Best Water Pipe Bongs on Earth. That’s No Hype

Whether you’re a novice or a connoisseur, buying a bong can be overwhelming. So how do you separate quality from hype?

At Tank Glass, we know a thing or two about quality.

What Makes a Water Pipe Bong a Quality One?

When you’re looking for quality, one of the most important things to look at is the material it's made of.

When it comes to quality, glass is king. It delivers the best flavor and the smoothest smoke. A good quality glass will be clean when heated. It won’t vaporize or create toxic fumes, odors or unnecessary flavors. This makes good quality glass the best choice for smoking.

A water pipe bong made with the best quality glass is an investment. Quality glass offers

  • Resistance against breakage and stress fractures
  • Resistance to extreme or changing temperatures
  • Strength and durability
  • Crystal clarity
  • Ease of cleaning
  • Resistance to clouding and corrosion
  • Non-toxicity
  • Impenetrability

Do You Know Where Your Bong Came From?

If you’ve looked online lately, you’ll see bongs that are made from a variety of materials, coming from an equal variety of places.

In the interest of affordability, many of today’s products are made with acrylics and inferior glass. And if you know anything about plastics and low-quality glass, you know that they can be full of toxins, especially ones that are manufactured outside the country.

When you’re purchasing a cheap glass bong, you’re getting

  • A lower-quality glass
  • Thinner and more breakable glass
  • Potential toxins
  • Glass that is often not hardened carefully, leaving it more susceptible to breakage or stress fractures.

Trust us, it’s a very sad thing to watch a bong break.

What Makes for Water Pipe Bong Greatness?

Here at Tank, we’ve prided ourselves on making a simple, sturdy, flawless bong that is made to order by master glass blowers here in the USA. No cheap, breakable glass is anywhere to be found here at Tank. All our water pipe bongs are made with 9mm thick borosilicate glass that defines indestructibility. And did we mention a lifetime warranty?

What Makes for the Best Glass?

Bongs made of borosilicate, or “scientific” glass are the gold standard today for sheer durability and functionality. We take this a step further.

Many bongs on the market offer glass that ranges from 3.5mm to 5mm thick. Some even offer 7mm. We didn’t stop there. Our water pipe bongs are hand-blown to nothing less than 9mm thickness. What does that mean? It means that your piece will probably be the last one you will ever need to buy. Ever. We have defined durability in the market and have legions of smokers attesting to it. We haven’t scrimped on quality. Why should you?

Cooler and Cleaner

Besides a sturdy piece, a cooler, cleaner smoke is all-important. Our tank bongs offer those smooth, cool hits that you can only get from a quality piece.

All you have to do is hold one of our water pipe bongs to understand what we mean by quality. We do all the important things right. There’s a reason we’re named in lists of “best bongs” year after year. And our hundreds of 5-star reviews from happy smokers confirm it.

A Piece that Matches Your Lifestyle

Size DOES matter. What are you looking for? Here at Tank, we have something for almost anyone.

Are you looking for a sturdy water pipe bong that can take up an honorable place in your home or do you want a piece that goes everywhere with you? Are you an avid smoker looking for a massive statement piece?

We have it covered with 3 sizes of beaker bongs and our popular straight tube. Each one is made with 9mm reinforced glass, a ring ice-catcher, an uber thick joint, a free 14mm bowl, free glass downstem and a free custom carrying bag.

  • Original Tank Beaker -- At 12 inches tall, this is our original. If you’ve seen our videos, you know all about our durability. This is our 2.0 version that comes with a free downstem and a free bowl.
  • Tank Max -- Tank Max is our largest glass beaker standing at 18 inches tall.
  • Tank Mini -- If you’re someone who is looking for portability, we’ve got you. Tank Mini stands at 8 inches tall and can go with you anywhere.
  • Tank Straight Tube -- As one of our most durable models, Tank Straight Tube stands at 12 inches and comes with everything our beaker models offer.

Setting the Bar High

At Tank, the name says it all. Indestructible. Sturdy. The finest pieces made here in the US by master artisans. If you are looking for consistently high-quality performance from your water pipe bong, you can’t go wrong with Tank Glass. We have set the bar for quality in the industry.

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