasing number of states are legalizing or loosening cannabis laws, there is still considerable confusion about flying with this non-intoxicating compound. Obviously, common sense tells you to leave the edibles and joints at home, but why is this the case with CBD products? Research has shown us that CBD can help relieve the symptoms of numerous conditions including anxiety, depression, and pain. However, the FDA still views CBD as an illegal substance . . . to an extent. Legal Concerns with Airports and CBD Products The uncertainty that currently surrounds CBD or Cannabidiol has numerous consumers understandably confused. After all, you can find it in drug and health food stores; you can get it in your smoothie at some juice stores; you can even add it to your morning coffee if you want. Nevertheless, people are often detained for having CBD in their possession, whether they’re flying or not. Due to the lack of clarity regarding CBD, the Transportation Security Administration, or TSA as they are more commonly referred to, changed its stance about the substance and quietly lifted their ban on flying with it. It has now stated that people can travel with the products containing CBD as long as it contains less than 0.3% THC or as approved by FDA. As a result, passengers are now allowed to bring CBD oils, medications, and other CBD related products on board in their carry-on luggage without fear of reprisal. So why all the Confusion? There are certain factors that play a role here. First, the FDA approved Epidioex (a cannabis-based drug) for two epileptic conditions that typically affect younger children, namely Dravet’s Syndrome and Lenox-Gastaut Syndrome. Basically, the FDA was reserving their right to classify CBD as a medication under these circumstances.Second, when President Trump signed the 2018 Farm Bill, Scott Gottlieb, the former commissioner of the FDA stated that he was concerned that sellers of CBD products were touting its ability to cure, prevent, or treat diseases. Consequently, he wanted CBD to undergo the FDA’s drug approval process of human and animal use.In the meantime, CBD consumers have been unknowingly participating in a thriving market where the compound can easily be ordered online or purchased at drug and health food stores. Essentially, the FDA looks the other way in these cases. Is it any wonder then that consumers, law enforcement, and the TSA are so confused?If you’ve recently had any issues when flying and having CBD products with you, please share your experience with Tank Glass by calling us at (323) 364-7952 or e-mailing us at support@tankglass.com today. And if you are looking for beakers and glass bongs for enhanced smoking experience, browse our website today.
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The grass is greener on the other side of the kitchen

Art can be expressed in countless ways. Cooking, for instance, is considered art; your plates are your canvas and the food you put on them is your divine creation. If you take a look at every nook and cranny in the world, you’ll certainly stumble upon many outstanding culinary artists who won’t dither about their choices. It would be unfair to tar every cook with the same brush, but some will invariably avoid concocting exotic dishes because of one simple reason — a strong bias towards marijuana. As outlandish as you think it may look at first, marijuana has been used in the kitchen for centuries. From cookies to brownies, and even cakes. Marijuana seems to have waltzed in the culinary world to conquer places where people initially thought such a thing would never be seen. As years pass by, this plant makes its way through the nations at a staggering speed, adding another variation to the commonplace food we dish out at home or in restaurants. Don’t worry, cannabis won’t bite your tongue as if it were one of those carnivore plants that pop up in movies where it sprouts snake-like vines that wrap you up until you turn blue. Actually, this culinary plant sometimes might go unnoticed unless the grassy substance was not finely ground and gives itself away. That’s why it’s important to do it well. Mom, whip up something for dinner At-home cannabis cooking could be fun to try. There is something that you need to know beforehand. Experimenting with this plant might be tricky if you’re unaware of some details. For example, decarboxylation, which can be easily done at home by applying low heat. This will release the psychoactive qualities that turn the tetrahydrocannabinolic acid, or THCA, into THC. When it comes to cooking buttery or oily foods, there’s another thing to bear in mind. For example, for foods that contain butter, keep the cannabis flower simmering for about 180 F for 90 minutes. For oily foods, there is a different method where aluminum, a bowl a pot with water are included, so it is important to check recipes so you don’t botch it up. More than just food If you’re still wondering what you can cook with cannabis, let me tell you that you can go as creative as you want. Of course, it is always important to look for recipes that guide you through the whole process. It is a fact that there are some desserts or dishes that do not demand a lot of time or hard work, but it’s still necessary to stick to a recipe so as not to make any mistakes because it may ruin your chance at releasing the psychoactive properties that make you high. To learn more about marijuana’s properties, please visit the Tank Glass website. And if you are looking for bongs and glass beakers, we have a large range to enhance the pleasure of smoking. Contact us and buy only the best bubblers on the market.
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Hand –Rolling vs. Joint Rolling Machines

Although joint rolling machines have long been considered a crutch or the training wheels for rolling a joint, they certainly deserve a place in every weed smoker’s kit. With that being said, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of these simple, yet often overlooked rolling tool. Joint Rolling Machine Pros While they may not be the ideal way to display your joint rolling skills, rolling machines are quick and efficient. Here are some of the pros of using a joint rolling machine to roll your joints vs. hand rolling them: Easy to use – rolling machines come with simple instructions and are amazingly easy to use. There are only a few moving parts and are very durable. Plus, they only require minimal motor skills. Efficiency and speed – you can roll a joint in less than a minute with a rolling machine, more if you really adept at it. This is by far, a much quicker and more efficient way of rolling, especially when rolling more than just a few joints. Inconspicuousness – despite the fact that cannabis has gained acceptance globally, there are those who still attach a stigma to the user. Since rolling machines produce a cleaner, more uniform joint that is cigarette-like in appearance, it’s easier for the smoker to blend in (although the smell might give it away). Uniformity – unlike hand-rolling, your joints will all look pretty much the same when you use a rolling machine. Remember what it was like when you first started hand-rolling your joints? You never knew what to expect. Joint Rolling Machine Cons As with anything else, there are certain cons to consider when deciding between hand rolling and using a rolling machine. Thus, the cons of using a rolling machine include: One size doesn’t always fit all – despite their consistency in rolling, rolling machines can be inflexible. If you don’t like shape or size of a rolling machine joint, you’re simply out of luck. Poor quality machines roll poor quality joints – those who complain about rolling machines either used poor quality devices or haven’t used one at all. Unfortunately, poor quality rolling machines are everywhere. So, choose yours wisely. Bd rollers with cheap quality vinyl sheaths will usually produce joints that are uneven. This leads to a tough way to draw the smoke through the joint. The stigma – there’s always going to be that one snob in the group that belittles the person who uses a rolling machine. Remember, you always have the option of not sharing with them if they criticize too much. To learn more about hand-rolling vs. rolling machines, please visit the Tank Glass website by clicking here. And if you are looking for bongs and glass beakers, we have a large range to enhance the pleasure of smoking.
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Choosing the perfect Grinder

Trying to find the best cannabis grinder can be a daunting task. The numerous shapes and sizes of these products plus the mind-boggling number of choices available can lead to lots of confusion and frustration when trying to find one that best fits your needs. Whether you like smoking cannabis in a large glass bong or prefer to hand roll your joints, the grinder is the key component that makes the entire process easier and more satisfactory overall.Part of the confusion stems from the pricing of these devices. For instance, you can buy them for as little as $5 all the way up to $1,500 for ones that are made from 24k gold. If you’re looking for the perfect grinder but feeling somewhat intimidated, here are the 4 factors to consider when shopping: Grinder design – despite the gigantic number of options available, they all have their advantages and disadvantages. While mechanical grinders are the most common, more advanced electric versions are also available. Unfortunately, the electric versions are more expensive than what they are actually worth. Material composition – grinders are made using a variety of materials including acrylic, aluminum, plastic, and wood. Acrylic and plastic are cost-effective but are weaker when it comes to durability. Wooden grinders are also budget-friendly but fragile. The only reason to invest in a wood grinder is for aesthetic purposes. That brings us to aluminum, long recognized as the king of grinder materials because of its ability to hold better than the other materials. Price – for some individuals, price is the key factor. While most individuals would love to be able to afford a high-dollar, high-quality grinder, the cost is too restrictive when you’re living on a tight budget. Cannabis smokers want products that are cost-effective, especially when it comes to grinders and pipes. Cheaper quality grinders are available for $20 or less. However, for a more durable and efficient grinder, those in the $30 to $90 range provide the greatest value for the money. Size – while this is a design aspect, keep one thing in mind: the larger the grinder, the more cannabis it will hold. However, this makes using it more cumbersome. Plus, large grinders are more troublesome to carry when going out and about. Once thing is certain; they do work well and hold a larger amount of cannabis. By keeping these factors in mind, you’ll be able to find a grinder that you’ll enjoy using and matches your particular smoking style. We have a variety of smoking accessories including bongs, glass beakers and more to enhance the pleasure of smoking. For more information, click here to visit the Tank Glass website today. Call us now.
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5 Alternatives to using Water in Your Bong

The bong is a type of filtration device that is commonly used by cannabis smokers and is available in different designs and styles. The name “water pipe” is attributed to the fact that bongs use water as a purifier that purifies cannabis smoke before it reaches the lungs. Furthermore, bong water temperature plays a significant role in the filtration process. As a better condenser, cold water enables the user to inhale more smoke and achieve a better high in the process.Conversely, warm water helps to filter substances such as hash and generates more smoothness in the throat when smoking. Interestingly enough, researchers have come up with 5 alternatives to using plain water in bongs. Here is the breakdown: Cranberry juice – when it comes to the #1 choice of alternatives to bong water, this one takes center stage. Cranberry juice has become one of the most popular bong water alternatives because of the smoother, more flavorful hit that it provides. Due to the acidic nature of the fruit, you can theoretically keep you bong clean when using cranberry juice instead of water. Hot green tea – as an ideal alternative to water, hot tea provides a smoother hit. If you add flavors such as lemon, orange, or peach, it provides a more refreshing taste. Using hot tea instead of water will provide a new smoking experience and a smoother feel. Iced tea – if you want a unique yet exhilarating experience, use iced tea instead of water in your bong. If you’re one to put ice cubes in water when drinking it, you can do the same thing when using iced tea in your bong. NOTE: NEVER put sugar in the tea you’re using as this will make your bong more difficult to clean. Lemon or orange peel – for a refreshing hit with citrus overtones, put lemon or orange peel in your bong water. Not only will this provide a refreshing hit, it will help to keep your bong clean in the process. Wine – believe it or not, wine has long been considered the ideal alternative to using water in a bong. Wine provides an amazing combination of flavors, especially when you mix things up and use red wine one time and white the next. In reality, there dozens of different bong water alternatives to choose from. However, the 5 listed above have been tested and proven to excellent, reliable alternatives. We have a wide range on beakers and bongs available to enhance the pleasure of your smoking experience. To learn more about this topic or the many accessories that we offer, contact Tank Glass at (323)-364-7952 or e-mail us at support@tankglass.com today.
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Is it safe to consume Alcohol or take Prescription Medications when using CBD Oil?

Due to ever-increasing market demand and use, new CBD oil products are showing up literally everywhere. However, with the increasing numbers of individuals using the oil for various health problems, certain concerns and questions are being brought up. Most people are concerned. One of the more common questions is “Is it safe to consume alcohol or take prescription medications when using CBD oil?” Is it safe to drink Alcohol when using CBD Oil? Up to this point, we haven’t seen a lot of research where drinking alcohol and using CBD oil is concerned. However, one smaller study revealed that drinking alcohol when using CBD oil resulted in lower blood-alcohol levels than when someone drinks alcohol by itself. However, the effect that the two together had on the brain was no different than consuming alcohol alone. Therefore, the assumption is that drinking alcohol while using CBD oil will be okay – provided it’s done in moderation. We recommend you always check with a physician or other healthcare professional first. Everyone’s body functions differently and that is why reactions or hits vary too. How does CBD Oil interact with Prescription Medications? Your liver breaks down prescription medications and other chemicals. This includes CBD oil. If you are taking prescription medications or supplements, these will be broken down by the liver, meaning the potential for interactions between them exists. CBD oil acts on certain liver enzymes or proteins that help the body break down several different substances. It actually slows down the process so these substances don’t break down as quickly as they normally would.Therefore, prescription medications and supplements don’t get broken down as fast as what they normally would and can accumulate or “back up” in your system. In some cases, this could potentially lead to harmful side effects. For example, some drugs will inhibit certain enzymes and will slow them down or stop them from breaking down other prescription medications. In most cases, adjusting the amount of CBD oil that you use will correct the issue. If you are not certain about the amount to drink, talk with a health care specialist. What Prescription Medications interact with CBD Oil? Knowing what enzymes CBD oil inhibits helps us determine what prescription drugs may interact with it. Thus, what drugs will interact with CBD oil? So far, research has:shown that it interacts with: Antidepressants Beta Blockers Clobazam (seizure medication) Ibuprofen Prednisone (a steroid) Valporic acid (seizure medication) Warfarin Additionally, if you’re allergic to cannabinoids or the oils in CBD products, you should consider an alternative or avoid CBD oil altogether. After all, your health is more important.  For more information about CBD oil, e-mail Tank Glass at support@tankglass.com or call us today at (323)-364-7952. Call us now.
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A brief Guide to THC Oil

One of the hotter topics being discussed in the industry today is THC oil. If dabbing, e-cigarettes, edibles, tinctures, topicals, or vaping is your thing, THC oil will be part of the equation. But what exactly is it and is it legal? Furthermore, how do you use it and where can you acquire some? We’ve got the answers here so continue reading. What is THC oil? Technically speaking, it’s an extract or concentrate. THC oil is made as follows. Soak the cannabis plant in a solvent such as butane, CO2, or isopropyl alcohol. As the plant is soaking, CBD, CBN, THC, and other cannabinoids dissolve in the solvent. Once the soaking process is completed, you remove the plant matter and boil the solvent off. This leaves an oily substance comprised of concentrated cannabinoids behind. The higher the THC content, the more highly concentrated the THC oil is. When you smoke, the THC level is about 20%. On the other hand, the oil contains 80% or higher. Thus, it is important that you consider the various aspects of the oil before you use it. Is it legal? Although it’s a relatively new product in the cannabis marketplace, it may not be legal where you live. Thus, it’s best to research it in your area beforehand. However, we do know that it is legal in states that allow the recreational use of marijuana. In states where medical marijuana is legal, THC oil probably isn’t despite the fact that CBD oil may be. It just depends on the state you live in. As the Federal Government moves ever closer to legalizing recreational marijuana use, THC oil use will be more common. It has shown considerable strength in recreational and medicinal use. How do You use it? Depending on personal preference, THC oil can be used in one of the following ways: as an ingredient in your favorite edibles by itself in e-cigarettes, vape pens, and vaporizers to produce other concentrates such as shatters and waxes Basically, THC oil is the all-in-one or one-size-fits-all product of the marijuana industry. That is the reason that it’s demand has sky-rocketed in the recent years. Where can You purchase THC Oil? If you decide that you want to buy THC oil, make sure you purchase it from a reputable dealer or dispensary. That way you’ll know you’re getting the best product available since most legitimate dispensaries have quality assurance standards that they adhere to. It’s also important since the solvents used in the production of THC oil can be toxic if they’re ingested in too high of a dosage.To learn more about THC oil before purchasing it, contact Tank Glass for assistance at (323)-364-7952 or e-mail us at support@tankglass.com.

The Origination of “420”

Even though many of us have heard the theories regarding the origination of the term “420” and how it came to be associated with smoking marijuana, the truth of the matter remains clouded in mystery. One theory is that it represents the number of chemicals that exist when smoking a blunt or a joint. Another theory contends that this is the code used by police departments to signify that someone is smoking marijuana. The reality is that neither of these have any basis in fact.In order to determine the origination of 420, we have to go back 5 decades to the 1970’s and a Huffington Post interview about the individuals who coined the term. According to the interview, 4:20 was the time that these individuals hang out together and smoke. Once they had finished, they would go searching for this secret weed garden that was supposedly being grown by a member of the Coast Guard who was stationed at Point Reyes 30 miles northwest of San Francisco.These individuals were known by many as the “Waldos” and would meet regularly by the Louis Pasteur statue on their San Rafael school campus. They would usually go searching after their sports practice. Upon passing one another in the school hallways, they would whisper the phrase “4:20 – Louis” as a reminder to meet at that time. At some point they dropped the “Louis” part of the phrase and would whisper “4:20.” Since then, the phrase has evolved into dozens of different meanings.For the most part, 420 was their code for asking different questions such as “Do you want to smoke some weed?”, “Are you high?”, or “Are you holding (Do you have any weed)?” Sad to say, they never did find that secret patch of marijuana, but the term 420 has stuck around ever since. So how did the term go from its use among a small group of high schoolers into an expression that most are familiar with nationwide? According to music history, you can thank the San Francisco band the Grateful Dead for its growth as a popular phrase in marijuana culture.Eventually, the use of 420 spread throughout the band community and was responsible for the creation of a subculture identity. Once the magazine “High Times” coined the term in some of their content, it became a marketing tool for the publication, which led to its distribution on an international scale. Thus, whether you use a vaporizer or glass bongs and beakers, the fact remains that quality water pipes and bongs deliver the best hits. Thus, if you are looking to buy quality glass beakers or bongs, or the next time you’re shopping for your 420 accessories, be sure to check out Tank Glass by clicking here.
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A brief Guide to understanding Sublingual THC

Sublingual THC is, by far, one of the most effective and efficient ways to enjoy what the cannabis plant provides its users. Unfortunately, there aren’t that many individuals who understand what it is and how it’s used. Granted, this isn’t a word that you commonly here in everyday discussions. However, the reality is that you may have experienced something of a sublingual nature at least once during your lifetime. In order to better explain the term, here’s a brief etymology lesson for you.The term “sublingual” is comprised of two components – “sub” (prefix) and “lingual” (adjective). Dictionary.com defines the two terms as follows: “sub – at, to, or from a lower level or position; under” “Lingual – of or relating to the tongue or some tongue-like part” In other words, sublingual means under the tongue. Thus, if you ever held a thermometer under your tongue when a doctor or one of your parents was taking your temperature when you were ill, you’ve done something sublingual in your life. It works the same way with sublingual THC. This is fast acting and you will have higher hits with sub-lingual intake. Two common Forms Sublingual THC is commonly available in two different forms – as a liquid and in solid form as follows: Liquid sublingual THC – commonly referred to as sublingual THC tincture. Tinctures are usually made using alcohol although they can also be made using coconut or olive oil, glycerin, and vinegar. Brandy, Everclear (grain alcohol), or vodka can also be used to make tinctures with a unique flavor. Don’t worry. You only put a couple of drops of sublingual THC tincture under the tongue, so the alcohol won’t have any kind of effect. Solid sublingual THC – the solid form is commonly made using a high THC strain. On the other hand, if you wanted to make a CBD tincture, you would use a high CBD, low THC strain of cannabis. Again, this is all a matter of personal preference. You can try and see if you like that better. The Bottom Line Once you’ve combined the alcohol with the cannabis plant matter, the alcohol dissolves the different chemicals in the plant such as the cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes. Basically, they’re held in a solution similar to mixing a pitcher full of Kool-Aid. Once you removed the plant matter, all that’s left is the tincture, thereby making it easier to place under the tongue. Interestingly enough, tinctures are not relegated solely to marijuana as any combination of plant matter can be the base for making a tincture.To learn more, visit our website or contact Tank Glass directly by clicking here.

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