Tank: The Beaker of a Lifetime

A beaker bong is like a tube bong except for the large flat chamber at the end which looks like the beakers used in a chemistry lab. That extra space at the bottom allows for more water. The advantage? Bigger volume, extra stability and smoother hit potential.

What makes a beaker bong the best in the world? One word: Tank!

Tank is a Classic in Bong Technology

To most smokers, we need no introduction. Our name is synonymous with a classic.

We’ve been around for a while making the best beaker bongs in the industry and we’re proud of our reputation. We make indestructible pieces that are configured to your lifestyle and will last you for a lifetime. In the meantime, you get a smooth experience that you can only get with a high-quality piece.

Your Search is Over

When you’re looking for a glass beaker bong, durability, craftsmanship and glass quality should be some of the major considerations. Your search for the best beaker bong is officially over.

At Tank Glass, we’ve prided ourselves on making a simple and sturdy glass beaker bong that is made to order by expert glass blowers with an attention to flawlessness. Made in the USA with a lifetime warranty, all our beaker bongs are made with 9mm thickness glass with a reinforced base and ice catcher that is sure to be your go-to for years to come. What do you get with a Tank?

Handmade Craftsmanship

Forget mass-produced cheap bongs when you can have ours. Each piece is hand-crafted by a stateside glass artist to our specifications. When you order it, we make it. Simple as that.

High-Quality Borosilicate Glass

What makes us indestructible? That little thing called boron trioxide.

If you weren’t paying attention in chemistry class, boron trioxide completely changes the way that glass can resist changes in temperature. In fact, it’s what most of that lab glass in your chemistry class was made of. Borosilicate glass is also far more durable and safer from toxins.

Heat exposure can cause damage to glass over time. Especially with a poorly constructed piece, temperature fluctuations from exposing it to an open flame and removing it can cause a bong made from regular glass to fracture. For those who want durability in their piece, borosilicate glass is a no-brainer.

9mm Glass Thickness

Glass quality is also about durability and thickness. 9mm glass stands up to some incredible punishment. The standard thickness for a lot of bongs on the market is 3mm. Even the industry quality standard of 5mm isn’t good enough for us. And it shouldn’t be for you either.

Removable Downstem and Bowl

Your bong can build up a lot of resin over time. Don’t worry about the clean up with our removable pieces. Clean up is so easy, it’s almost like we do it for you.

Lifetime Warranty

By the way, did we mention a lifetime warranty? Just in case, of course.

Our Reviews Say it All

There is a good reason for all of our 5-star reviews. Hands-down, smokers say that it is the sturdiest bong ever. Smokers love the classic design, the large base and the cool hits. With sizes that fit every kind of smoker, a Tank glass beaker bong may be the last one you will ever need.

Options to Match Your Lifestyle

Your bong should match your lifestyle. Whether you want the large capacity, cooling capability and stability of a tall beaker or the portability of a shorter one, we have options for you.

Choose from:

  • Original Tank Beaker -- At 12 inches tall, this is our original. If you’ve seen our videos, you know all about our durability. This is our 2.0 version that comes with a free downstem and a free bowl.
  • Tank Max -- Tank Max is our largest glass beaker standing at 18 inches tall. It comes with a free downstem, a free bowl and a free carrying case.
  • Tank Mini -- If you’re someone who is looking for portability, we’ve got you. Tank Mini stands at 8 inches tall and, like other Tank products, comes with a free downstem, a free bowl and a free carrying case.
  • Tank Straight Tube -- As one of our most durable models, Tank Straight Tube stands at 12 inches and includes a ring ice-catcher, ultra solid tank joint, a free 14mm tank bowl, free downstem, free custom-fitted carrying case and a lifetime warranty.

Don’t Buy Cheap Glass

It may be a “duh” but cheap glass means an inferior bong. With the huge increase in smoking products online right now, more products being offered are made of cheap glass, primarily from China.

Glass can contain all sorts of harmful chemicals. With Tank glass beaker bongs, you can have peace of mind that you are smoking from a safe piece.

Tank Indestructible

The name says it all. At Tank, our glass beaker bongs are as indestructible as they come.

The beaker shape gives them the sturdy base to ensure that you won’t be knocking it over easily. And our 9mm borosilicate glass makes it nearly impossible to break, even under the most abusive of situations. But we’ve even got that covered with our lifetime warranty.

The Only Piece You’ll Ever Need

If you’re someone who considers your glass beaker bong an investment, Tank Glass has what you’re looking for.

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