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3 Benefits of using Dab Rigs

For those of you that aren’t quite up to speed in the smoking culture, “dab rigs” and dabbing” are the relatively newer kids on the block. So what are dabs and what is dabbing you ask? The term refers to an unspecified dose of cannabis concentrates called amber, honeycomb, shatter, or wax that is vaporized and inhaled through temperature-specific devices known as dab rigs, e-rigs, or vaporizers. Dabs are concentrated portions of cannabis that are vaporized through a dab rig. Isn’t that interesting? What are the Components of a Dab Rig? For the first-timer, dab rigs may seem a bit intimidating. However, they are relatively simple in operation and principle. Some dab rigs might include extra parts or fancy accessories that were designed to improve your dabbing experience. But for all intents and purposes, they all have the same essential components which include:Bong or water pipe – this is similar to your standard bong or water pipe and allows the dab vapor to travel through chambers as part of the cooling process before it reaches your lungs.Nail or banger – this is the part that is heated with an electric heating source (torch) and vaporizes the concentrate. Because of the repetitive heating involved, nails or bangers are commonly manufactured out of quartz or titanium.Torch – in most cases, a torch will use butane or propane for heating the dab. The more powerful the torch, the better it will heat things up.You’ll also need a dab tool or small piece of metal to load your concentrate. Now that you know the essential components of a dab rig, let’s move on to the next question. What are the Benefits of Dabbing? You must have seen dab rigs online while you must have browsed for pipes and bongs. If you’re wondering why so many retailers are promoting dab rigs, here are the 3 main benefits of using one:Certain dab rigs have “carb caps” that seal the nail or banger and enables an efficient experience at a lower temperature.Dab rigs pack extraordinary flavor compared to your standard rolled joint. Furthermore, the temperature control enables you to have a smoking experience unlike no other.No matter what size dab rig you use, it’s going to pack a powerful punch that delivers maximum flavor in the process.Although it’s been around for a while now, the popularity of dabbing in recent years has grown exponentially. So, if you’re ready to take your smoking enjoyment to the next level, contact Tank Glass today for more information at (323)-364-7952 or send us a message at We are here for your assistance and can help you choose the best bongs and beakers for your smoking pleasure.
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A Basic Guide to Pipe Screens

“Why do I need to use a pipe screen?” is a question most cannabis smokers only ask once. Chances are, once you figure out why you’ll regret ever asking such a question. It goes without saying that nothing feels or tastes as rank as getting a mouthful of burnt ash. Furthermore, it’s a problem that is not only easy to solve, but it’s also a cheap fix as well. And that is why we have here a little background on the use of pipe screens. Reasons for using Pipe Screens We mentioned the obvious reason for using a pipe screen in the prior paragraph. From a technical perspective, using a pipe screen isn’t always necessary. In fact, we know of numerous smoking sessions that have gone perfectly fine without using them. If the hole in the pipe is small enough, you probably won’t need one. The problem is that the hole will get plugged up with tar after several uses. However, it is still possible to wind up with some nasty tasting plant matter if you pull too hard.Using a pipe screen will help to keep the bowl cleaner over time. Additionally, they make it easier to dump out the used content and help keep the tar from building up in the glass as well. So, you won’t be cleaning your pipe as often as you would if you didn’t use a pipe screen. Finally, when using a water-based smoking device such as a bong or bubbler, you don’t have to be as concerned about clean water. The pipe screen does that for you. What kinds of Pipe Screens are available? Some individuals make pipe screens the old school way with a piece of tin foil and poking holes in it with a toothpick. But then again, this isn’t the healthiest way to enjoy your cannabis either. There are 4 different types of pipe screens as follows:Built-in screens – if you’re not concerned about disposability, built-in screens are a great choice, many of which are simple and single-walled in designCircular mesh screens – the most basic and popular typeGlass screens – these are the ideal alternative if you prefer a screen that can be reused and shined up once in a whileRimmed circular mesh screens – perfect for using in stone pipesThus, there you have it. Whether you’re okay with using circular mesh pipe screens or you prefer something less labor intensive such as a built-in pipe screen, you have plenty of options to consider. With a plethora of bongs, beakers and pipes available at our website, you’d be spoilt for choice. To learn more about pipe screens, contact Tank Glass today at (323)-364-7952.

The Basics on Weed Grinders

When you’re an avid cannabis enthusiast, your arsenal of tools must contain a decent weed grinder. Whether your preference is smoking blunts or vaping, you need your herb to be well-ground in order to have a pleasant smoking experience. And you don’t need to grind it manually so unfortunately, you have a lot of options to consider. The following weed grinder basics will hopefully make the decision-making process less arduous and frustrating. Grinder Materials The type of material that a grinder is constructed from can play a significant role in your smoking experience. Some of the more popular options include: Electric grinders – these are the solution to grinding dry marijuana flowers and can be purchased in different materials. Although they’re battery-powered, they are capable of grinding up to three grams of product at a time. Metal grinders – these grinders are available in aluminum, titanium, and titanium coated aluminum. One thing is certain though. Metal grinders have won the hearts of today’s cannabis smokers. Wood grinders – the difficulties involved in building, carving, and shaping wooden grinders makes them difficult to mass produce and therefore less beneficial for the companies that manufacture them. However, they do have a more natural appeal. Compartments or Pieces Grinders are typically available in 2-, 3-, and 4-piece varieties although there are 5-piece grinders also available. Each one has its own pros and cons but here is a quick breakdown of the different models: 2-piece grinders – often referred to as 1-compartment grinders, these are the most basic models with one compartment for grinding and collecting your herb. 3-piece grinders – the holes in this grinder enable smaller pieces of herb to fall into a second compartment and collect the kief or pollen. 4-piece grinders – this grinder allows you to capture the kief or pollen. Plus, it has a screen to filter your residue so it passes through the kief collecting chamber.   Standard Sizes available The size of grinder you choose will usually be determined by your consumption habits. The following will help you choose the appropriate size for your needs: Mini or small sized grinders – 40 to 50 mm (1.5” to 2”) in diameter. These are ideal for the person looking for something more discreet. Medium sized grinders – 62 to 70 mm (2.5” to 3”) in diameter. These are still discreet but offer considerably more room for grinding product. Large sized grinders – 75 mm (3”) or more in diameter. These are ideal for grinding 3.5 to 7 grams of product at a time. If you are looking to get the right weed grinders, bongs or beakers for a luxurious smoking experience, contact a Tank Glass representative today. Additionally, you can browse our vast collection online.
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Effects of Medicinal Marijuana on Anxiety Disorders

A recent study conducted by Washington State University scientists found that the symptoms of certain psychological disorders could be reduced by smoking medicinally-prescribed cannabis. The highlights of the study showed that: Cannabis significantly reduced anxiety, depression, and stress Women felt a larger reduction in anxiety than men did after smoking cannabis High CBD / Low THC cannabis was effective for reducing symptoms of depression High CBD / High THC cannabis was effective for reducing symptoms of stress After pain relief, the second primary reason for smoking cannabis was to relieve the symptoms of anxiety. Generalized anxiety is characterized by extreme apprehension and uneasiness paired with certain physical symptoms such as increased sweating, rapid breathing, and rapid heartbeat. In addition to general anxiety, cannabis has also been found to be effective for treating OCD, panic attacks, and social anxiety disorder.While lower doses of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) seem to be helpful in reducing the symptoms of anxiety, evidence has shown that the opposite is true when higher doses have been consumed. Consequently, understanding the variables involved in increasing or reducing the symptoms of anxiety is paramount during the treatment of the disorder. These can vary from the chemistry and dosage, the setting where the herb is consumed, and the user’s state of mind at the time of ingestion.However, when using CBD with or without THC, it often curbs or settles any jitters or nervousness about the use of THC while at the same time reducing the risk of anxiety overall. The system that CBD (cannabidiol) and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) directly interact with, or the ECS (endocannabinoid system), is thought to be helpful in the regulation of anxiety. The endocannabinoid system is found throughout the amygdala and hippocampus (areas of the brain that are directly tied to anxiety disorders) as well as the central nervous system.Furthermore, the terpenes (aromatic compounds found in cannabis) have been shown to boost dopamine (a neurotransmitter) and serotonin (a hormone) levels, which act as anti-depressants and calming agents. When using cannabis to relieve the symptoms of anxiety it’s best to ingest 4 to 10 mg of CBD or 1 to 3 mg of THC. While higher amounts of THC have the tendency to cause more intense psych activity, CBD can be tolerated in higher doses. Consequently, when it comes to the different areas or levels of anxiety, different treatment approaches and suggestions may be recommended.Want to learn more about the use of cannabis for certain mental disorders, contact Tank Glass for their recommendations. Browse our website for a large array of different designs and styles of beakers and bongs for a smooth smoking experience.
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Hemp and its various Uses

Even for many cannabis veterans out there, hemp remains somewhat of a mystery. While most smokers can tell you all you need to know about legal cannabis, the same cannot be said about its non-psychoactive counterpart – Hemp. Hemp is obtained from the Cannabis Sativa L plant, more specifically, its fibers and seeds. Since they don’t carry much THC, they can be used without feeling the psychoactive effects of cannabis.   3 common Uses of Hemp Because of its resiliency and versatility, hemp can be used in a number of different ways, especially when it comes to the extraction of CBD. Whether you’re searching for an innovative way to make automotive parts, a natural medicine, or you’re trying to build a home, hemp is the ideal material to work with. Here are 3 common uses of hemp to be aware of:Practical use – the practical uses of hemp date back thousands of years when it was used to create clothing and paper. The reason it was seen as an ideal material for creating clothing and paper was because it was easy to dye and retained colors so well. Unfortunately, hemp lost its prominence in clothing manufacturing to cotton in the early 1900’s. With the onset of Prohibition in January of 1920, the use of hemp in the manufacturing of clothing became non-existent.Fortunately, hemp has been making a comeback in recent years thanks to newer processes that have made its cultivation as well as the production of hemp-based products easier. Not only are many companies producing clothing and paper products from hemp, they’re also looking towards creating biodegradable plastics from it as well. Consequently, hemp is considered the environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional carbon-based plastics.Medicinal use – one of hemp’s more common uses is for the CBD (cannabidiol) which can easily be extracted from it. Cannabis Sativa L produces a significant amount of CBD which ultimately has numerous medicinal applications. Furthermore, because hemp is very easy to produce, huge amounts of CBD can be easily accessed for a broad range of uses, especially medicinally and therapeutically.Construction use – the use of hemp in the construction industry has solidified its use in the future. For instance, there are a few auto manufacturers that are incorporating and using hemp-based bioplastics including Audi, BMWE, and Mercedes Benz. One of the key reasons that these manufacturers have made the switch to hemp-based materials is the concept of “Less weight equals less fuel consumption.”To learn more about hemp and the benefits of using it, contact Tank Glass today. We have an assorted range of beakers and bongs to ensure you love the smoking experience, browse our products now.
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4 Tips that will help to prevent Bong breakage

There is little that can compare to the love a cannabis smoker has for their favorite bong or water pipe. While some remain loyal to the very first bong they ever bought, others will pledge their allegiance to a top-shelf piece. Most of us will do whatever is required to extend the life of our favorite pieces and prevent any harm from coming to them. After all, you need your bong to get the best hits, but some of us are not so lucky and wind up breaking our bongs along with our hearts. Here are 4 helpful tips that could ensure keeping our favorite bongs safe from harm and avoid the heartbreak of losing them: Always carry your bong with care – while most bong smokers keep their pieces at home, there are those who enjoy taking theirs to a friend’s home or outdoors. If you do the latter, proceed with the utmost care as bongs are damaged or destroyed while in transit. Investing in a quality carrying case is recommended for cradling and protecting your favorite piece from breakage. Break it down so you don’t break the bong – if you have a bong that you’re proud of, you’ll probably show it off. That’s perfectly normal. Unfortunately, placing it front-and-center in a high traffic area of the room with the downstem and bowl in place increases the risk of breakage. If you don’t want to have to replace your prized possession, we suggest you remove the bowl and downstem between uses. Consistent cleaning – believe it or not, there’s more to cleaning your bong than ease of use and hygiene. It takes considerably more effort and patient to clean away residue that has gotten caked on over many months than what has built up over a week or two. There’s a higher risk of breaking your bong if an intensive deep cleaning is required. Delicate handling is easier to maintain when all that’s required is a quick cleaning. Dump your dirty bong water – most cannabis smokers know to add the proper level of water to their bong before they use it. However, it’s equally if not more important to empty that water out after every use. Naturally, this is a good idea from the standpoint of cleanliness. However, it can also help you avoid breaking it. If a bong is left sitting in a room where the temperature fluctuates and the water’s mass expands, it could cause it to crack or shatter. For more advice about protecting your bong from breakage, call Tank Glass and speak with one our representatives today. Additionally, you can browse our large collection of bongs and beakers, if you are looking to buy a new one.
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History of bongs

Even though bongs are a very common instrument used to smoke medicinal herbs, the usage of these was not as common many years ago as it is nowadays. However, smoking was, indeed, an important recreational, religious, and shamanic activity of the culture of some of the most powerful civilizations in history. Ancient civilizations and empires like Babylonians and Israelites burned incense as shamanistic and religious adoration, and this was probably what lead the people to different usage of this incense. Incense created using several plants would create powerful hallucinogenic drugs which effect was even stronger if the incense was burned and inhaled closer to their mouth. Therefore, smoking tobacco and cannabis plants became a regular practice all over the world, with different purposes of course. While in some places smoking was a recreational activity, in some other places, scholars discovered the many medicinal benefits they could extract from smoking some special herbs, for example, cannabis. As time passed, people invented instruments that could facilitate smoking medicinal herbs, what we call bongs. The evolution of bongs and their usage Bongs were first made of tough materials such as gold or some other hard metals because the benefits of using glass as the main material were not known by then. Since the beginning, bongs’ structure was pretty similar, with a bowl and a slide, but the quality of the smoke and the level of oxygen that the first bubblers used to allow were nothing like today’s ones. With the usage of advanced glassblowing technics and physics, modern artists who work creating excellent bongs have achieved an optimal appearance and perfect functioning. Nowadays’s bongs have a modern look and top glass materials that will work perfectly and also be better for your health. In case that you are looking for an excellent bong that will work correctly and is only crafted with the finest materials, there are certain things that you should keep in mind. How to identify a good bong What can be classified as a good bong? A good bong should adjust to your needs and fit in your everyday tasks. You need to check characteristics such as its size because it does affect seriously the volume of smoke and fresh air that flows in and out of the water pipe. Small bongs, less smoke; big bongs, more smoke inhalation. The material of a bong is also a very important factor to take into count before buying an excellent bong. Resistant glass or acrylics are usually the most profitable but also endurable materials. You should take into count that bongs are not cheap, so, buying a glass bong that will crack if it falls is not a smart option. What you need is a firm and hard glass that will not be pulverized easily with some hits and therefore wasting your money, and you can count on us, Tank Glass, to provide you the finest piece of artwork to smoke cannabis. Our bongs are resistant and endure extern agents that could easily destroy other bubblers, contact us and enjoy bubblers that will last a lifetime.

Healthy Friend or Risky Foe?

Smoking marijuana has increasingly stirred up disputes in our society because of the spread of misinformation, leading the population to riot in the streets advocating for its legal use. Little do people know that some things that might be frown upon could somehow be beneficial or pleasant to others. The problem crops up when we’re unable to tell apart what can aid us or adversely affect our body. For decades, it has been widely recognized that smoking progressively damages your lung tissues. At first glance, this might come across as a life-threatening substance that when consumed, it causes irreparable damages, but this not exactly like that. Cannabis, like many other plants, has properties that have been utilized by humans for a wide range of purposes, but the problem stems from the overuse thereof. Like any other product, whether it is chemical-based or naturally-grown, it might pose risks if it is consumed indiscriminately. What is of the utmost importance is to be fully aware when something is harmful to you — that’s called being responsible of your own body. What you should know about cannabis Cannabis might be deemed as another must-ban drug; however, experts in the scientific field might contradict the typical widespread biased anti-marijuana arguments. It turns out that the medical cannabis industry in the United States is expected to reach USD 55.8 billion in 2025, whereas in Latin America Colombia has become the leading growth sector. The growing industry of cannabis has made other countries across Latin American jump on the bandwagon, such as Uruguay, Puerto Rico, Argentina, Mexico, Peru, and Ecuador. In Colombia Cannabis is mainly used to treat chronic pain. It can also be used to tackle issues like depression, anxiety, insomnia, PTSD, cancer cells, and more. In the United States, medical marijuana is legal in at least 33 states. By contrast, recreational marijuana is allowed in fewer states. If one wishes to opt for medical marijuana, the person needs to get a written prescription from the state they come from. Of course, it has to be one where marijuana has not been prohibited. Unfortunately, some doctors might have second thoughts about prescribing you a dose of such a thing, which means there’s a possibility that they rethink what’s best for you. Current laws and knowledge of the usage of cannabis In the United States, there are qualifying conditions in every single state where marijuana has been permitted for the public use. If such conditions are not met, it is almost certain you won’t get the chance to try it. Studies have proved that marijuana can be of good use. That’s why it is always important to check reliable sources of information so that you can see the other side of the coin. Keeping in mind the upsides and downsides of every single piece of food or substance that you’re going to consume will enable you to make up your mind and choose what’s best for you. Of course, being aware of your limits is something you need to have clear in life. Otherwise, it could lead to some serious problems in the future that you might regret later on. If you need to use cannabis for medicinal purposes you should buy a bong. Bongs are considered the most efficient way to smoke marijuana, especially if this instrument if made with good materials. In Tank Glass, we are fully committed with distributing the best bubblers for those cannabis enthusiasts, contact us and buy the perfect bong.
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Bong water Alternatives

Throughout the years, hitting the bong, colloquially speaking, has gained more popularity among smokers because of its different types of water flavours. Not only will you get a chance to pick fruit-like flavours, but you’ll also be able to revel in the effects. There are not really that many to choose from when it comes to the basic types. However, it’s almost guaranteed that each water flavour will give you a different impression. If you’re a fruit lover kind of person, trying these infused goodies will make you try the rest. Interestingly, some people decide to get creative and try a few flavored beverages when hitting the bong. In other words, they pour fruit-flavored drinks in the bong and smoke what comes out of it. You can go for fizzy drinks if you fancy them, too. If you’re already aware of the variety of water flavour bongs, perhaps becoming acquainted with the drinks will push you to give them an opportunity. Many types of juicy flavors It’s virtually impossible to tell you which ones you’ll fall in love with for sure because that’s up to your taste, but a brief description of some of them will probably entice you to give them a whirl. In case you want to run wild with the fizzy drinks, go to your local grocery store and find some strawberry-flavored Fanta, pineapple-flavored Fanta, cranberry juice, or even Lemonade. Carbonated drinks are said to have a cool and sweet taste after the first puff; Lemonade, by contrast, is said to have a kind of tangy flavor in your throat that might not exactly meet your expectations, but some people love it regardless. Assuming you didn’t pick any soda pops, you can go for the energy drinks as well. Bear in mind that you can mix liquids for a surprise. Gatorade is likely to be your first option, since it a famous brand, but don’t let it fool you because if you’re not a fan of Gatorade in the first place, it’s almost certain that you’ll loathe it as soon as you hit that bong. A secret substitute that will surprise you Looking for another substitute? There’s one last that might blow your mind away. Head straight to the kitchen and pour some milk mixed with Nesquick. It’s completely understandable if your stomach churns at the thought of trying this, but believe it or not, it’s got rave reviews from the people who have taken a stab at it. Now you’ve got plenty of options to chew over, think things through when you buy the drinks. Choose at least three different types because there’s still a chance that the ones you hate might reach your expectations and the ones you think you love might end up being a total bummer. However, you should use only the finest bongs to smoke if you want to enjoy as much as possible whatever the flavor you decided to use. If you want to take a loathe with an excellent bubbler, dial (323)-364-7952 and choose Tank Glass to sell you only the best bongs.

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