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How long does THC stay in Your Blood, Hair, Saliva, and Urine?

So you’re applying for a new job when you see the paragraph on the application that asks you if you’ll consent to a pre-employment drug test or that you’ll be subject to random testing while you’re in that company’s employ. If this sounds familiar, you probably wondered about the length of time that marijuana stays in your system. Obviously, you don’t want this to hinder getting that new job. On the other hand, you don’t want to quit smoking it either. How long does Weed remain in Your System? Drug testing can involve blood, hair, saliva, or urine samples. Keep in mind that the timeframes quoted on how long THC remains in these different testing samples are general, not exact or guaranteed. The following will shed some light on the amount of time that THC remains in each sample: Blood – although drug tests involving blood samples are uncommon, the presence of THC will depend on how frequently you smoke. Generally speaking, the THC can be detected in a blood sample 24 to 48 hours after smoking. However, if you’re a daily smoker, it can linger up to 25 days or longer. Hair – hair follicle testing isn’t as common as it once was. What we do know is that hair has the lengthiest detection window. For most individuals, the presence of THC in hair can be detected up to 90 days after you smoked last regardless of your frequency of use. This means that you have to be extremely careful with your usage if the employer is going to test a sample of your hair. Saliva – like urine tests, saliva tests provide quick results at an affordable cost. Plus, they’re considerably more convenient than urine tests. The general timeframe for how long THC lingers in a person’s saliva is 1 to 3 days in occasional users and up to 30 days for individuals that smoke on a daily basis. Urine sample – the length of time that THC remains in urine depends on how often an individual smokes. Typically, the more you consume, the greater the length of time that cannabinoids remain in your urine. If you smoke occasionally, it may only remain 3 or 4 days; if you’re a moderate smoker, 5 to 7 days; and if you smoke daily, it can remain between 10 and 30 days. If you have been looking to add eclectic pipes, water bongs or glass beakers to your collection of smoking accessories, we have a unique range available online. You may browse it to select the best for your use. To learn more about how long THC lingers in your system, contact Tank Glass by sending us a message at support@tankglass.us.
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Benefits and Effects of Caryophyllene

One of the terms you might hear in cannabis circles is “caryophyllene.” What is it, you ask? According to Wikipedia, “caryophyllene, more formally-β-caryophyllene, is a natural bicyclic sesquiterpene that is a constituent of many essential oils, especially clove oil, the oil from the stems and flowers of Syzygium aromaticum, the essential oil of Cannabis sativa, rosemary, and hops.” And while the high you experience is attributed to THC, caryophyllene reduces the nausea it can cause and increases your appetite. That is one of the reasons for its popularity with smokers and weed users. In order to clarify everything as much as possible we’ve listed the 4 benefits and effects (which are basically the same thing here) of caryophyllene below: Anti-tumor – due to its use as an enhanced anti-inflammatory, caryophyllene might also serve as an anti-tumor by increasing anti-metastatic activity of cancer cells. However, researchers have warned that only single cells were tested and that additional testing may be required to determine how caryophyllene will affect malignant, high mass tumoral growth. Anti-inflammatory – recent studies involving the use of caryophyllene to treat just about everything from allergies to osteoarthritis have shown that it may one day contribute to the management and treatment of certain chronic inflammatory diseases. It should be noted that the research was conducted with higher caryophyllene levels than what someone is likely to experience in a smoking session. Antioxidant – one of the more beneficial effects of caryophyllene is that it can act as an antioxidant. These are chemicals that help remove the cell-damaging or aging and illness causing unstable atoms (“free radicals”) from the body. Caryophyllene may have a use as an anti-aging lotion and a sunscreen additive. Sedative – marijuana’s sedative nature and its ability to contribute to sleep is a well-known side effect of high-THC strains. Recent research has indicated that extremely high doses of caryophyllene might have sedative effects on lab mice. Once again, more research about this is warranted. However, one can readily see how even the smallest amount of caryophyllene combined with CBD’s and THC’s sedative characteristics could contribute to a person’s desire to sleep. Interestingly enough, caryophyllene will not get you high by itself. Consuming THC is the only way that a person can experience the effects of smoking weed. The problem is, unless you buy some type of caryophyllene extract or a high-CBD or a lower THC strain there’s no other way that you can consume one substance without the other item. We have experts that can help you or your may connect with your friends to enjoy a smoke. For more information regarding the above content or to discuss our highly durable glass smoking accessories, e-mail Tank Glass at business@tankglass.us today.
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The Meaning behind 710-Friendly

Just like everything else in the Cannabis Community, the first part of your path to getting educated involves understanding marijuana jargon. Most weed-related terminologies are a sort of code used by stoners in days gone by so they could talk openly about smoking marijuana without the fear of recrimination for doing something illegal. So, to put it simply, these weed-related terminologies were born out of necessity. Cannabis users had to find a way that they could communicate among themselves without cops, parents, principals, or teachers knowing what they were talking about. “710” is the special Code for Extracts or Concentrates As the name implies, “concentrates” are the concentrated version of the original bud. Through the solvent extraction process the trichomes and other chemical elements that comprise the medicinal and psychoactive components of marijuana plants are stripped away from the plant itself. Once the stripping process is finished, the cannabinoids (CBD, CBG, CBN, and THC), flavonoids, terpenes, and a more potent concentrate is all that’s left from the original bud.Concentrates can come in a broad range of different forms including Budder, Crumble, Honeycomb, Shatter, and Wax. However, the base component of all of these is the oil that comes from the extraction process. Consequently, the term “oil” is commonly used as a blanket or umbrella terminology that refers to the consumption of cannabis by “cold start dabbing”, “regular dabbing”, or smoking these concentrates in other forms. All of this eventually gave way to the birth of a new cannabis subculture of 710 friendly.(Hint: By writing the word oil on a piece of paper and turning it 180°, the word “oil” becomes “710”.) What do We mean by 710-Friendly? Simply stated, 710-friendly means that oil, as well as its consumption methods and its different byproducts are welcome in certain areas. Thus, if you see a sign on your local dispensary’s door that says “710” or “710-Friendly, this indicates they sell concentrates and the aficionados thereof are encouraged to shop there. Keep in mind that the slogan isn’t reserved exclusively for dispensaries. You can find it on bumper stickers, caps, and t-shirts as well. You’ll even find 710-friendly tags on social media platforms.Regardless of where you encounter the terms “oil”, “710”, or “710-friendly”, it just emphasizes the fact that consuming cannabis concentrates is one of the most current industry trends. For more information on this topic, you can do a Google search which will yield hundreds of results. Additionally, if you are looking to buy smoking accessories, pipes, bongs or beakers, select from our product range online. However, if you want to learn more about the CBD, concentrates and smoking advice, visit our website.
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4 Facts every Woman should know about Positive Impact of Smoking Weed on their Health

Over the past couple of decades, the number of female cannabis users has been steadily increasing. In fact, according to an NBC News report, the fastest growing group of legal weed consumers is Gen Z women. In fact, Forbes Magazine reported that females account for 70% to 80% consumer power in the economy today. What does this mean? It means that an increasing number of females are responsible for how their households spend money and many of them are using that power to buy cannabis.Many women are already familiar with the medical benefits of cannabis use including helping to relax and unwind after a stressful day on the job, improving sleep cycles, and relieving anxiety and pain. But what about their health? Women’s health typically takes a back seat where other health topics are concerned as well as in medical circles where the issues below are typically glanced over. The following is a list of 4 facts that every woman should know about how smoking marijuana can affect certain health issues:Cannabis helps to alleviate menstrual cramps – many women suffer with severe menstrual cramps and often have to miss school or work. For women with suffering with conditions such as endometriosis or polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), CBD and THC can help with this issue. Recent studies have shown that THC contains nearly 20 times the anti-inflammation qualities as aspirin or Ibuprofen. Thus, smoking a natural herb would help reduce your pain during those specific days. Cannabis helps with postpartum depression – roughly 600,000 US women suffer with postpartum depression. While it is often brushed off as the “baby blues”, it’s a debilitating condition that doctors overlook and under-diagnose. Cannabis actually helps to alleviate these symptoms. Whether you prefer CBD or THC, there are products available on the market that can help new moms.Cannabis is an all-natural aphrodisiac – you can throw away the oysters and make way for cannabis: the natural aphrodisiac that you’ll enjoy. There are literally hundreds if not thousands of articles regarding the relationship between cannabis and improved sex. In a Journal of Sexual Medicine, statistics from a study show that women who smoke weed have sexual intercourse up to 20% more than those who don’t partake.Women get high faster than men – a University of Washington study found that women are more sensitive to cannabis than men. When female rats were administered THC, they had a much lower tolerance for weed’s psychoactive effects than men. As a result, they get high faster. Thus, even though the amount they smoke or intake is less, the hits are better. For more information on this topic, contact Tank Glass today at (323)-364-7952.
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7 Amazing Health Benefits of Smoking Marijuana

Cannabis has long-been recognized for its medicinal qualities. In fact, it’s been well-documented that the ancient Greeks and Romans along with people in the Middle East used it to help with earache and toothache pain. Since ancient times, cannabis use has come a long way and now provide the following 7 amazing health benefits: Controls seizures – the internet has numerous videos circulating in which a child is seizing and the parent administers cannabis oil drops or a similar CBD product to them. Within a matter of minutes, the seizures are dramatically reduced or stop altogether. As a result of the evidence, the FDA recently approved the use of a plant-based type of CBD to treat seizures in children as well as adults. Helps with inflammation – inflammation caused by acne, headaches, joint pain, and sclerosis can be relieved with cannabis use. Furthermore, CBD topical gels and lotions are also effective for inflammation relief. Certain aromatherapy products contain CBD as well as coconut oil, lavender essential oil, and shea butter. Improves immune systems – if there’s one thing we’ve learned during the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s how we value our immune systems. Scientists have researched the CB1 and CB2 receptors in the brain along with the immune system and discovered that it’s possible for cannabis to help our bodies retain homeostasis, thereby enabling us to remain healthy and well. Managing chronic pain – many arthritis, back pain, and migraine sufferers today are smoking marijuana and using CBD products to manage the pain from these issues. It also helps cancer and glaucoma sufferers. Thus, instead of taking chemicals it might help take different herbal products that might help you better. Managing the symptoms of PTSD – PTSD sufferers tend to have flashbacks caused by intense amounts of anxiety, intrusive memories, and trauma. A 2014 research study concluded that CBD actually helped PTSD sufferers manage their symptoms, including easing their anxiety and enabling them to sleep better at night. Promotes better sleep habits – one of the biggest breakthroughs in cannabis research was the discovery that the endocannabinoid system is responsible for endocrine system maintenance. It also provides the hormone that enables you to sleep through the night, especially for those individuals who toss and turn throughout the night due to anxiety and stress. Reduces anxiety – roughly 40 million US adults suffer with some form of anxiety. If you’re one of those 40 million, you know how debilitating anxiety can be. Studies have shown that cannabis use, beginning with small doses, can reduce anxiety. To learn more about the health benefits of cannabis use, contact Tank Glass today at (323)-364-7952 for additional information.
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Can You cure a Hangover by smoking Marijuana?

It goes without saying that many of us have felt the consequences of a hangover the morning after an “all-nighter.” Needless to say, you were probably hoping that there was something that would relieve your symptoms and make you feel better. Most of these symptoms are attributed to 2 factors:dehydration caused by alcohol’s diuretic effectstoxins that the liver produces when metabolizing the alcoholConsequently, the symptoms of a hangover often include but aren’t limited to: decreased or poor sleep dizziness excessive dry mouth and thirst fatigue and weakness headaches and muscle aches higher sensitivity to light and sound inability to concentrate mood disturbances nausea rapid heartbeat shakiness stomach pain or vomiting Although there is no magic cure or formula for a hangover, some individuals believe that smoking weed will alleviate some of the symptoms attributed to them. Does smoking Marijuana really help? When it comes to managing the nausea and pain commonly attributed to a hangover, many individuals claim that smoking marijuana can help. Many also contend that this helps with the bad mood that results from being hung-over, thereby making things more bearable for you as well as those around you. Yet while this appears to be a good remedy for some of the symptoms, is marijuana truly a cure for a hangover? In reality, there is no cure and the symptoms will only go away with rest and time.Interestingly enough, other symptoms are often compounded by smoking marijuana such as cognitive impairment, “cotton” mouth or dry mouth, and rapid heartbeat. But given the fact that no two individuals are alike, neither are the nature and extent of the hangovers they suffer. As a result, not everyone benefits from cannabis use when attempting to treat their hangover. Consequently, a little bit of experimentation may be needed to find the right “dosage” of marijuana when attempting to treat a hangover. Is Marijuana a Cure for Hangovers? While smoking marijuana can help with some of the symptoms attributed to a hangover, this remains a case-by-case basis as every individual’s endocannabinoid system reacts differently from each other. If you don’t experience any adverse effects when smoking cannabis to treat a hangover, it may help with other issues such as diarrhea, fatigue, headache, lingering grouchiness or moodiness, and nausea. In reality, the key benefit to smoking weed for a hangover is that you’ll be more tolerant of your symptoms.For the broadest assortment of durable, high-quality smoking accessories call Tank Glass at (323)-364-7952 today. With a range of pipes, beakers and bongs, you can select something that would suit your style and smoking requirements.
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What is the best Temperature for keeping Cannabis fresh?

No matter how you store your cannabis, in order to keep it fresh and effective, the temperature it’s stored at can play a significant role in the overall process. While it’s imperative that you store it at the proper temperature, understanding how to keep it fresh at all times ensures having a more enjoyable smoking session and experiencing it when it’s the most potent. When storing your cannabis, keep it in the dark away from any sunlight and where the airflow is restricted. What is the ideal Temperature for storing Your Cannabis? You can’t have a discussion about keeping cannabis fresh without talking about what the best temperature is for storage purposes. If you store your stash somewhere that’s too hot or humid, you’re increasing the likelihood of mildew and mold growth. However, an environment that is too dry and warm will dry out your cannabis, causing it to get brittle and crumble. Granted, dry buds will break apart easily. But, they will most likely be harsh and unpleasant when smoking them.The ideal temperature for storing your cannabis is around 70° F or 21° C. Furthermore, don’t store your cannabis in an environment that is regularly exposed to light or sunlight as this will accelerate the drying process. Look for areas around your home that are consistently cool, dark, and dry. Consider storing it in a cabinet away from sunlight and kitchen appliances, especially your stove and oven. Although no strain will last forever, following this advice ensures that your buds will stay fresh for quite some time. After all, your smoking experience will depend upon the quality of weed that you use. Does Cannabis lose its Potency when it dries out? As mentioned above the disadvantages of dry cannabis is that it gets brittle and can be easily broken apart. However, it will also become too harsh to smoke. Does it lose its potency as well? Yes, it does. In fact, as cannabis dries out, it loses increasingly more potency as the drying process progresses. As a result, you may feel very little when smoking dry cannabis. In turn, this will cause you to burn through your stash faster in order to achieve the same affects you would with a smaller quantity of fresh bud.Learning how to store your cannabis and keep it fresh is essential for anyone who smokes. Storing cannabis properly not only preserves its longevity, it limits its exposure to certain contaminants and undesirable airflow. To learn more about properly storing your cannabis, call Tank Glass at (323)-364-7952 today. Additionally, there is a vast range of smoking accessories that you can browse to get the best for your smoking pleasure.
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Will drinking Alcohol help You pass a Drug Test?

While it has often been said that “desperate times call for desperate measures”, there are few if any situations that are less dire than a surprise drug test. Granted, the internet offers an abundance of search results and advice for detoxifying your system prior to getting tested for marijuana. Unfortunately, some advice is questionable, if not unreliable such as the contention that alcohol can help with the detoxification process. Read on as we dissect this notion. Diuretic Effects of Alcohol Your pituitary gland secretes an anti-diuretic hormone called vasopressin whenever you get thirsty. This minimizes the rate at which urine is produced and helps your body preserve water. Alcohol reduces how much vasopressin the body releases. Therefore, as less vasopressin is produced, you release more water as urine. Consequently, it follows then that drinking more alcohol will cause you to urinate more often and thereby increase the rate that you remove THC from your body.So will drinking alcohol help you pass that unexpected drug test? Although studies have shown that consuming alcohol might help someone lose weight, it probably won’t burn enough fat to help you pass a drug test. While the rule of thumb is that drinking 8 oz. of alcohol daily will help you burn fat, there are certain variables that will derail the idea that it will enable you to pass a drug test. For example, the type of alcohol you drink and your percentage of body fat could negate the desired results. Drinking Alcohol to burn Fat and pass a Drug Test Part of the misconception that alcohol could help you pass a drug test is based on the idea that alcohol may have fat-burning qualities. While it has been suggested that you can lose weight by drinking alcohol, there isn’t any concrete evidence to support that other than the fact that you will lose weight if you substitute alcohol for solid food. So where is the correlation between drinking alcohol and passing a drug test?When you smoke marijuana, your body uses the THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol in cannabis by turning it into metabolites that are stored in your fat cells. By burning fat cells, the metabolites are released into the bloodstream and eventually released from your body in your urine. However, despite all the other effects that alcohol has on the human body, burning enough fat cells to pass a drug test isn’t one of them.Our business representatives are available to answer your queries. To shop online, check out the beakers, bongs and pipes available at our website. For the finest in beaker style smoking accessories, call Tank Glass at (323)-364-7952.
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Is it safe to smoke Marijuana on a Daily Basis?

While most of us are aware of the psychoactive effects of marijuana (the high that results), it’s time to ask the bigger question: “Is it safe to smoke marijuana on a daily basis?” and “What exactly is chronic cannabis use?” To find the answers to these questions, you have to compare your own experiences with the following information. We just have one simple suggestion – if you feel that you should cut down on your cannabis consumption or stop smoking altogether, then by all means, do it.On the other hand, if you’re okay with your consumption levels but still want to know if you’re smoking too much, you have a lot of factors to consider. Trying to assess your own behavior is just about impossible. However, you can get close to the truth of the matter. Therefore, it’s worth trying to determine if your cannabis use can be categorized as abusive or dependent. Unfortunately, you’re going to have quite a challenge on your hands because trying to define cannabis abuse or dependency can be difficult.The reason for these difficulties is that cannabis abuse and dependency don’t exhibit the symptoms or warning signs that chemical addictions do. However, there is a minute difference between abuse and dependency. Abuse relates to the way in which the drug is used and the effects that it has on you while dependency is how difficult it is to stop using cannabis. Interestingly enough, the two often go hand in hand.The first if not the most obvious question is “Do you find that you smoke even when you don’t really feel like it?” Here are some additional questions to consider: Are you spending money on marijuana when you know you can’t afford it? Do you wake up on your day off thinking that you won’t smoke that much only to be completely stoned by noon? Is your smoking interfering with your other interests? Asking these kinds of questions is an excellent start to understanding the relationship you have with cannabis. If you can control the quantity of cannabis that you smoke along with ensuring you don’t do it often, addiction will be at bay. So, what causes cannabis dependency? Drug dependencies typically occur when the brain’s neurotransmitter receptors become desensitized. In many ways, it is like tolerance in that as tolerance increases, so too does dependency. Additionally, there are potentially a number of long-term effects to be aware of such as changes in mood, heart and lung problems similar to regular tobacco smoking, little or no motivation, and weight gain. For more information contact Tank Glass today at (323)-364-7952 or e-mail us at support@tankglass.us.

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