Choosing the perfect Grinder

Trying to find the best cannabis grinder can be a daunting task. The numerous shapes and sizes of these products plus the mind-boggling number of choices available can lead to lots of confusion and frustration when trying to find one that best fits your needs. Whether you like smoking cannabis in a large glass bong or prefer to hand roll your joints, the grinder is the key component that makes the entire process easier and more satisfactory overall.

Part of the confusion stems from the pricing of these devices. For instance, you can buy them for as little as $5 all the way up to $1,500 for ones that are made from 24k gold. If you’re looking for the perfect grinder but feeling somewhat intimidated, here are the 4 factors to consider when shopping:
  • Grinder design – despite the gigantic number of options available, they all have their advantages and disadvantages. While mechanical grinders are the most common, more advanced electric versions are also available. Unfortunately, the electric versions are more expensive than what they are actually worth.
  • Material composition – grinders are made using a variety of materials including acrylic, aluminum, plastic, and wood. Acrylic and plastic are cost-effective but are weaker when it comes to durability. Wooden grinders are also budget-friendly but fragile. The only reason to invest in a wood grinder is for aesthetic purposes. That brings us to aluminum, long recognized as the king of grinder materials because of its ability to hold better than the other materials.
  • Price – for some individuals, price is the key factor. While most individuals would love to be able to afford a high-dollar, high-quality grinder, the cost is too restrictive when you’re living on a tight budget. Cannabis smokers want products that are cost-effective, especially when it comes to grinders and pipes. Cheaper quality grinders are available for $20 or less. However, for a more durable and efficient grinder, those in the $30 to $90 range provide the greatest value for the money.
  • Size – while this is a design aspect, keep one thing in mind: the larger the grinder, the more cannabis it will hold. However, this makes using it more cumbersome. Plus, large grinders are more troublesome to carry when going out and about. Once thing is certain; they do work well and hold a larger amount of cannabis.
By keeping these factors in mind, you’ll be able to find a grinder that you’ll enjoy using and matches your particular smoking style. We have a variety of smoking accessories including bongs, glass beakers and more to enhance the pleasure of smoking. For more information, click here to visit the Tank Glass website today. Call us now.

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