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5 Things to consider when purchasing Your first Bong

Buying your first bong can be a challenging task when you consider all the variables involved such as the assortment of brands currently available on the market today. Other factors that make this a difficult endeavor are the different materials used in the manufacturing process as well as the variety of shapes, sizes, and types that you can find in accessory shops. The following will help when searching for your first bong.Cost – the general rule of thumb where price is concerned is that you don’t have to invest a large sum of money to get a high-quality bong. Granted, you should establish a budget so you don’t overspend. Acrylic bongs will be your most cost-effective option and are the common choice of new smokers. A budget of $90 to $100 will ensure that you get the best value for the investment.Design – you can have a lot of fun choosing the design of your first bong as they can vary from easy-to-use smaller models to something massive with multiple chambers. You’ll probably see some very unique designs that will grab your attention immediately. However, we recommend something simple and not too extravagant for your first bong.Maintenance and upkeep – no matter what bong you choose, maintenance and upkeep are essential to its longevity. Glass bongs are the easiest to take care of while silicone bongs can be run through the dishwasher. On the other hand, ceramic or metal bongs require more maintenance and are more difficult to take care of. Compared to other materials, earlier replacements of these types is very common. Finally, using alcohol wipes and a cotton brush can make cleaning a bong relatively easy.Materials – one of the first things you’ll probably notice when shopping online or visiting your local head shop is that bongs are commonly manufactured from acrylic, glass, or silicone. Although you may think that glass bongs break easily and are too fragile to handle on a regular basis, borosilicate or “scientific glass” as it is often called is considerably stronger and can withstand everyday use as well as abuse.Size – there’s a lot of truth to the saying “size matters”, especially when you’re buying your first bong. So how do you determine the right size? Consider how the size will affect its functionality and its portability. In addition to this, larger bongs have bigger chambers which enable you to take larger, cooler hits. Conversely, smaller bongs have compact chambers which often make for harsher, hotter smoke.At, we have a wide range of bongs, water pipes, glass pipes to suit every requirement. Browse our collection to find the perfect bong for your smoking pleasure. If you need any assistance, please call us.
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4 Helpful Smoking Tips for First-Timers

If you’ve never smoked weed before and are trying it for the first time, congratulations. We think you’ll enjoy your experience. Whether you’ve done any research or not, you probably have some questions such as: How stoned are you going to get? What does it feel like? What will happen after you inhale? To be honest, no two people are alike and neither are their first smoking experiences. However, we can tell you that it affects everyone differently. Some get really high off a few hits while others feel little if any effects at all. Some may even start tripping or get the “munchies.” It just depends on your metabolism. We know that you might have apprehensions about getting it right, so here are 4 helpful tips to consider before lighting up:Drink some water before you begin – since “cottonmouth” is a factor when smoking marijuana, it’s a good idea to have a bottle of water handy so you can keep your mouth moist and stay hydrated in the process. Just smoke a little your first time. There’s no sense jumping into the deep end if you haven’t been swimming there before.Concentrates, edibles, or a plain joint? There are a lot of options available to first-timers such as blunts, bongs, joints, pipes, etc. Keep it simple and start off sharing a joint with someone the first time. Once you’ve gotten used to the effect and have smoked it this way for a while, you can try concentrates or edibles.Music and weed is a natural combination – if you really want to enjoy your first time smoking, your favorite music will definitely compliment your mood once you’re high. This brings up another point. Smoking when you’re stressed isn’t advisable because there’s a good chance you won’t enjoy that first experience. The idea is to enjoy the high by relaxing and music can help you reach that plateau. Thus, if it is your first time, staying relaxed is essential to having a good time. Last, but most importantly, NEVER smoke alone – it’s never a smart idea to try a mind-altering or psychoactive substance by yourself the first time you smoke. Since it’s you’re first time, you have no clue as to how it will affect you. So, make sure that you have someone with you that you know and trust. They can help you stay grounded if you feel overwhelmed or are having a bad experience. Once you’ve had enough experience smoking, you should be alright on your own.For additional advice or to speak with a company representative about our many products, contact Tank Glass by clicking here or visit our website today.
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A Basic Guide to the 3 Types of Bongs

Although the bong has become a common item among smokers today, many novices, if you’ll excuse the term, are unaware that this smoking device can be manufactured from materials other than glass. According to history, the bong is one of the oldest smoking accessories available in the cannabis marketplace today. The reason for their growing popularity is that they prevent those heavier particles from getting into your mouth or worse, your windpipe.Furthermore, you get a much smoother hit every time compared to smoking cannabis in a pipe or rolled in paper. So let’s take a look the 3 types of bongs you should consider having in your accessories collection:Acrylic bongs – every type of material used in the manufacture of bongs has certain advantages over the other. In the case of acrylic bongs, the main advantage of this material is its durability. For instance, if a hit is too harsh and causes you to break into a coughing fit, an acrylic bong won’t shatter if you drop it. Furthermore, acrylic bongs are ideal for traveling because of their durability. The downside is that acrylic tends to affect how your smoke tastes, especially if you don’t clean the bong frequently enough. Over time, the material will hang on to different flavors and smells.Glass bongs – unlike bongs made out of acrylic materials, glass won’t affect the smoke’s flavor and makes for a much cleaner taste. The only thing you will taste is the dry material you’re smoking. Glass bongs are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Additionally, you have a choice of styles such as the beaker type or the standard straight tube models. Although the straight tube variety is easier to clean, they have a smaller base and can be tipped over easier whereas the beaker type is more stable and less prone to tipping.Silicone bongs – these bongs are considerably easier to clean because they are made for the same food-grade material as most cookware which means that nothing sticks to them. Nor do they hold onto flavors or smells so every hit is very clean tasting. Like acrylic bongs, silicone bongs a durable and difficult to break which makes them ideal for taking to parties or traveling. The only reason they’re not as popular as glass bongs is that some styles make silicone bongs look like toys which they clearly aren’t. Plus, the opaque body of a silicone bong makes it impossible to see resin build-up.Browse a wide collection of bongs at our website and select the best one for your smoking need or bong collection. To know more about bongs and water pipes, contact us today.
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Debunking the 5 Vaping and Vaporizer Myths

Although vaping and the use of vaporizers is a relatively new trend, it’s a controversial topic among non-smokers and tobacco smokers alike. Fortunately, that controversy is attributed to a lack of evidence or research and uneducated assumptions about these products. The following is a list of the 5 most common misconceptions or myths about vaping and vaporizers as well as why they aren’t true. Secondhand vape is equally as hazardous as secondhand tobacco smoke – FALSE. Since vaporizers don’t actually burn any product, they release negligible amounts of carcinogens and nicotine into the air. We’ve seen countless studies whose results have shown that secondhand tobacco smoke is harmful. As more of these studies are conducted, you’ll see more evidence proving that secondhand vape is far less harmful than secondhand tobacco smoke. Vaping is a gateway to tobacco smoking – FALSE. Interestingly enough, vaporizers were actually designed and developed to help you quit smoking tobacco. It’s a healthier alternative to smoking tobacco. Plus, it doesn’t have the foul odor and negative stigma that is characteristic of smoking tobacco. As a result, many tobacco smokers have turned to vaping in order to quit smoking tobacco and decrease the risk of potentially debilitating future health issues. Vaping is as hazardous to your health as smoking – FALSE. When you smoke, you’re burning tobacco, thereby releasing harmful materials such as ash, smoke, and carcinogens into the air. Conversely, the only thing that passes over the product you’re inhaling is heated air and water vapor. Consequently, you aren’t breathing in all those nasty chemicals that you would be when smoking tobacco. Other than nicotine, e-liquid ingredients don’t harm our bodies. Vaporizer batteries can explode without warning –  FALSE provided proper care is taken. Batteries can become dangerous and fry. However, using them properly lowers the risk of them exploding. As with other types of batteries, vaporizer batteries require adequate ventilation because they produce heat when being used or charging. If the vents get blocked, heat and pressure build up and can cause the battery to explode. Vaporizers aren’t regulated by the Federal Government – FALSE. Initially, that was true. However, vape manufacturers and retailers held to much higher standards by the FDA today. Additionally, FDA regulations and the testing conducted in most vape shops ensure the consumer that you are purchasing a safe product. Although poorly conducted research and the rumor mill have created a panic about vaping and vaporizers, the bottom line is that smoking tobacco directly is far more hazardous to your health than vaping or using vaporizers. However, when you use water pipes or glass bongs, the smoke is filtered through and is a more effective way of enjoying your smoke.
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Helpful Tips for purchasing Glass Pipes

If you’re an individual that prefers to smoke out of a bong or a glass pipe, you probably know that no two types of glass are alike. There are literally hundreds of head shops (offline and online) scattered throughout the greater LA area and southern California, all of whom will tell you that they sell the best products. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. The reality is that you can get scammed if you’re not careful. The following tips could help you find the ideal high-quality glass pipe.Decide on the type of pipe you want – the first rule of thumb is that not every pipe will fit your needs. Experience always helps when choosing the right pipe whether you prefer a dry pipe or a wet pipe (bong). For instance, consider the selling points. A dry pipe may be easier to use but it won’t smoke as smooth as a water pipe.High-quality is a must – don’t be fooled by the deal that’s advertised or by what looks like a decent pipe. There are lots of flimsy versions out there, some of which can be very dangerous to use. Thick borosilicate glass works best. The thicker the glass, the better the quality, especially if you’re a bit clumsy. Avoid purchasing anything from China. Their pieces are mass-produced and are typically poor quality. It is best to spend a little more and buy heavy glass pipes and bongs that are made in U.S.If possible, buy directly from an artist – glass art today is a big cultural trend in the industry. Interestingly enough, many glass artists are consumers as well. So, they understand what smokers want in a glass pipe. Furthermore, many bongs, glass pipes, and rigs are pieces of art and something worth displaying in your home. Granted, pieces that are hand-blown will have a higher price tag, but their quality is far superior to anything mass-produced in Asia.Pick the best value for the investment – whether you choose to purchase a glass pipe in-person from an artist or your search online for what you want, using the internet is often the best way to find a high-quality pipe at the best price. If you’re purchasing a product online, it’s easy to compare one product across multiple sites in order to find the best deal. Social media platforms are also a great place to search for a quality pipe. Get the Best Quality If you’re a veteran smoker, this is probably something you knew already. Who knows? You may have a pretty sweet collection of bongs and glass pipes. If not, check out our website or contact TankGlass directly. Our wide range of glass pipes are varied in design and prices.

Can You quit Smoking Tobacco by using CBD?

If you’ve tried more than once to give up smoking tobacco, then you’re probably familiar with nicotine withdrawal. Interestingly enough, recent research has shown that CBD can help you break the habit. Because of the highly addictive nature of nicotine (it’s one of the world’s most addictive substances), it can be extremely difficult to quit smoking cigarettes. In fact, according to NIDA (the National Institute on Drug Abuse), only 6 out of every 100 cigarette smokers are able to stop smoking them in any given year.To combat addition to tobacco, pharmaceutical companies have a plethora of smoking cessation devices, nicotine patches and gum while e-cigarettes were considered the healthier alternative. However, all of the cessation methods still left people with the nicotine addiction that leads to withdrawal symptoms. Symptoms of Nicotine Withdrawal Nicotine withdrawal symptoms are typically the strongest during that first week after you quit smoking. Consequently, this is also when relapse is the most likely to occur. You can expect to experience the following nicotine withdrawal symptoms when you quit: anxiety chills fatigue headaches heightened stress increased stress intense cravings irritability mood swings sleep disturbances sweating Although there are e-cigarettes and numerous nicotine-based products that will help you reduce your cravings, recent research has shown that CBD is not only useful in helping a person quit smoking, it’s a very powerful tool as well. What the Research told Us The University College of London conducted 2 interesting studies on the topic of using CBD to quit smoking. The first study involved 24 smokers, 12 of which used a CBD inhaler while the other 12 used a placebo inhaler whenever they had nicotine cravings. The research showed that the subjects who used the CBD inhaler decreased their tobacco consumption by 40% while the ones using the placebo experienced no significant change in their smoking habits.The second study occurred 5 years later in 2018 and was a double-blind, randomized study involving 30 participants. Some were given 800mg of CBD in oral form while others were given a matched placebo. They were then shown pictures of tobacco and checked for cravings and signs of withdrawal. Furthermore, their blood pressure and heart rate were also checked. What they found was that the 800mg dose of CBD helped to reduce the positive responses to the pictures while the ones who used the placebo experienced no change.In closing, most nicotine smokers have specific triggers such as having a cigarette with their morning cup of coffee or sneaking out from work when they felt anxiety or stress on the job. Over time, specific feelings, habits, or images often become associated with the release of nicotine into the system that smoking cigarettes provides.
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The Benefits of Smoking Cannabis out of a Bong

It’s unfortunate that there’s a lack of research about cannabis consumption habits and the impact on your health. NORML state coordinator, Dr. Dale Gieringer recommends is to smoke a stronger strain so you don’t inhale as many harmful toxins. In other words, when you smoke more potent cannabis, you consume a smaller quantity of plant matter but can still achieve the desired effect. The idea is simple: First, bongs help you conserve your cannabis which in turn saves you money. Second, you now have more money and can afford higher-quality product. Finally, you consume less plant matter but get the same result. Eating edibles or smoking cannabis in a dry-herb vaporizer is the healthiest ways to smoke. However, many consumers often have difficulties adapting to a thinner vapor. As a result, they often find themselves wanting more flavor and an immediate effect. On the other hand, waiting for an hour or more for an edible to kick in can act as a deterrent, even though the effects may last longer. Thus, everyone has their own way of getting a high. Why is smoking through a Bong healthier for You? Another reason that smoking cannabis out of a bong is healthier for you is because the smoke is filtered by the water in the base of it, unlike a joint or pipe that provides no filtration at all. A study conducted by a group of Harvard Schools of Public Health researchers in conjunction with the University of Texas found that smoking through a bong removes two toxic substances – acetaldehyde and acrolein. These substances negatively affect the immune system and the lung’s defense cells. This makes it a healthier smoking option as compared to rolling a joint. 4 Benefits of smoking Cannabis through a Bong So why do so many smokers prefer a bong to a dry pipe or a joint? Simply stated, it’s all about the following benefits of smoking cannabis through a bong: For many individuals, the smoother hits you get when smoking through a bong is the biggest benefit of all. Second, it doesn’t take a lot of education to use a bong. While rolling a joint properly can be a challenging task, using a bong is relatively simple. Third, although more maintenance is required when using a bong (you can throw a joint away when you’re done with it), the maintenance is very easy. Finally, bongs are available in a broad range of colors, sizes, and costs. If you are looking for glass pipes and bongs for a new smoking experience, it is time to look online. For additional information about our assortment of bongs, visit our website or contact us by clicking here.
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Can the Effects of Cannabis be influenced by a Person’s Genes?

Potency, strain, and type of consumption are all significant factors that play a part in the way in which the effects of smoking cannabis affect each individual person. However, each individual has their own set of variables such as age, frequency of consumption, gender, and percentage of body fat just to name a few. If you’ve spent time smoking cannabis with friends you’ve probably noticed a broad variety of responses to it, even though everyone is smoking the same strain.For example, some may burst into laughter while others may start daydreaming. Some may become anxious or paranoid while others become “couch potatoes.” In any event, researchers have actually been curious and have conducted research into why people respond differently. So, it begs the question “Can the effects of cannabis be influenced by a person’s genes?” One of several things they’ve learned is that a person’s genes may play a significant role in the way that smoking cannabis affects us. Cannabis and Neurotransmitters In 2019, Canada’s University of Western Ontario researchers conducted a study that focused on how smoking cannabis can have such diverse effects on people. The study was conducted on rodents and enabled researchers to identify specific regions of the brain that could produce either negative or positive effects on the person. Researchers found that when rats are exposed to THC, it produced rewarding effects in the frontal lobe.The frontal lobe plays a key role in the pleasure and reward circuit of the brain through neurotransmitters such as dopamine and serotonin. Dopamine plays a significant role in arousal, executive function, motivation, and reward while serotonin helps to produce feelings of well-being and happiness while stabilizing a person’s moods. This region of the brain enables animals and humans to identify the presence of a threat and react to it. Another essential aspect of cannabis intoxication is the reward circuitry in the brain. That part of the brain affects the memory and emotions, producing pleasurable sensations which leads to intake of cannabis to get that high again. Genetic Variables Although people with argue the point that addiction to cannabis is non-existent, a variation on the gene known as CHRNA2 can elevate the risk of becoming addicted or dependent on cannabis at the very least. However, trying to define “cannabis addiction” can be somewhat tricky. This is because studies on substance abuse often confuse addiction with dependency.Another genetic variable occurs with the CB1 and CB2 cannabinoid receptors in your body and the variations of them that oftentimes occur. These are considered genetic mutations that can alter the body’s responses to cannabis and other substances and dramatically impact one’s health.
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Traveling? How Cannabis Laws Will Affect You From State to State

Today, we’re seeing more states recognize the health implications of marijuana as well as the economic implications. But because we live in a country of 50 very different states with their own take on marijuana laws, it's often downright confusing to understand the laws as they will apply to you as a user, especially if you’re traveling interstate. State Laws Vary, As You Know And these laws are not just different from state to state but have multiple nuances from county to county and sometimes even municipality to municipality. Obviously, traveling to a state where cannabis is not legal sets you up for risk. But how does the law affect you if you're traveling from a place where it is legal to one where it is also legal?Although the laws are constantly morphing, the legality behind it all is that you need to be very careful when traveling with cannabis products, even when you’re going to another area where it is legal. Traveling Interstate with Marijuana is Still a Federal Offense Even if you are going to another state with lenient cannabis laws, federal law still says it's illegal. And federal authorities have been clear that they allow states to enforce their own laws concerning cannabis. But there are certain areas where the federal government has jurisdiction over state laws. And one of those areas is in the way of interstate commerce. In other words, if you bring cannabis products over state lines, you can still be charged and prosecuted. States Don’t Recognize or Abide By Another State’s Rules Another snafu is the way state laws have differing standards. To avoid federal problems, these state standards must be abided by. In most cases, the product must be locally grown and can only be used in the state where the product is licensed. While states will offer what is called full faith and credit between states such as drivers licenses, this does not work the same way for marijuana laws. Because there are still a minimum of states that have fully legalized marijuana, transporting it over state lines would be considered a crime even if it was purchased legally in the state of origin. Wait Until You Get There Because federal laws still prohibit marijuana and transportation is considered a federal crime, it’s best just to leave it at home and purchase it when you get to your destination. Even then, you want to understand the laws of where you are purchasing so you don’t expose yourself to legal risk. Wonder what the laws are in the state where you are traveling to? Do Your Research Because marijuana laws change rapidly, it’s important to consult an updated legalization map that sets out the marijuana laws across the United States. The Defense Information Systems Agency, otherwise known as DISA, puts out a marijuana legalization map that is updated on a monthly basis setting out all you need to know about legalization at your destination. Happy traveling!

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