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6 Ways CBD can enhance Athletic Performance

For many athletes, finding an all-natural, performance-enhancing product or substance can be extremely difficult considering it has to meet all anti-doping guidelines and laws while at the same time being safe to ingest. Thus, besides herbs and supplements, what is there? The answer is CBD or Cannabidnoil, a substance that has become extremely popular with athletes in different sports over the past decade. Consequently, CBD can enhance athletic performance in the following 6 ways: Alleviates joint pain – while exercise is good for the body, it can definitely take its toll on a person’s joints. CBD helps recover from joint pain, thereby allowing us to heal and regroup before competing again. Furthermore, CBD is the perfect, all-natural analgesic (pain reliever) alternative to prescribed medications. Improves bone health – there are other ways to improve bone health than just drinking milk. Research has also shown us that CBD may be instrumental in healing bone fractures and supporting overall bone density. Improves gastrointestinal health – in a recent study (2020), it was found that CBD helped to alleviate inflammation and pain. Furthermore, the study also revealed that it promoted improved gastrointestinal health. Some athletes suffer with GI stress and have found that CBD relieves the inability to absorb nutrients as well as alleviating nausea and vomiting. Reduces anxiety and stress – nothing is more nerve-wracking for an athlete than preparing for the big game. The anxiety can distract you and shift your focus, thereby preventing you from being adequately prepared for the event. CBD can not only help counteract the anxiety; it can also relieve stress. Reduces inflammation and pain – if there’s one thing you can say about athletes, no matter what sport they participate in, they know all there is to know about inflammation and pain. In a research study conducted in 2020 (see above), one of the primary findings revealed that CBD alleviated inflammation and pain. Relaxing and resting – many athletes suffer from the lack of sleep, which can make it extremely difficult when anxiety and stress are present. If you’re having trouble getting your body and mind to calm down so you can get a good night’s rest before a major competition the next day, CBD can enhance your sleep schedule. If you’re an athlete, there’s no point in suffering with joint pain as well as restlessness and anxiety. Although you can prevent the toll it takes on your body, CBD could be the best way for your body to recover. You can try and see for yourself. For more information, contact Tank Glass today at (323)-364-7952. Browse our unique collection of beakers, pipes and bongs to help you get the most from your smoking experience.
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Does Cannabis really impact Your Appetite?

There are numerous unverifiable claims about cannabis that aren’t backed by any scientific evidence. However, CBD’s and THC’s impacts on a person’s appetite is actually based on reality. This could also be a significant leap forward in the treatment of many conditions and diseases including cardiovascular disease, eating disorders, obesity, and more. Thus, if gaining or losing weight is your goal, smoke some cannabis and let it works its magic. How Cannabis affects Your Appetite Cannabis triggers your appetite by stimulating the cannabinoid (CB1) receptors of the brain. As a result, these receptors release a hunger-triggering hormone call ghrelin. According to an animal research study, THC enhances our sensitivity to smell thereby making food aromas more potent and more appealing. And that makes you want to eat more, helping you gain weight. Furthermore, research has also suggested that those neurons that normally turn off while we’re eating don’t turn off when we smoke cannabis. Additionally, THC increases the release of dopamine and makes eating that much more enjoyable. Dopamine helps control pleasure and reward in your brain. Consequently, the more dopamine that is released the lower our self-control. Can CBD cause a Person to lose Weight? Although more research needs to be conducted, some health and wellness gurus claim that CBD will help you lose weight. While this may be true, this potential side effect has yet to proven. Interestingly enough, a study conducted 10 years ago showed that CBD reduced the appetites of certain species of rats. Let’s consider the science involved for a moment. The endocannabinoid system responds to the CB1 and CB2 receptors of the brain as follows: CB1 receptors are located in our brains and CNS (central nervous system and become more widespread throughout the fatty tissues of obese individuals. CB2 receptors are primarily found in our immune systems. CBD works in conjunction with other cannabinoids to activate or, more specifically, to antagonize CB1 and CB2 receptors. As a result, CB1 receptor antagonists help to reduce a person’s appetite and stimulate the CB2 receptors which in turn help to reduce the intake of food. Therefore, when CBD activates the CB2 receptors and antagonizes the CB1 receptors, it often results in decreased appetite and reduced food intake. Thus, you start to lose weight. While additional studies are needed regarding the efficacy of smoking cannabis on certain conditions and diseases such as anorexia, cancer, and obesity, individuals are using cannabis in their homes for these specific reasons. To learn more about how cannabis can affect your appetite, call Tank Glass today at (323)-364-7952. Additionally, you can explore our range of products to help you get a better smoking experience.
Cannabis CA

When are the conditions ideal for growing Marijuana in California?

Growing marijuana outdoors on one’s property can be quite a challenging task. While indoor cannabis growing can be costly at first, having access to a private, sunny outdoor area can make things a lot easier and considerably less expensive. Basically, cannabis plants require the same conditions as tomatoes. However, a tomato plant will usually produce fruit with the proper amount of care. Conversely, attention to detail is crucial when it comes to growing marijuana, especially if a larger yield is the ultimate goal. When is the best Time to plant Marijuana Outdoors? When it comes to getting started with your cannabis crop, timing is critical. If you plant too early, the cold will likely decimate your plants. The same is true if you plant too late in the year as your plants could be the victim of an early fall frost depending on where you live. Thus, it’s important to understand the life cycles of the cannabis strain that you’re planning on growing. The survival of your plants depends on the climate in your region of the state.While it’s relatively easy to manipulate air flow and humidity indoors, you’re subject to the elements of nature when growing your plants outdoors. Ideally, the warm summer months prove to be the optimum growing period. However, this depends on the region you’re located in. You should consider starting your plants indoors under grow lights before transplanting them outdoors. So, when is the best time of year to grow cannabis in California?There is a lot of climate diversity to contend with when growing your cannabis outdoors in California. For example, Northern California growers have to contend with cooler temperatures, rain, and other climate conditions seen along Oregon’s coast. However, the soil quality is somewhat better than that of their counterparts to the south. On the other hand, Southern California growers are fortunate to have drier air and plenty of sunshine similar to what you’d see in the high desert region of central Oregon.Growing cannabis outdoors your property can be a complex process but, it can also be an enjoyable experience. You shouldn’t let the growing requirements intimidate you. However, be sure you do plenty of research before getting started on your venture. In the long run, this could help you get a running start on your first crop while at the same time saving you a considerable amount of time and money. Additionally, if you are looking for smoking apparatus to smoke the fresh weed, browse the collection at our website. Select a bong, pipe or beaker and enjoy a leisurely smoke. For more information, call Tank Glass today at (323)-364-7952.
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Can You cure a Hangover by smoking Marijuana?

It goes without saying that many of us have felt the consequences of a hangover the morning after an “all-nighter.” Needless to say, you were probably hoping that there was something that would relieve your symptoms and make you feel better. Most of these symptoms are attributed to 2 factors:dehydration caused by alcohol’s diuretic effectstoxins that the liver produces when metabolizing the alcoholConsequently, the symptoms of a hangover often include but aren’t limited to: decreased or poor sleep dizziness excessive dry mouth and thirst fatigue and weakness headaches and muscle aches higher sensitivity to light and sound inability to concentrate mood disturbances nausea rapid heartbeat shakiness stomach pain or vomiting Although there is no magic cure or formula for a hangover, some individuals believe that smoking weed will alleviate some of the symptoms attributed to them. Does smoking Marijuana really help? When it comes to managing the nausea and pain commonly attributed to a hangover, many individuals claim that smoking marijuana can help. Many also contend that this helps with the bad mood that results from being hung-over, thereby making things more bearable for you as well as those around you. Yet while this appears to be a good remedy for some of the symptoms, is marijuana truly a cure for a hangover? In reality, there is no cure and the symptoms will only go away with rest and time.Interestingly enough, other symptoms are often compounded by smoking marijuana such as cognitive impairment, “cotton” mouth or dry mouth, and rapid heartbeat. But given the fact that no two individuals are alike, neither are the nature and extent of the hangovers they suffer. As a result, not everyone benefits from cannabis use when attempting to treat their hangover. Consequently, a little bit of experimentation may be needed to find the right “dosage” of marijuana when attempting to treat a hangover. Is Marijuana a Cure for Hangovers? While smoking marijuana can help with some of the symptoms attributed to a hangover, this remains a case-by-case basis as every individual’s endocannabinoid system reacts differently from each other. If you don’t experience any adverse effects when smoking cannabis to treat a hangover, it may help with other issues such as diarrhea, fatigue, headache, lingering grouchiness or moodiness, and nausea. In reality, the key benefit to smoking weed for a hangover is that you’ll be more tolerant of your symptoms.For the broadest assortment of durable, high-quality smoking accessories call Tank Glass at (323)-364-7952 today. With a range of pipes, beakers and bongs, you can select something that would suit your style and smoking requirements.
Cannabis CA

Importance of understanding Headshop and Marijuana Terminology

Whether shopping in-person at a retail outlet in your area or online, try to imagine your first experience visiting a headshop and how mesmerized by everything you saw there. You walked in there for one reason – to purchase your first pipe. Unfortunately, you didn’t expect to get overwhelmed by the assortment of accessories and bizarre looking equipment, let alone realize you were going to have to learn a new vocabulary. So if you’re a first-timer and you want to appear like you know what you’re doing, we’ve got some helpful suggestions for you. Public Awareness of a rapidly-growing Industry You and millions of other individuals would be hard-pressed to find another industry that has grown as rapidly as the marijuana industry. Yet this is exactly what has occurred over the past 20 years or so. In just two short decades, marijuana has transformed itself from a topic riddled with taboos to a medically-legal substance in 29 states. Plus, you can now buy small quantities of recreational marijuana in 7 states and D.C.Thanks to ongoing marijuana dialog, public opinion along with the ever-increasing support for the legalization of cannabis throughout the US has reached 60%. Compare this to the paltry 12% revealed in the very first Gallup poll on the subject conducted in 1969. For those states that haven’t yet legalized cannabis, growing public support might just tip the scales in favor of legalization and force the remaining states to rethink their positions on the subject. It is an important topic that Traversing Your Health and Recreation Options It shouldn’t surprise you to learn that many physicians are still uncomfortable about attesting to the efficacy of marijuana and prescribing it for the treatment of certain mental and physical health conditions. In fact, there are some physicians employing the Clintonesque “don’t ask, don’t tell” attitude regarding medical marijuana. With the medical options acknowledged by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and over half of all states in the US legalizing the substance in some form, physicians turning a blind eye towards their patients isn’t going to solve the problem with confidence.Whether you’re trying to understand the industry for your own edification and education of its reported health benefits or for recreational purposes, the best first step is getting to know the marijuana and headshop language and terminology. Additionally, for the finest in smoking accessories browse our website, and explore the beakers, bongs and pipes. If you are looking to stock our products in your dispensary, call Tank Glass at (323)-364-7952 today. Our business representatives are available to assist you with your queries and provide more information as needed.

How does Cannabis affect Our Sleep?

When it comes to getting a good night’s rest, there are dozens of drugs and other products on the market that promise to do that. Unfortunately, some of those products aren’t the healthiest or may not suit you. However, there’s a natural remedy you may have overlooked, namely cannabis. Studies suggest that cannabis will not only enable you to sleep better but could also relieve any anxiety or pain that may be preventing you from falling and staying asleep through the night. It assists to calm your nerves and mind, helping effectively allowing you to have a restful sleep. Related Statistics Whether it’s associated with a physical or psychological condition, most of us have problems sleeping occasionally. In fact, about 35% of all American adults aren’t getting the required 7 hours of sleep. Furthermore, about 3 out of every 10 adults suffer with frequent bouts of insomnia. As a result of this, the sleeping aids industry (e.g. drugs, special pillows, and supplements) is expected to generate $102 billion by 2023. Effects of Cannabis on Sleep Although the research involving cannabis and sleep is ongoing, it has been shown that marijuana helps us fall asleep. Studies have also shown that cannabis enables chronic pain sufferers to sleep throughout the night. If you want to understand how our ability to sleep is affected by cannabis, consider the active compounds CBD, THC, and other cannabinoids that react well with the endocannabinoid system. This impacts a number of physical processes including the sleep-wake cycle.CBD helps us fall asleep by mimicking anandamide, our body’s naturally-produced cannabinoid. It is often referred to as the “bliss molecule” because of its ability to promote calmness. THC, the cannabinoid responsible for the high or psychoactive effect that marijuana produces, enables people to fall asleep, even in low doses. It also depresses the REM (Rapid Eye Movement) cycle, meaning that you’re not as likely to dream when using marijuana for sleep.This has been shown to be effective for individuals who suffer with bad or frightening dreams associated with PTSD or post-traumatic stress disorder. According to research, it’s unclear if depressing REM sleep has long-term consequences. It’s been suggested that the true power of cannabis lies in its ability to ease the symptoms of conditions or disorders that prevent people from falling asleep easily such as anxiety, chronic pain, and PTSD. The bottom line is that sleeping better improves your overall health.We have a line of products to help you enjoy your smoke. To learn more about how cannabis can help you get a better night’s sleep, call Tank Glass today at (323)-364-7952 or send us a message at
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Treating Depression with Cannabis

Although the research into treating depression with cannabis is still in its infancy, some studies have shown that it can improve the symptoms of depression while others show that it isn’t useful when it comes to improving or treating it. A much smaller study group found that cannabis could lead to an increased risk of becoming depressed. Finally, one study found that cannabis was effective at treating the symptoms of depression in some cancer patients.Marijuana contains CBD and THC, chemical compounds known as cannabinoids, which create the psychoactive effects that we feel after smoking. We have a natural system that reacts to the cannabinoids in marijuana, known as the endocannabinoid system. When it does improve the symptoms, it’s possible that the ability of marijuana to boost certain endocannabinoids is what helps to regulate our emotions and feelings.Some research speculates that deficiencies of 2 endocannabinoids – anandamide and 2-AG – may be responsible for signaling depression. Additionally, cannabis may mimic their effects and lift our moods. Cannabis provides “biphasic” effects. In other words, higher and lower doses can generate opposite effects. According to several research studies, lower doses of THC help to relieve depression symptoms while higher doses may worsen those symptoms. Thus, it is important that you get it prescribed correctly. Tips for treating Depression with Cannabis If you suspect that you’re clinically depressed, you should always speak with a doctor or psychologist. If have been diagnosed with depression or are struggling with your mood, here are some helpful tips for trying cannabis to relieve your symptoms: Begin with a lower dose of THC and increase the dosage very slowly. Be sure you select a cannabis strain that is CBD and THC balanced (or a 1:1 ratio), then gradually increase it once you’ve learned how it affects you.   Discuss using cannabis as part of your treatment with a mental health therapist or your doctor to ensure that any medications you’re taking along with cannabis are helping and improving your symptoms.   Keep a journal of how cannabis is affecting your symptoms. Include information such as the dose and when you took it as well has how it affected your mood over the next couple of hours.   Most importantly, don’t drink alcohol when using cannabis. Your doctor will want to know about the physical or psychological effects associated with the cannabis, not the alcohol. Hopefully, you’ll find these tips helpful and that your symptoms are alleviated or at least improved. If you need more assistance or need bongs, pipes and beakers for enhancing your smoking pleasure, call us today. For more information, call Tank Glass at (323)-364-7952 or e-mail us your questions at

Best Ways to keep Your Weed fresh

Most of us realize when weed has passed its prime when you take a hit that tastes stale and unpleasantly harsh. Damp environment is the biggest culprit. It’s understandable that keeping your weed fresh by storing it properly is of the utmost importance. Knowing how to keep it fresh is essential to the quality of your smoking sessions and keeping them enjoyable. It also ensures that you’ll be enjoying your weed at the height of its potency. Fortunately, there are several products that can help you accomplish this. Techniques for storing Your Weed properly Let’s be realistic for a minute. As much as you probably love your dispensary, you don’t have the time to visit them every day to purchase a joint full or pipe full of weed in order to ensure its freshness every time you smoke. Keeping it properly helps. It can be very discouraging when the weed you recently purchased is showing a decrease in freshness and quality. So, how do you store it at home to ensure its effectiveness and freshness? It’s not as difficult as you might think. Here are two ways to store your weed at home:Humidity packs – when it comes to keeping your weed fresh, one of the worst things you can do is expose it to excess humidity. It makes the buds too moist, difficult to grind, and incredibly hard to smoke. Furthermore, it promotes the growth of mold which is not only gross but unhealthy for your lungs. Keeping moisture at bay is essential to ensuring the freshness and potency of your weed. One way to protect it from moisture exposure is by using humidity packs. Just pop one into the container you store your weed in and it will protect them from humidity without drying them out.Sealed Mason jars – Mason jars are popular for storing all kinds of things. Although they are commonly used for storing homemade food items such as jams, jellies, and pickled foods, you can use them for other purposes, one of which is storing your weed. Believe it or not, they’re ideal for storing weed. They’re made from clear glass so you can see your weed without opening the container. Additionally, you can use them over and over again without having to worry that the glass will absorb the smell. This is a key factor if you want to use the same container for different strains.We have containers, bongs, beakers and an assorted variety of pipes to keep and smoke your herbs properly. For more information about the proper storage of weed, contact Tank Glass today at (323)-364-7952. Our business representatives will be happy to help.
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5 Safety Tips for First-time Weed Smokers

One of the first things those first-time smokers are faced with is choosing the smoking that is best for them. You have 4 choices for the most part – blunts, bongs, joints, and one-hitters. Although this is a relatively important decision to make when smoking weed for the first time, safety is a greater concern and must not be taken lightly. The following is a list of 5 safety tips that all first-time smokers need to be aware of:Be sure to purchase your product from someone you trust – remember your parents telling you as a child to never take candy from strangers? The same applies to buying weed. Although buying it from some guy in the neighborhood park sounds like a cheaper and simpler option, it’s not the smartest of choices for a source as you can’t guarantee that it’s high-quality untainted cannabis.Choose a strain that is first-time smoker-friendly – smoking weed as a first-timer is kind of like learning how to ride a bicycle. It’s always best to use training wheels at first and then graduate to riding without them. But, in this case, the training wheels are low-THC strains of weed. Once you’ve gained some experience and you know how you’ll react when under the influence, move up to a strain that’s a little more potent.Remember, it’s safety first when you’re just starting out – always ensure that you’re in a safe environment when smoking, whether it’s your first time or your hundredth. Always keep these 3 rules in mind: Don’t drive a vehicle or operate heavy machinery. Don’t smoke in a location that you’re not completely familiar with. NEVER smoke cannabis with anyone you don’t know or trust. Schedule an off-day for your first time – one of the best ways to enjoy your first smoking experience is to schedule an off-day so you don’t have to be concerned with your daily responsibilities and tasks. You might even want to try a wake and bake. The high will feel higher and it will put a positive spin on your day.Most importantly, don’t overdo it – smoking weed the first few times is like jumping into a swimming pool when you’re learning how to swim. You don’t jump into the deep end. Space things out, take one puff and see how it affects you before taking the next. If you don’t feel anything after the first 15 or 20 minutes, take another hit.For more advice about smoking weed for the first time or to inquire about our products, call Tank Glass at (323) 364-7952 today. Our business representatives are available for your assistance. Call NOW!

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