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6 Types of Materials used to manufacture Bongs

There literally thousands of bongs available on the market today. Cheap and expensive bongs, fancy and plain bongs; the supply is endless. But what characteristics define their quality and how well they perform when using them? In most cases, it has a lot to do with the material they’re manufactured from. However, there are certain drawbacks to be aware of with some materials and others that we would personally recommend for your smoking pleasure. We’ve listed the 6 most common manufacturing materials below with the reasons why some should be avoided and others are recommended: Acrylic – this is hands down, the worst material to use when manufacturing a bong. It can’t be cleaned thoroughly, it’s not good for flavor, it’s not heat-resistant, and it’s very unhealthy to smoke out of. The only real benefit to acrylic bongs is how cheap they are. Borosilicate – as a runner-up for best bong material, borosilicate bongs are made using boric acid which increases acid resistance and strength. They are also the better choice where repeated heating and cooling applications are concerned. Ceramic – before glass bongs became so popular, this was the original art bong. Many ceramic bongs were manufacture in a variety of forms such as skulls and wizards. While this type offers a better smoking experience, glass bongs will outlast them. Plus, they have a metal bowl which isn’t the ideal choice for flavor or a person’s health. Glass – as one of the two best bongs you can smoke from, glass bongs are usually manufactured from one of two kinds of glass – 1) borosilicate or hard glass and 2) soda lime glass or soft glass. These are most hygienic, clean and hard glass beakers and bongs that are the preferred medium of use. Metal – if you want to sneak a quick tote, the thermos style bong is probably your best choice. Unfortunately, the porosity of metal makes it difficult to get fully cleaned after use. Therefore, this is not the best candidate for repeated use. Silicone – although silicone bongs are difficult to break and temperature-resistant, they’re typically made in China out of polysiloxane rubber, a material that doesn’t hold up to repeated cleanings. The more you clean them, the more porous the material gets, causing it to trap carbon, resins, and eventually mold. Another durable choice is soda lime or soft glass bongs. These bongs tend to be heavier because of the thickness of the glass. Although this is also a great choice, the borosilicate bong still has the edge because of its strength. For the most durable and functional glass smoking accessories, contact Tank Glass by sending a message to today.
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How frequently should the Water in Your Bong be changed?

One of the more frequent questions we answer is “How frequently should I change the water in my bong?” Yet while it is commonly asked by new bong users for the most part, there are some veteran smokers that often neglect this simple task. Granted, your bong is still going to perform whether the water in it is dirty or fresh. However, the manner in which your bong will work can vary quite a bit. If you don’t believe us, just take a hit off a brand new bong with clean water in it and compare it to yours. 4 Important Reasons for changing Your Bong Water on a regular Basis What is it that makes smoking weed from a bong a great experience? Two words – water filtration. However, the same thing that makes it so great can also be what ruins your smoking session, namely old, dirty bong water. Here are 4 important reasons why you should change your bong water on a regular basis: The appearance – old bong water is brown and murky looking. Honestly, it’s just gross. Why would you even consider smoking out of a bong that looked like that? The bacteria – this is the most important reason for changing your bong water on a regular basis. Old bong water is loaded with bacteria which can lead to respiratory infections and dozens of other health problems. The smell – let’s be realistic. Old bong water stinks and if you don’t change it out on a regular basis, it can stink up an entire room. The taste – you might as well assume that if bong water smells bad, it’s going to make your bong rips taste terrible. Unless you don’t care about how your weed tastes, we suggest you change your bong water regularly. Are you convinced yet about the need to change your bong water frequently? If not, then you obviously don’t care about the quality of your smoke or your health. How often should Your Bong Water be changed? Chances are, you could ask a dozen different smokers how often they recommend changing their bong water and you’d probably get a different answer from each one. Some change theirs on a daily basis while others change theirs weekly, bi-monthly, and even monthly. So, what’s the answer? We recommend changing your bong water as often as it becomes necessary. It will help to keep your hits smooth and hygienic apar from, ensuring that the water is clean and clear.To learn more about the above or for information on the most durable and functional smoking products on the market today, contact Tank Glass by sending a message to today.
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Does Cannabis really impact Your Appetite?

There are numerous unverifiable claims about cannabis that aren’t backed by any scientific evidence. However, CBD’s and THC’s impacts on a person’s appetite is actually based on reality. This could also be a significant leap forward in the treatment of many conditions and diseases including cardiovascular disease, eating disorders, obesity, and more. Thus, if gaining or losing weight is your goal, smoke some cannabis and let it works its magic. How Cannabis affects Your Appetite Cannabis triggers your appetite by stimulating the cannabinoid (CB1) receptors of the brain. As a result, these receptors release a hunger-triggering hormone call ghrelin. According to an animal research study, THC enhances our sensitivity to smell thereby making food aromas more potent and more appealing. And that makes you want to eat more, helping you gain weight. Furthermore, research has also suggested that those neurons that normally turn off while we’re eating don’t turn off when we smoke cannabis. Additionally, THC increases the release of dopamine and makes eating that much more enjoyable. Dopamine helps control pleasure and reward in your brain. Consequently, the more dopamine that is released the lower our self-control. Can CBD cause a Person to lose Weight? Although more research needs to be conducted, some health and wellness gurus claim that CBD will help you lose weight. While this may be true, this potential side effect has yet to proven. Interestingly enough, a study conducted 10 years ago showed that CBD reduced the appetites of certain species of rats. Let’s consider the science involved for a moment. The endocannabinoid system responds to the CB1 and CB2 receptors of the brain as follows: CB1 receptors are located in our brains and CNS (central nervous system and become more widespread throughout the fatty tissues of obese individuals. CB2 receptors are primarily found in our immune systems. CBD works in conjunction with other cannabinoids to activate or, more specifically, to antagonize CB1 and CB2 receptors. As a result, CB1 receptor antagonists help to reduce a person’s appetite and stimulate the CB2 receptors which in turn help to reduce the intake of food. Therefore, when CBD activates the CB2 receptors and antagonizes the CB1 receptors, it often results in decreased appetite and reduced food intake. Thus, you start to lose weight. While additional studies are needed regarding the efficacy of smoking cannabis on certain conditions and diseases such as anorexia, cancer, and obesity, individuals are using cannabis in their homes for these specific reasons. To learn more about how cannabis can affect your appetite, call Tank Glass today at (323)-364-7952. Additionally, you can explore our range of products to help you get a better smoking experience.
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Can You cure a Hangover by smoking Marijuana?

It goes without saying that many of us have felt the consequences of a hangover the morning after an “all-nighter.” Needless to say, you were probably hoping that there was something that would relieve your symptoms and make you feel better. Most of these symptoms are attributed to 2 factors:dehydration caused by alcohol’s diuretic effectstoxins that the liver produces when metabolizing the alcoholConsequently, the symptoms of a hangover often include but aren’t limited to: decreased or poor sleep dizziness excessive dry mouth and thirst fatigue and weakness headaches and muscle aches higher sensitivity to light and sound inability to concentrate mood disturbances nausea rapid heartbeat shakiness stomach pain or vomiting Although there is no magic cure or formula for a hangover, some individuals believe that smoking weed will alleviate some of the symptoms attributed to them. Does smoking Marijuana really help? When it comes to managing the nausea and pain commonly attributed to a hangover, many individuals claim that smoking marijuana can help. Many also contend that this helps with the bad mood that results from being hung-over, thereby making things more bearable for you as well as those around you. Yet while this appears to be a good remedy for some of the symptoms, is marijuana truly a cure for a hangover? In reality, there is no cure and the symptoms will only go away with rest and time.Interestingly enough, other symptoms are often compounded by smoking marijuana such as cognitive impairment, “cotton” mouth or dry mouth, and rapid heartbeat. But given the fact that no two individuals are alike, neither are the nature and extent of the hangovers they suffer. As a result, not everyone benefits from cannabis use when attempting to treat their hangover. Consequently, a little bit of experimentation may be needed to find the right “dosage” of marijuana when attempting to treat a hangover. Is Marijuana a Cure for Hangovers? While smoking marijuana can help with some of the symptoms attributed to a hangover, this remains a case-by-case basis as every individual’s endocannabinoid system reacts differently from each other. If you don’t experience any adverse effects when smoking cannabis to treat a hangover, it may help with other issues such as diarrhea, fatigue, headache, lingering grouchiness or moodiness, and nausea. In reality, the key benefit to smoking weed for a hangover is that you’ll be more tolerant of your symptoms.For the broadest assortment of durable, high-quality smoking accessories call Tank Glass at (323)-364-7952 today. With a range of pipes, beakers and bongs, you can select something that would suit your style and smoking requirements.
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What is the best Temperature for keeping Cannabis fresh?

No matter how you store your cannabis, in order to keep it fresh and effective, the temperature it’s stored at can play a significant role in the overall process. While it’s imperative that you store it at the proper temperature, understanding how to keep it fresh at all times ensures having a more enjoyable smoking session and experiencing it when it’s the most potent. When storing your cannabis, keep it in the dark away from any sunlight and where the airflow is restricted. What is the ideal Temperature for storing Your Cannabis? You can’t have a discussion about keeping cannabis fresh without talking about what the best temperature is for storage purposes. If you store your stash somewhere that’s too hot or humid, you’re increasing the likelihood of mildew and mold growth. However, an environment that is too dry and warm will dry out your cannabis, causing it to get brittle and crumble. Granted, dry buds will break apart easily. But, they will most likely be harsh and unpleasant when smoking them.The ideal temperature for storing your cannabis is around 70° F or 21° C. Furthermore, don’t store your cannabis in an environment that is regularly exposed to light or sunlight as this will accelerate the drying process. Look for areas around your home that are consistently cool, dark, and dry. Consider storing it in a cabinet away from sunlight and kitchen appliances, especially your stove and oven. Although no strain will last forever, following this advice ensures that your buds will stay fresh for quite some time. After all, your smoking experience will depend upon the quality of weed that you use. Does Cannabis lose its Potency when it dries out? As mentioned above the disadvantages of dry cannabis is that it gets brittle and can be easily broken apart. However, it will also become too harsh to smoke. Does it lose its potency as well? Yes, it does. In fact, as cannabis dries out, it loses increasingly more potency as the drying process progresses. As a result, you may feel very little when smoking dry cannabis. In turn, this will cause you to burn through your stash faster in order to achieve the same affects you would with a smaller quantity of fresh bud.Learning how to store your cannabis and keep it fresh is essential for anyone who smokes. Storing cannabis properly not only preserves its longevity, it limits its exposure to certain contaminants and undesirable airflow. To learn more about properly storing your cannabis, call Tank Glass at (323)-364-7952 today. Additionally, there is a vast range of smoking accessories that you can browse to get the best for your smoking pleasure.
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3 Possible Health Benefits of Marijuana for Seniors

It’s no secret that the legalization of marijuana is spreading throughout the US. Over the past 10 years, 18 states along with Washington, DC have legalized marijuana for recreational purposes while a total of 37 states have legalized it for medicinal use. Yet while many of us feel that most marijuana users are young adults, older adults and especially seniors are starting to use it on a frequent basis. Granted, many older adults use marijuana to feel its effects. However, some seniors are discovering that it has certain health benefits as well including these 3: It can help to relieve pain – the primary benefit that cannabis provides is pain relief. As we get older, our bodies begin slowly deteriorating and start to wear down. As a result, this often leads to pain and discomfort. It often takes the form of joint pain, muscle pain, or pain in our bones. Cannabis can help relieve the pain caused by arthritis, nerve pain, and inflammation. So if your medication isn’t helping or you’re curious about trying something new, cannabis or CBD might be worth considering. Keep in mind that no two individuals are alike, so you may not experience the benefits that someone else does. It can help treat glaucoma – cannabis is often recommended for glaucoma sufferers as it helps to reduce pressure in the eyes. Although glaucoma can affect individuals in all age groups, it most commonly affects seniors. Naturally, you should consult with the eye doctor that is treating you before you try cannabis the first time. Additionally, while cannabis can be helpful for treating glaucoma, it isn’t a cure for it. It simple enables individuals to cope with the disease. Consequently, the use of cannabis should only comprise a small portion of your fight against glaucoma. It can help with anxiety and insomnia – many seniors struggle with anxiety and insomnia. The older we get, the more difficult it is to enjoy long periods of deep, uninterrupted sleep. Some senior cannabis users swear by its ability to help them fall asleep faster and stay sleeping for longer periods and enjoy a deeper, relaxing sleep. Naturally, it’s important to consider what type of cannabis to use. While the higher concentrations are conducive to feeling more of the effects, you’ll want a strain with higher levels of CBD and lower levels of THC if consuming it for sleep. For more information about the health benefits of marijuana, contact Tank Glass today at (323)-364-7952. Additionally, you can browse a variety of glass bongs, beakers and pipes available at our website, to help you enjoy your smoke.
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4 Marijuana Consumption Trends for 2022 and beyond

With medicinal and recreational marijuana now legal in 37 states, its growing popularity and public face have really taken off. It is now a massive and very lucrative industry that serves huge numbers of individuals who enjoy using cannabis and no longer have to fear being arrested. Naturally, the development of this ever-growing market is now seen in a completely different light. Furthermore, this rapid growth has led to changes in the way it’s used and other areas. Here are 4 trends to be aware of in 2022. Cannabis-infused Products One of the more common trends we’ve been seeing the past couple of years is the growth of CBD and marijuana-infused products in the marketplace. Today, you can buy just about everything from cannabis-infused bath and beauty products to teas and more from numerous manufacturers. The use of cannabis-infused products is literally endless. Plus, you can now find cannabis-infused food products on the market. This market sector is expected to show explosive growth over the balance of 2022 and into next year as well. How Marijuana is consumed Over the past several years, the way in which individuals are consuming marijuana has changed significantly. Why you ask? In most cases, this is attributed to the increasing popularity of vaping. With tobacco bans that were mandated in different municipalities over the past few years, vaping quickly become the preferred alternative. So it follows that vaping cannabis would do the same. Since there is no flame involved when vaping, it is inherently safer. Mainstream Acceptance of Marijuana With the number of states that have legalized marijuana medicinally and recreationally, its mainstream acceptance should be anticipated. Most people realize that marijuana does not harm to the user and have hoped for it to finally be legalized. Once California took the plunge and allowed medical marijuana dispensaries to go public, many other states have followed in their footsteps. This has helped not only recreational users but those that require it for medicinal purposes. Marijuana and the Fashion Industry With the legalization of marijuana, we are now seeing numerous weed-inspired fashion collections hitting the marketplace. However, the correlation between the two industries doesn’t stop there. A number of leading fashion brands have expanded and include divisions that are selling high-end, cannabis-inspired products while others are holding “pop-up” cannabis events. This proves how people in the fashion industry and those who purchase designer clothing have a love for all things cannabis. To learn more about marijuana consumption trends and our outstanding line of smoking accessories, call Tank Glass at (323)-364-7952 today. You can explore the variety of glass pipes, bongs and beakers at our website and see what meets your requirements.
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Treating Depression with Cannabis

Although the research into treating depression with cannabis is still in its infancy, some studies have shown that it can improve the symptoms of depression while others show that it isn’t useful when it comes to improving or treating it. A much smaller study group found that cannabis could lead to an increased risk of becoming depressed. Finally, one study found that cannabis was effective at treating the symptoms of depression in some cancer patients.Marijuana contains CBD and THC, chemical compounds known as cannabinoids, which create the psychoactive effects that we feel after smoking. We have a natural system that reacts to the cannabinoids in marijuana, known as the endocannabinoid system. When it does improve the symptoms, it’s possible that the ability of marijuana to boost certain endocannabinoids is what helps to regulate our emotions and feelings.Some research speculates that deficiencies of 2 endocannabinoids – anandamide and 2-AG – may be responsible for signaling depression. Additionally, cannabis may mimic their effects and lift our moods. Cannabis provides “biphasic” effects. In other words, higher and lower doses can generate opposite effects. According to several research studies, lower doses of THC help to relieve depression symptoms while higher doses may worsen those symptoms. Thus, it is important that you get it prescribed correctly. Tips for treating Depression with Cannabis If you suspect that you’re clinically depressed, you should always speak with a doctor or psychologist. If have been diagnosed with depression or are struggling with your mood, here are some helpful tips for trying cannabis to relieve your symptoms: Begin with a lower dose of THC and increase the dosage very slowly. Be sure you select a cannabis strain that is CBD and THC balanced (or a 1:1 ratio), then gradually increase it once you’ve learned how it affects you.   Discuss using cannabis as part of your treatment with a mental health therapist or your doctor to ensure that any medications you’re taking along with cannabis are helping and improving your symptoms.   Keep a journal of how cannabis is affecting your symptoms. Include information such as the dose and when you took it as well has how it affected your mood over the next couple of hours.   Most importantly, don’t drink alcohol when using cannabis. Your doctor will want to know about the physical or psychological effects associated with the cannabis, not the alcohol. Hopefully, you’ll find these tips helpful and that your symptoms are alleviated or at least improved. If you need more assistance or need bongs, pipes and beakers for enhancing your smoking pleasure, call us today. For more information, call Tank Glass at (323)-364-7952 or e-mail us your questions at

Complement Your Marijuana use with CBD Products

Many marijuana smokers are enhancing their smoking experience by complementing it with CBD products such as isolate powders, isolate slabs, and shatter. So why do some consumers feel that these CBD products are the perfect complement? There are several answers including: CBD helps you come down – if you find that you’ve gotten too high, CBD can help you come down by decreasing the psychoactive effects cause by THC. So if you’ve smoked too much and want to come down quicker than what you normally would, taking a little CBD will help where this is concerned. CBD is already in the plant – the best proof of CBD’s efficacy when used with cannabis is attributed to its presence in the marijuana plant. Furthermore, the amount of CBD present depends on the specific strain of cannabis. However, having CBD isolates or some other CBD product on hand enables you to increase the content of it when smoking a strain with a lower amount of CBD. Entourage effect – different parts of the cannabis plant, such as the cannabinoids and terpenes, work in conjunction with one another to maximize the effect. So you can intensify the effect of smoking marijuana by taking CBD with it. This is especially true where medical marijuana users are concerned. For example, CBG or CBN isolates can help to maximize the effect since both of these occur in low quantities in marijuana. Even without cannabis, CBD can be useful and beneficial – it’s always a good idea to have CBD on hand whether you’re using it with marijuana or not. This is due to the many benefits it offers such as: alleviates cancer-related symptoms could be beneficial for heart health may provide benefits for individuals with neurological disorders pain relief reduces acne (in some but not all cases) reduces anxiety and depression One of the more commonly asked questions by first-time CBD users is “Are there any side effects?” Although CBD is considered safe and is well tolerated by most users, some individuals may experience adverse side effects such as: decreased appetite diarrhea fatigue weight changes CBD is known to interact with certain prescription medications. So, before you start using any CBD product, be sure to discuss this with a physician to avoid potentially harmful interactions and to ensure your safety. Some people have no side effects but seems to improve their illnesses considerably especially those with neurological disorders. Thus, it is good to consult with your doctor first. More information is available by calling Tank Glass at (323)-364-7952 or sending us an e-mail at Our business representatives are here to assist you. Call now.

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