Elevating Your Dabbing Game: The Best Accessories to Use with Your Dab Rig

Dabbing has become a popular method of consuming concentrates due to its potency and flavor. While a quality dab rig is integral to the experience, having the right accessories can elevate your dabbing game to new heights. Let's explore the best accessories to use with your dab rig for an unparalleled experience. 1. Carb Cap A carb cap is an essential accessory for any dabbing enthusiast. It controls airflow and pressure within the dab nail, allowing you to vaporize your concentrates at lower temperatures. This results in smoother, more flavorful hits. Different styles of carb caps, such as directional carb caps, offer added control over airflow, maximizing the efficiency of your dabs. 2. Dab Tool A dab tool, also known as a dabber, is used to apply the concentrate to the heated nail safely. Dab tools come in a variety of shapes and sizes, allowing you to find one that suits your dabbing style and the type of concentrate you use. 3. Torch A good torch is indispensable for heating your dab nail. While many types of torches can get the job done, it's crucial to choose a reliable torch that can reach high temperatures quickly and safely. The size of the torch will depend on your dabbing frequency and the type of dab nail you use. 4. Dab Mat A dab mat protects your surfaces from potential damage during the dabbing process. It also provides a place to rest your hot dab tool and keep your dab rig stable. Silicone dab mats are popular due to their heat resistance and easy cleaning. 5. Dab Container Dab containers are designed to store your concentrates safely. They are typically made of non-stick materials like silicone, which preserve the quality of your concentrates and make it easy to access every bit of your product. 6. Quartz Banger A quartz banger is a type of dab nail made from quartz crystal. It's favored for its superior heat retention and ability to deliver a clean-tasting vapor. Pairing your dab rig with a high-quality quartz banger can significantly enhance your dabbing experience. 7. E-Nail For those who prefer precision, an e-nail is a fantastic investment. It allows you to set your desired temperature for vaporizing your concentrate, ensuring consistent dabs every time without the need for a torch. Tank Glass: Your Partner in Superior Dabbing Experience At Tank Glass, we're committed to offering top-quality products that elevate your dabbing experience. Our American-made, durable, and reliable glass pieces provide an unparalleled foundation for your dabbing setup. Combined with the right accessories, you're set for a superior dabbing experience. Remember, while these accessories can enhance your dabbing experience, safety should always be your top priority. Always handle concentrates and high temperatures with care. And, of course, always source your concentrates from reputable sources. Conclusion Investing in the right dab rig accessories can make a difference in your dabbing experience. From carb caps to e-nails, each addition plays a unique role in perfecting your dab. At Tank Glass, we're here to help you build the ultimate dabbing setup, from our top-quality glass pieces to expert advice. Elevate your dabbing game with us today.   Disclaimer: This article is intended for informational purposes only and should not be used as professional medical advice. While we aim to provide accurate and up-to-date information, we strongly recommend consulting with a professional or qualified expert before making any decisions about your lifestyle changes. The use and purchase of dabbing accessories and concentrates are ultimately personal decisions and should be made based on individual considerations.
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Advantages and Disadvantages of moderately good Cannabis

Whether you’re a newbie or veteran cannabis smoker, you may have heard the term “mids” thrown around in discussions about different weed strains. Mids are a one of 4 categories that make up the cannabis quality spectrum along with “regs”, “beasters”, and “headies.” In order to understand the cannabis quality spectrum, it’s best to differentiate things by the following: Low quality or regs Medium or moderate quality or mids High quality divided between low-high quality and highest-high quality or beasters and headies So what exactly are mids? If we use the 3-tier scale above, mids represent the midway point between the lower grades of cannabis and the top-shelf strains. What Characteristics or Factors make Mids moderately good Cannabis? We typically look at 5 characteristics or factors that define mids as moderately good weed. These include: appearance concentration of cannabinoids effects flavor price What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Mids? First and foremost, the primary advantage or benefit of moderately good cannabis is the price. Although you won’t be able to buy it with the loose change found in your car, you won’t need a second mortgage loan on your home either. Some other outstanding advantages of mids include: Its attractive green color compared to cardboard-looking regs The different levels of high you experience depending on if you’re a first-time, regular, seasoned, or veteran smoker That being said about the advantages of mids, there are 3 disadvantages to be aware of. These include:  Appearance – despite being more attractive than regs, mids are still highlighted by the basic browns and greens of the average strains that are out there Mold – depending on who you purchase your mids from, some buds may be moldy Seeds and stems – the likelihood of seeds and stems being present is higher in mids than what you would find in beasters and headies High-quality Cannabis provides the best Smoking Experience It goes without saying that if you want the best cannabis smoking experience possible, fill your bong, bowl, blunt, or joint with high-quality, organically-grown, and sustainably-sourced cannabis. Remember, it’s not so much about the quantity that you smoke, it’s about the quality of bud you smoke. When you’re searching for the best cannabis, always go for beasters or headies, provided you can afford them. You’ll get more out of a small amount and have a better smoking experience. Plus, your stash is going to last considerably longer when you purchase higher quality weed. And then you need to keep it safe and dry to enjoy the best hits. Additionally, to learn more about the best smoking accessories to burn those beasters or headies in, contact Tank Glass today at
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Nitrogen Deficiency in Cannabis and How to Fix It

When it comes to marijuana, cannabis deficiencies are a key concern in the growing process, whether it’s part of a commercial operation or a DIY project. Whether you’re new to the growing game or a seasoned veteran, nutrient deficiencies are often an all-too-common problem for many growers. The most common deficiencies include: Boron deficiencies Calcium deficiencies Copper deficiencies Magnesium deficiencies Nitrogen deficiencies The nitrogen deficiency is our focus in this particular blog. In many instances, the solution for these deficiencies is relatively simple. However, sometimes, keeping your plants happy and healthy requires a little more effort. Warning Signs of a Nitrogen Deficiency If you notice any or a combination of the 10 following signs, there’s a high probability that your cannabis plants are nitrogen deficient:   large leaves turn from a pale-green color to white and yellow leaves begin to curl and drop off petioles and veins turn reddish plant tissue develops necrosis plants begin flowering plants prematurely fade and die smaller leaves and stems turn purplish or reddish stems acquire purplish, vertical stripes yellowing (Chlorosis) spreads from lower parts of the plant to the top yield volumes decrease noticeably In the earlier signs of the deficiency, you’ll begin to see a slight discoloration in the more mature leaves of the plant. As growth continues, it takes on a paler, thinner appearance due to insufficient branching. It eventually, it will fade and die. That is why it needs proper maintenance and care. How to correct Nitrogen Deficiencies Nitrogen deficiencies in the soil are a very common occurrence. On a positive note, it’s fairly easy to put this nutrient back into the soil so your plants can take advantage of the benefits it provides. If you want to keep your plants going strong, work organic matter into the soil. This is not only beneficial to your plants; it helps the soil retain moisture and improves its overall structure. Sources of organic matter containing nitrogen are: animal manure blood meal bone meal coco peat (coir pith) compost fish meal groundnut husks horn meal nettle slag nitrogen-fixing plants such as alfalfa, beans, clover, peas, and peanuts If you’re planning to add animal manure, keep in mind every type of this fertilizer has different concentrations of nitrogen. For instance, poultry manure contains the highest concentration of nitrogen whereas horse manure has a much lower concentration. The best advice we can give is to purchase high-quality cannabis, if you want to avoid any deficiencies. For information on accessories that provide a more pleasant smoking experience, contact Tank Glass by sending a message to You can browse a variety of smoking devices online and select the best for your smoking experience.
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How to Identify Moldy Marijuana

Moldy marijuana is a cannabis grower’s worst nightmare. It can happen anywhere, at any time, and totally destroy what should’ve been a beautiful harvest in the blink of an eye. Naturally, a reputable cultivator with any shred of integrity would never allow moldy weed to get to the marketplace. Unfortunately, buds that have been grown, harvested, and dried properly can develop a fungus. Thus, proper storage is important. How does Cannabis develop Mold? Mold is a variety of fungus that can grow on indoor crops as well as those grown in direct sunlight. Furthermore, it affects marijuana harvests in a broad range of climates and environments. All it needs to thrive and spread is a limited airflow and moisture. Mold produces a fungus with a root-like structure called mycelium, which produces airborne spores that proliferate by attaching themselves to damp surfaces. Some mold types not only grow and spread quickly on live plants but trimmed buds as well. Thus, it is important to keep a check on the health of your plants constantly. Ensure proper ventilation and sunlight while a dry ambience to a certain extend helps. What does moldy Cannabis look like? If you’re unfamiliar with growing cannabis and the development of mold on it, it can be difficult to spot it at first. Unlike trichomes, the glistening, shiny crystals on cannabis plants, mold doesn’t glisten and it certainly isn’t shiny. There are three primary types of mold that can adversely affect your plants as follows: Botrytis (bud rot) – bud rot is usually brown or gray and starts on the inside of the bud. If you squeeze buds that have botrytis, they may crumble and flake apart. Powdery mildew – buds infected with powdery mildew are easily identified by the grayish-white color and powdery texture covering the bud flowers and leaves. Sooty mold – this type of mold looks like someone sprinkled soot across the plant’s leaves. It is easily identified by small, blackish spots on the leaves. Although it is a fungus, sooty mold is indicative of a serious pest infestation. These visual clues will quickly tell you that your cannabis plants are moldy. Any type of black spots, fuzzy dark-grayish chunks, or white powder is most likely mold. In addition to these visual clues, mold has a distinct musty smell that reminds you of a pile of wet towels that were never put in the washer or wet hay bales. The best way to avoid moldy weed is to purchase your cannabis from a high-quality, reputable dispensary or retailer. Ensure that you check for mold at all times before you buy it. To learn more about the above or for information about high-quality glass accessories, contact Tank Glass today at
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Can Cannabis be cloned?

Growing your own cannabis for its medicinal and recreational benefits is a more economical way of ensuring you have plenty on hand. However, if you’re just starting to grow your own, you might want to consider cloning your cannabis instead of growing it from seed. Cloning cannabis involves taking a cutting off a flowering plant, planting the cutting, and nurturing it until it’s capable of growing by itself. It’s also an easier way to preserve its growth and its ability to reproduce from one generation to another. Why Cloning? Scientists refer to the above cutting and replanting action as cloning since it re-creates an exact copy or duplicate of the original cannabis plant (a.k.a. the daughter plant and mother plant respectively. Although this may not seem that significant, the daughter plant the same genes and growth characteristics as that of the mother plant. So, if you clone a plant that contains high cannabinoid levels and produces a lot of flowers, the daughter plant will as well.The only difference is that you won’t have to spend the money and time that’s involved when growing your plants from seed. Furthermore, cloning is significantly different from growing from seed because the genetics of the seed are slightly different from the mother plant. Unfortunately, that just the way things work with plant biology. So, if you take one of the mother plant’s seeds, plant it in soil, and expect it to mature with the same traits of the mother plant, chances are you’re going to be disappointed. Cloning Cannabis involves choosing the right Plant Remember, not all cannabis strains are ideal for cloning. In fact, not every plant in the same strain makes good cloning subjects. So, the question arises – “How do I find the right mother plant to obtain a cutting from?” The bottom line is to choose a plant with the ideal combination of characteristics in order to maximize your yield. Yes, the strain is a key factor as it applies to the effects, you’re desirous of from the finished product and its general growing characteristics.However, cloning cannabis requires that you locate an individual plant in the strain that demonstrates the specific traits you’re looking for. We suggest that you clone cannabis from plants that: grows aggressively and quickly during both the early flowering stage and the vegetative stage grows lots of buds and stems grows to a medium height is not the auto-flowering variety To learn more about cannabis cloning or for information on the best glass smoking accessories, contact Tank Glass by sending a message to Additionally, if you are looking to smoke weed and enjoy the experience, browse our large collection of bongs, pipes and beakers.
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What Materials make the best Weed Grinders?

When it comes to minimizing waste while containing everything down to the minutest particle of powder, it’s all about choosing the right weed grinder. However, not all weed grinders are created equal based on the material they’re constructed from. Prices often range from the very cheap to the high priced investment grade because of the materials used in their construction. Granted, a person’s budget does play a significant role in the selection of a weed grinder, but there are certain materials that outrank others: Acrylic or plastic grinders – one of the cheaper material choices is acrylic or plastic. Weed grinders made from this material are easily mass produced in clear, multiple, and opaque colors. The teeth are typically diamond-shaped and do a relatively decent job of shredding ones cannabis. The main drawback to acrylic or plastic grinders is how easily their teeth can break. The tinier broken fragments could easily contaminate your weed. Consequently, experienced smokers will opt for something more expensive. Composite grinders – composite weed grinders are made using metal and wood. This style of grinder has a metal interior with a wooden exterior. As with grinders made from other materials, composite grinders turn buds into a finer form that is more conducive to airflow. Just stuffing an entire nugget into a bowl will result in harder pulls, weakened cannabis performance, and a diminished smoking experience. Trying to pull the nugget apart helps but still can’t compete with the airflow achieved by grinding your weed. Metal grinders – when it comes to longevity of use, you can’t beat a metal grinder. All types of alloys are available such as anodized aluminum made in phenomenal colors, stainless steel and its incredible durability, and even titanium despite the cost involved. Most smokers prefer models made from anodized aluminum because of the color factor. You can find them in every color imaginable, even multicolored. Thus, select the one that suits your requirements. Wooden grinders – there are numerous bamboo or wooden weed grinders available on both the high and low end. As you might suspect, the dirt cheap, low-end grinders are made in China and India. Most have these have bamboo or wooden teeth that can easily break off. If you have an aversion to acrylic/plastic or metal grinders, these are a good choice. Just remember to keep the amount of weed you want to grind small enough to achieve the best grind possible. For more information about top quality weed grinders, send a message to Tank Glass at Our business representatives are available to take your calls and answer some questions about the best products to use and buy for your smoking pleasure.
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6 Ways CBD can enhance Athletic Performance

For many athletes, finding an all-natural, performance-enhancing product or substance can be extremely difficult considering it has to meet all anti-doping guidelines and laws while at the same time being safe to ingest. Thus, besides herbs and supplements, what is there? The answer is CBD or Cannabidnoil, a substance that has become extremely popular with athletes in different sports over the past decade. Consequently, CBD can enhance athletic performance in the following 6 ways: Alleviates joint pain – while exercise is good for the body, it can definitely take its toll on a person’s joints. CBD helps recover from joint pain, thereby allowing us to heal and regroup before competing again. Furthermore, CBD is the perfect, all-natural analgesic (pain reliever) alternative to prescribed medications. Improves bone health – there are other ways to improve bone health than just drinking milk. Research has also shown us that CBD may be instrumental in healing bone fractures and supporting overall bone density. Improves gastrointestinal health – in a recent study (2020), it was found that CBD helped to alleviate inflammation and pain. Furthermore, the study also revealed that it promoted improved gastrointestinal health. Some athletes suffer with GI stress and have found that CBD relieves the inability to absorb nutrients as well as alleviating nausea and vomiting. Reduces anxiety and stress – nothing is more nerve-wracking for an athlete than preparing for the big game. The anxiety can distract you and shift your focus, thereby preventing you from being adequately prepared for the event. CBD can not only help counteract the anxiety; it can also relieve stress. Reduces inflammation and pain – if there’s one thing you can say about athletes, no matter what sport they participate in, they know all there is to know about inflammation and pain. In a research study conducted in 2020 (see above), one of the primary findings revealed that CBD alleviated inflammation and pain. Relaxing and resting – many athletes suffer from the lack of sleep, which can make it extremely difficult when anxiety and stress are present. If you’re having trouble getting your body and mind to calm down so you can get a good night’s rest before a major competition the next day, CBD can enhance your sleep schedule. If you’re an athlete, there’s no point in suffering with joint pain as well as restlessness and anxiety. Although you can prevent the toll it takes on your body, CBD could be the best way for your body to recover. You can try and see for yourself. For more information, contact Tank Glass today at (323)-364-7952. Browse our unique collection of beakers, pipes and bongs to help you get the most from your smoking experience.
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Does Cannabis really impact Your Appetite?

There are numerous unverifiable claims about cannabis that aren’t backed by any scientific evidence. However, CBD’s and THC’s impacts on a person’s appetite is actually based on reality. This could also be a significant leap forward in the treatment of many conditions and diseases including cardiovascular disease, eating disorders, obesity, and more. Thus, if gaining or losing weight is your goal, smoke some cannabis and let it works its magic. How Cannabis affects Your Appetite Cannabis triggers your appetite by stimulating the cannabinoid (CB1) receptors of the brain. As a result, these receptors release a hunger-triggering hormone call ghrelin. According to an animal research study, THC enhances our sensitivity to smell thereby making food aromas more potent and more appealing. And that makes you want to eat more, helping you gain weight. Furthermore, research has also suggested that those neurons that normally turn off while we’re eating don’t turn off when we smoke cannabis. Additionally, THC increases the release of dopamine and makes eating that much more enjoyable. Dopamine helps control pleasure and reward in your brain. Consequently, the more dopamine that is released the lower our self-control. Can CBD cause a Person to lose Weight? Although more research needs to be conducted, some health and wellness gurus claim that CBD will help you lose weight. While this may be true, this potential side effect has yet to proven. Interestingly enough, a study conducted 10 years ago showed that CBD reduced the appetites of certain species of rats. Let’s consider the science involved for a moment. The endocannabinoid system responds to the CB1 and CB2 receptors of the brain as follows: CB1 receptors are located in our brains and CNS (central nervous system and become more widespread throughout the fatty tissues of obese individuals. CB2 receptors are primarily found in our immune systems. CBD works in conjunction with other cannabinoids to activate or, more specifically, to antagonize CB1 and CB2 receptors. As a result, CB1 receptor antagonists help to reduce a person’s appetite and stimulate the CB2 receptors which in turn help to reduce the intake of food. Therefore, when CBD activates the CB2 receptors and antagonizes the CB1 receptors, it often results in decreased appetite and reduced food intake. Thus, you start to lose weight. While additional studies are needed regarding the efficacy of smoking cannabis on certain conditions and diseases such as anorexia, cancer, and obesity, individuals are using cannabis in their homes for these specific reasons. To learn more about how cannabis can affect your appetite, call Tank Glass today at (323)-364-7952. Additionally, you can explore our range of products to help you get a better smoking experience.
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When are the conditions ideal for growing Marijuana in California?

Growing marijuana outdoors on one’s property can be quite a challenging task. While indoor cannabis growing can be costly at first, having access to a private, sunny outdoor area can make things a lot easier and considerably less expensive. Basically, cannabis plants require the same conditions as tomatoes. However, a tomato plant will usually produce fruit with the proper amount of care. Conversely, attention to detail is crucial when it comes to growing marijuana, especially if a larger yield is the ultimate goal. When is the best Time to plant Marijuana Outdoors? When it comes to getting started with your cannabis crop, timing is critical. If you plant too early, the cold will likely decimate your plants. The same is true if you plant too late in the year as your plants could be the victim of an early fall frost depending on where you live. Thus, it’s important to understand the life cycles of the cannabis strain that you’re planning on growing. The survival of your plants depends on the climate in your region of the state.While it’s relatively easy to manipulate air flow and humidity indoors, you’re subject to the elements of nature when growing your plants outdoors. Ideally, the warm summer months prove to be the optimum growing period. However, this depends on the region you’re located in. You should consider starting your plants indoors under grow lights before transplanting them outdoors. So, when is the best time of year to grow cannabis in California?There is a lot of climate diversity to contend with when growing your cannabis outdoors in California. For example, Northern California growers have to contend with cooler temperatures, rain, and other climate conditions seen along Oregon’s coast. However, the soil quality is somewhat better than that of their counterparts to the south. On the other hand, Southern California growers are fortunate to have drier air and plenty of sunshine similar to what you’d see in the high desert region of central Oregon.Growing cannabis outdoors your property can be a complex process but, it can also be an enjoyable experience. You shouldn’t let the growing requirements intimidate you. However, be sure you do plenty of research before getting started on your venture. In the long run, this could help you get a running start on your first crop while at the same time saving you a considerable amount of time and money. Additionally, if you are looking for smoking apparatus to smoke the fresh weed, browse the collection at our website. Select a bong, pipe or beaker and enjoy a leisurely smoke. For more information, call Tank Glass today at (323)-364-7952.

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