5 Alternatives to using Water in Your Bong

The bong is a type of filtration device that is commonly used by cannabis smokers and is available in different designs and styles. The name “water pipe” is attributed to the fact that bongs use water as a purifier that purifies cannabis smoke before it reaches the lungs. Furthermore, bong water temperature plays a significant role in the filtration process. As a better condenser, cold water enables the user to inhale more smoke and achieve a better high in the process.

Conversely, warm water helps to filter substances such as hash and generates more smoothness in the throat when smoking. Interestingly enough, researchers have come up with 5 alternatives to using plain water in bongs. Here is the breakdown:
  • Cranberry juice – when it comes to the #1 choice of alternatives to bong water, this one takes center stage. Cranberry juice has become one of the most popular bong water alternatives because of the smoother, more flavorful hit that it provides. Due to the acidic nature of the fruit, you can theoretically keep you bong clean when using cranberry juice instead of water.
  • Hot green tea – as an ideal alternative to water, hot tea provides a smoother hit. If you add flavors such as lemon, orange, or peach, it provides a more refreshing taste. Using hot tea instead of water will provide a new smoking experience and a smoother feel.
  • Iced tea – if you want a unique yet exhilarating experience, use iced tea instead of water in your bong. If you’re one to put ice cubes in water when drinking it, you can do the same thing when using iced tea in your bong. NOTE: NEVER put sugar in the tea you’re using as this will make your bong more difficult to clean.
  • Lemon or orange peel – for a refreshing hit with citrus overtones, put lemon or orange peel in your bong water. Not only will this provide a refreshing hit, it will help to keep your bong clean in the process.
  • Wine – believe it or not, wine has long been considered the ideal alternative to using water in a bong. Wine provides an amazing combination of flavors, especially when you mix things up and use red wine one time and white the next.
In reality, there dozens of different bong water alternatives to choose from. However, the 5 listed above have been tested and proven to excellent, reliable alternatives. We have a wide range on beakers and bongs available to enhance the pleasure of your smoking experience. To learn more about this topic or the many accessories that we offer, contact Tank Glass at (323)-364-7952 or e-mail us at support@tankglass.com today.

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