Lifetime Warranty Policy

  • What is our lifetime warranty? We guarantee your Tank glass will last you for life. Tank Glass engineers the most high quality, durable, and reliable glass on the market - so all Tank glass pieces sold on the official Tank Glass website or from any Tank Glass Authorized Wholesaler or Distributor automatically comes with a free *limited lifetime warranty. *Meaning, if you somehow damage your Tank glass, for any reason, we'll send you a replacement for half off the current sale price offered via
  • But isn't Tank Glass unbreakable? Even though all Tank glass pieces have been designed by a team of California based computer engineers and materials scientists and is created using 100% class-A non-float certified glass - we understand that no glass is perfectly unbreakable.
  • How do I file a warranty claim? Just email us a photo of the broken glass and proof of purchase. Email:
  • How do I send proof of purchase? If you email us from the same email address used to purchase your Tank glass from one of our official websites or, it's automatic - we can look up your purchase by your email address. If you've purchased your Tank glass from an authorized smoke shop or an authorized online distributor, just send us a photo of your receipt.

Free shipping

Free domestic shipping and returns on all orders over $200