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The Top 5 Health Benefits of Using a Vaporizer for Your Dry Herb or Concentrate

As health consciousness grows, more individuals are seeking healthier alternatives to traditional smoking. One such alternative that has gained popularity is the use of a vaporizer for dry herbs or concentrates. Vaporizers offer a cleaner and potentially healthier way to enjoy the benefits of herbs and concentrates. Here are the top five health benefits of using a vaporizer. 1. Reduced Harmful Toxins Unlike smoking, vaporizing does not involve combustion. Combustion occurs when a substance is heated to a high temperature, leading to the creation of harmful toxins, including carcinogens. When using a vaporizer, the dry herb or concentrate is heated at a lower temperature, which can reduce the production of these harmful toxins. This makes vaporizing a potentially healthier alternative to traditional smoking. 2. Improved Lung Health Research indicates that vaporizing may be less harmful to the lungs compared to smoking. With vaporizing, the user inhales vapor instead of smoke. This can lead to less irritation of the lungs and respiratory system, making it a more comfortable and potentially healthier option for those who enjoy herbs and concentrates. 3. Efficient Extraction of Compounds Vaporizers heat dry herbs or concentrates to a specific temperature range where the beneficial compounds (like cannabinoids and terpenes) are released without causing combustion. This means you're getting the most out of your product without burning it and potentially destroying some of these beneficial compounds. 4. Control Over Temperature and Dosage With a vaporizer, you have more control over the temperature at which your dry herb or concentrate is heated. Different compounds vaporize at different temperatures, and having control over the heat allows you to target specific compounds, enhancing your experience. Moreover, vaporizers allow for more control over dosage, ensuring you consume the exact amount you intend to. 5. Less Odor While not directly a health benefit, the reduced odor associated with vaporizers contributes to a more pleasant and discreet experience. This can indirectly improve your mental well-being, as you can enjoy your dry herbs or concentrates without worrying about the lingering smell that comes with traditional smoking. Vaporizers at Tank Glass At Tank Glass, we are committed to offering quality products that enhance your lifestyle. While we are renowned for our durable and reliable American-made glass, we understand the growing interest in vaporization. We aim to cater to this need by expanding our product range to include vaporizers, so our customers can enjoy the benefits mentioned above. While the health benefits of vaporizing can be compelling, it is important to note that the healthiest option is always to refrain from inhaling any kind of smoke or vapor into your lungs. It's also crucial to source your dry herbs or concentrates from reliable and reputable sources, ensuring they are pure, safe, and high-quality. Conclusion Vaporizers are increasingly seen as a healthier alternative to traditional methods of consuming dry herbs or concentrates. They offer numerous health benefits, including reduced toxin production, improved lung health, efficient extraction of beneficial compounds, and more control over temperature and dosage. At Tank Glass, we stand by the quality of our products and aim to provide options that meet our customers' changing needs and preferences. With our vaporizers, you can enjoy your favorite herbs or concentrates in a potentially healthier and more efficient way.   Disclaimer: This article is intended for informational purposes only and should not be used as professional medical advice. While we aim to provide accurate and up-to-date information, we strongly recommend consulting with a healthcare professional or physician before making any decisions about your health or lifestyle changes. The use of a vaporizer is ultimately a personal decision and should be made based on individual health considerations and legal regulations.
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Avoid These Mistakes When Making And Consuming Edibles

With the increasing popularity of cannabis edibles, individuals who prefer not to smoke now have a consumption option that works for them as well. However, the preparation of edibles isn’t as simple as rolling a blunt or packing a bowl. Mistakes can easily be made and things can quickly turn bad. Let’s face it. Nobody wants to eat something that fails to make you high or tastes atrocious. The following are some helpful tips that will help you avoid some of the more common cannabis culinary mistakes: Not “de-carbing” your weed – as the primary step in just about every weed recipe, decarboxylation is the process wherein you heat up your cannabis to activate the cannabinoids. Avoiding this step will cause the end product to be pretty bad. Not stirring your mixture well enough – stirring your batter or mixture helps to keep everything evenly distributed so that all cannabinoids are blended throughout the end product. This is preferred if you want a consistent and potent edible. Overcooking the mix – whether it’s brownies, cakes, or cookies, you’re sure to ruin your edible if you bake it at too high a temperature. It’s recommended that you cook at a maximum 350°. However, cooking slower at lower temperatures is best. Over-grinding your cannabis – this is one of the more common mistakes that is made prior to decarboxylation. You don’t want to make a powder out of your cannabis as this alters the flavor and taste of the end product. Stop grinding when your weed pieces look like chunks of sea salt. In addition to the above preparation and baking mistakes, there are also a couple of dosing mistakes you want to avoid, namely adding too little or adding too much weed. If you add too little, you probably won’t feel much, if anything at all. On the other hand, if you add too much, it will probably make you sick to your stomach or very nauseous. Now that you know how to make the perfect edible, here are 5 “DON’Ts regarding how to consume your edibles: DON’T consume alcohol with your edibles DON’T eat edibles by yourself DON’T eat edibles on an empty stomach DON’T rush things; start with small doses DON’T use your edibles to improve your productivity at work (Well duh!) Now that we’ve given you the basics, good luck making your own edibles. However, if you still prefer smoking your cannabis, visit the Tank Glass website to see the finest and most durable smoking accessories on the market today. Whether you are looking for long pipes, beakers or bongs, we have a huge collection for you to browse.
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Joints and Spliffs – What’s the difference?

There is a diverse range of options when it comes to consuming or smoking cannabis today. You have blunts, bongs, dabs, pipes, vape pens, and other devices that can vaporize your favorite concentrate or strain almost instantly. However, joints and spliffs are still the most basic and common methods preferred among many veteran cannabis users throughout the US today. Joints Joints are commonly rolled up in thin smoking papers but can also be made using empty cigarette tube with a filter attached. This helps prevent burning one’s fingertips or lips when holding it and refines your smoking experience. Joints are usually more compact and slimmer, but you can put as much weed in them as you want. For those of you who prefer smoking pure clean cannabis, joints are the go-to choose. Spliffs Spliffs are basically joints that contain marijuana and regular tobacco. Surprisingly, smoking spliffs isn’t something new that the younger generations concocted. Even with all the new weed delivery methods out there, spliffs are popular on a global scale. You may be thinking that only tobacco smokers prefer spliffs. But the reality is that cannabis smokers who don’t use regular tobacco with oftentimes use a little in their joints. Advantages and Disadvantages of Joints There are several advantages to smoking a joint that are worth noting. First, they can be rolled quickly and easily. They are easily carried in cigarette packs or small carrying cases. You can light them and put them out repeatedly, making it convenient to take a few hits now and again later on. There’s also the social experience involved when passing a joint among friends. Although there aren’t many disadvantages, the primary one is that they will burn quickly or unevenly they’re rolled too loosely or too tightly. Although cannabis has shown medicinal properties, it helps to use cannabis wisely. If you are doing it for recreational purposes, enjoy using glass beakers and bongs on regular basis. Advantages and Disadvantages of Spliffs Mixing nicotine with THC can provide a different experience compared to that of a joint. However, this just depends on the smoker. Spliffs are characteristically more discreet than joints since the tobacco can mask some of the familiar cannabis aroma. But the big disadvantage to smoking a spliff is that the tobacco used in spliffs is potentially addictive and carcinogenic. The bottom line is that joints and spliffs have advantages and disadvantages to be aware of. At the end of the day, the real difference between the two may just come down to a matter of preference. For the finest smoking experience, you can have, visit the Tank Glass website and browse through our fine line of accessories.
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Short-Term Effects Of Smoking Cannabis On Memory

One of the most important questions that first-time cannabis smokers often ask is “Does smoking cannabis affect a person’s short-term memory?” The short answer is “YES.” However, acknowledging this opens the door to smoking weed in a way that minimizes its negative impact. Anyone who smokes weed on a regular basis is well aware of the ways it impacts their short-term memory.Whether it’s about forgetting what someone just said to you, forgetting what you just said to them, or getting halfway through what you were saying and forgetting the rest, the effects are easy to perceive. Here are 7 short-term effects on the different facets of a person’s short-term memory: Attention – while attention is not a form of short-term memory, memory is completely dependent on paying attention. Understanding how cannabis adversely affects our short-term memory might not be possible without understanding how it impacts our ability to pay attention. Emotional memory – although they are typically minimal in nature, the short-term effects on emotional memory are always present. With the exception of remembering negative emotional cues, emotional processing is usually uninhibited. Learning and memory – when it comes to cannabis adversely affecting learning and memory, research findings clearly indicate a clear correlation. Not so surprisingly, consuming more cannabis resulted in decreased or poor recall. That is one of the reasons that students get poor grades when they use these substances. Motor memory – studies show that cannabis reduces motor inhibition, in other words, your ability to stop an ongoing task. This was tested by employing a “stop signal” task – starting a motor action on a start signal then halting it on a stop signal. Spatial memory – the ability to recognize and remember specific environmental details is known as spatial memory. It’s what enables us to find our way out of a maze or recall where we left our car or house keys. Verbal memory – cannabis adversely impacts verbal and non-verbal memory alike. It’s one of the more observable effects of smoking cannabis. When this type of memory is affected, it’s often difficult to keep track of conversations. However, it is short term and wears off eventually when you stop smoking it. Working memory – this is the ability of a person to process information in real time. It’s typically utilized in the learning process and enables you to build connections. It’s also about your ability to further process a train of thought. Although we have a considerable way to go when it comes to understanding how cannabis impacts memory, we do know it’s likely to be negative. However, for the best smoking experience, check out the high-quality accessories at Tank Glass by e-mailing your questions to
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The Impact on a Relationship when Couples smoke Cannabis

Smoking weed together in a relationship can be a great source of enjoyment as well as relaxing and stimulating. However, if you overdo it, it can damage relationships and drive couples apart. Where relationships are concerned, cannabis and alcohol use can have good and bad consequences depending on the extent of their use. Either way, weed is going to have some type of effect on your relationship. This isn’t a matter of it being good or bad, but each individual’s personal circumstances. You also have to consider their relationship with weed as well as their relationship with the other individual in the relationship. For many couples sharing a blunt or a joint can be a great way to unwind after a long day and spend some quality time together. For others, their cannabis habit may become detrimental and adversely affect their ability to respond to their partner’s specific needs, thereby damaging the relationship over time. While sharing cannabis is often a positive experience, you can’t be too naïve about it. Basically, doing it in moderation can keep the spark alive but overdosing on it can be detrimental for your relationship. We see several benefits of smoking cannabis with your partner. Please note, these benefits are referring to individuals who occasionally use cannabis rather than getting high together on a regular basis: It can align each other’s moods and thoughts – when you get high with your partner, it enhances your connection with each other and your ideas tend to align with theirs. It doubles your creative energy as a couple – whether drawing, playing music, or writing, being creative after smoking cannabis is a great source of enjoyment, It enhances physical intimacy and sex – getting high together increases our mental and physical sensitivities, thereby making physical intimacy very special – whether it’s sexual or not. It helps you unwind together – one of the primary reasons couples love smoking weed together is because it enables them to relax and unwind together. Consequently, relaxing with your partner can be a very satisfying experience. It makes us smile and laugh – smoking cannabis with your partner brings out smiles and laughter which can make you more attractive to one another. It promotes intuitive understanding – it’s safe to say that smoking weed enhances your ability to communicate and become more intuitive. Prior to smoking together, couples should always discuss cannabis use together, if not just for the sake of conversation but to express each other’s expectations regarding the experience. When smoking together, enhance your experience by using the highest quality smoking accessories. We have a large collection of unique products to enhance your smoking experience. To learn more, contact Tank Glass by sending us your questions to
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4 Types of Pests that can ruin Your Cannabis Crops

There are numerous organisms that are associated with different types of cannabis, some of which can be very beneficial while others are extremely harmful. Those that are considered harmful to cannabis grown indoors are pests such as aphids, fungus gnats, spider mites, and thrips. The following information will help you identify these pests and the grow room environmental conditions that are conducive to their rapid breeding and spreading. Aphids Although they are quite small, aphids are visible to the naked eye. They may be black, brown, or yellow in color and while adults typically have wings, their young don’t. This pest sucks the leaf tissue and secretes a sticky, sugary substance that attracts ants. Most species of aphids multiply at temperatures from 68° F to 82° F (20° C to 28° C) and relative humidity ranging from 50% to 80%. Fungus Gnats Fungus gnats look like small flies and, just like aphids, are visible to the naked eye. These pests are attracted to cannabis crops and initially breed in the when humidity levels are high. Although they don’t eat the plant, their larvae may eat the root hairs. When a plant is infected with fungus gnats, the leaves turn yellow and wilt. Their ideal breeding and growing environment is warm and wet with higher-than-normal humidity levels. So don’t overwater your plants. Spider Mites As one of the more common pests found on cannabis crops, spider mites are small arachnids with a population comprised of nearly 1,200 different species. Furthermore, these pests often require the use of a magnifying glass to spot them. They are less than 1 mm or 0.04 inches in size and are typically brown, green, or red in color. They breed and multiply quickly when temperatures reach 80° F (27° C) and humidity levels are 60% or lower. Thrips These small sap-sucking insects feed on cannabis plants while living inside them. Most thrips have elongated bodies that range from 0.6 to 3 mm or 0.02 to 0.12 inches in length. They often appear like small dots moving on the leaves of the plant. Early warning signs of thrips are shiny silvery and white that looks similar to rice grains on the plant’s leaves. When temperatures are high – 77°F to 80° F (25° C to 27° C) – and humidity levels are between 60% and 85%, thrips tend to reproduce quickly.Apart from using good quality herbs and cannabis for your smoking pleasure, it helps to have the right smoking apparatus. Whether you prefer a water pipe, beaker or bong, check our eclectic collection online. For information regarding the highest quality smoking accessories available, contact Tank Glass with your questions at
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How does Fimming differ from Topping?

Are you interested in cultivating cannabis? Well, if you want to succeed at growing cannabis, you have to understand the concepts of “fimming” and “topping.” These cannabis growing terminologies are a part of the much broader category of pruning. Pruning is the act of selectively removing branches from plants, shrubs, and tree, the purpose of which is to improve the structure of the plant and promote new, healthy growth. Contrary to popular belief, pruning is not meant to stunt plant growth but stimulate it instead. Fimming This is a pruning method in which up to 75% of new growth (the top buds) is removed from the main stem of the plant. This forces the plant to develop several new flowering sites while promoting the growth of lower stems or branches. Fimming has a dual goal: to increase the number of flowering sites to train the plant into reshaping itself Although fimming excels at these, it’ not that great when it comes to producing a shape that’s, more orderly. The plant will grow at its own pace. When should You Fim Your Cannabis Plants? The timing for fimming is the same for topping. Wait until your plants have developed between 3 and 5 nodes (the more, the merrier) before fimming. Remember to always do your fimming when your plants are in the vegetative stage – not before or after. Wait up to two weeks before fimming your new growth. This will give your plants the time needed to recover from the shock that results from fimming and adjust to their new growing pattern. Topping “Topping” is the process of cutting off the growth tip of the primary cannabis stem or in other words, pruning your plant. Removing the terminal (or top) bud forces the plant to develop two new flowering sites while promoting new lower branch growth. Just like with fimming, topping has a dual goal of increasing the flowering sites, and reshaping the plant. However, no two plants might retain the same shape. When should You Fim Your Cannabis Plants? Topping should be done once your plants have developed a minimum of three nodes each. With that minimum of nodes, the plant’s roots and stems will be strong enough to tolerate the pruning process and recover from the shock. It usually takes a plant up to 30 days during the vegetative phase to produce at least 3 to 5 nodes. Just keep in mind that different strains often grow at different rates. So be sure that you’re patient and wait until your plants are ready for the topping process.To learn more, send us a message at or visit the Tank Glass website by clicking here.
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Top Suggestions for salvaging Your Old Cannabis

So you recently found a small stash of some old weed and you’re wondering if you can still smoke it. Will it still get you high or will it hurt you? It’s a frequently asked question. Obviously, you don’t want to let any of your precious herb go to waste if you can avoid it. Fortunately, there are several ways you can use old weed and still reap the benefits of it. If you’re going to use old weed, it’s best to repurpose it. But first, we need to answer a couple of questions: If you smoke old weed, will you still get high? YES. Just about any “smoker” that you talk to has a story about finding an old stash. But over time, the cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes decrease. So the weed is less potent. Is using old weed too risky or is it safe? If stored properly, weed can stay good for roughly 2 years. At that point, it begins to degrade. However, it doesn’t pose a threat to one’s health or safety. And now for the big question? How can you salvage your old weed? Obviously, it won’t be as enjoyable compared to fresh weed. Therefore, it’s best repurpose it or find an alternative means for using it. Here are some suggestions:   Make a concentrate – if you want to experiment a little, you can create some extremely strong concentrates like bubble hash or tinctures. Make edibles – chances are, your old cannabis has lost some of its potency. However, if it’s used in some form of edible, it can help salvage its psychoactive characteristics. Whether you make gummy bears or cookies, the choice is yours. Make kief – this is one of the best ways to salvage your old cannabis. Kief is the result of grinding your cannabis nuggets which produces the powdery substance (still weed) that’s beneath the screen in your grinder. Rehydrate it – over time, cannabis loses its moisture and eventually dries out. Fear not; you can rehydrate your old cannabis. You can do this by putting citrus peel in with your weed or use a humidity pack to help maintain is strength longer. Store it in a clean and dry container after that. Vape it – if you want a break from normality, put your old weed in a vaporizer. Rather than combusting your cannabis the traditional way, vaping steams your cannabis so you can savor the desired effects. Its just another way to smoke it! While these are great ideas for salvaging your old cannabis, why not smoke that fresh weed out of one of our outstanding smoking accessories. For more information, send your questions to Tank Glass at
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Understanding the Benefits and Effects of THC-P

If you haven’t heard about THC-P, it’s one of the newest THC variants introduced to the market and has already been proven to be one of the strongest cannabinoids to date. Even more important is the fact that it’s made from hemp. Consequently, it’s available online as well as various retail locations other than dispensaries. So what exactly is THC-P? THC-P or Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabiphorol is a naturally occurring cannabinoid found in smaller concentrations in cannabis plants. Select strains of the variant were initially discovered in 2019 by Italian researchers. But it didn’t take long before hemp producers saw a tremendous opportunity for developing new products. As a result, manufacturers found the means to make other cannabinoid alternatives including Delta-8 and hexahydrocannabinol (HHC) which is a hydrogenated Tetrahydrocannabinol derivative. Consequently, the consensus was “why not THC-P?” Unfortunately, there isn’t enough of this material in a plant to infuse products such as gummies, tinctures, or vape pens. Instead, scientists typically extract the CBD from hemp and then isolate it before exposing it to a series of reactions that change the chemical structure despite the fact that it’s naturally occurring. So many manufacturers decided to procure enough THC-P in order to create new product lines. That is because the demand is so high and production is still catching up. THC-P – its Benefits and Effects As with any cannabinoid, they typically respond to each individual’s unique ECS or endocannabinoid system differently. No two individuals can smoke or otherwise consume the same amount, format, or strain, and experience the identical results. There are too many factors that contribute to every individual’s experience. That being said, THC-P is the ideal option for individuals who’ve developed a high tolerance to THC and patients requiring heavier doses. Although the effects are similar to that of THC, those of THC-P are a bit more intense and potent. Consequently, you’ll consume less but achieve and enjoy the same results. This will enable you to save money if budget is a factor in your consumption habits. With THC-P, you can expect to feel euphoric and relaxed. Furthermore, it helps to improve one’s mood and reduces physical tension. In some cases, it has been effective at fighting insomnia, increasing a person’s appetite, and treating chronic pain. The medicinal benefits are high and studies are going on. As far as legality is concerned, the legal status of any cannabinoid depends on its point of origination. For example, any marijuana derived cannabinoid is only legal if it’s sold through dispensary channels or medical marijuana programs. To learn more about this new THC variant, send your questions to Tank Glass at And if you are looking for smoking accessories, browse our website.

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