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Treating Depression with Cannabis

Although the research into treating depression with cannabis is still in its infancy, some studies have shown that it can improve the symptoms of depression while others show that it isn’t useful when it comes to improving or treating it. A much smaller study group found that cannabis could lead to an increased risk of becoming depressed. Finally, one study found that cannabis was effective at treating the symptoms of depression in some cancer patients.Marijuana contains CBD and THC, chemical compounds known as cannabinoids, which create the psychoactive effects that we feel after smoking. We have a natural system that reacts to the cannabinoids in marijuana, known as the endocannabinoid system. When it does improve the symptoms, it’s possible that the ability of marijuana to boost certain endocannabinoids is what helps to regulate our emotions and feelings.Some research speculates that deficiencies of 2 endocannabinoids – anandamide and 2-AG – may be responsible for signaling depression. Additionally, cannabis may mimic their effects and lift our moods. Cannabis provides “biphasic” effects. In other words, higher and lower doses can generate opposite effects. According to several research studies, lower doses of THC help to relieve depression symptoms while higher doses may worsen those symptoms. Thus, it is important that you get it prescribed correctly. Tips for treating Depression with Cannabis If you suspect that you’re clinically depressed, you should always speak with a doctor or psychologist. If have been diagnosed with depression or are struggling with your mood, here are some helpful tips for trying cannabis to relieve your symptoms: Begin with a lower dose of THC and increase the dosage very slowly. Be sure you select a cannabis strain that is CBD and THC balanced (or a 1:1 ratio), then gradually increase it once you’ve learned how it affects you.   Discuss using cannabis as part of your treatment with a mental health therapist or your doctor to ensure that any medications you’re taking along with cannabis are helping and improving your symptoms.   Keep a journal of how cannabis is affecting your symptoms. Include information such as the dose and when you took it as well has how it affected your mood over the next couple of hours.   Most importantly, don’t drink alcohol when using cannabis. Your doctor will want to know about the physical or psychological effects associated with the cannabis, not the alcohol. Hopefully, you’ll find these tips helpful and that your symptoms are alleviated or at least improved. If you need more assistance or need bongs, pipes and beakers for enhancing your smoking pleasure, call us today. For more information, call Tank Glass at (323)-364-7952 or e-mail us your questions at

Complement Your Marijuana use with CBD Products

Many marijuana smokers are enhancing their smoking experience by complementing it with CBD products such as isolate powders, isolate slabs, and shatter. So why do some consumers feel that these CBD products are the perfect complement? There are several answers including: CBD helps you come down – if you find that you’ve gotten too high, CBD can help you come down by decreasing the psychoactive effects cause by THC. So if you’ve smoked too much and want to come down quicker than what you normally would, taking a little CBD will help where this is concerned. CBD is already in the plant – the best proof of CBD’s efficacy when used with cannabis is attributed to its presence in the marijuana plant. Furthermore, the amount of CBD present depends on the specific strain of cannabis. However, having CBD isolates or some other CBD product on hand enables you to increase the content of it when smoking a strain with a lower amount of CBD. Entourage effect – different parts of the cannabis plant, such as the cannabinoids and terpenes, work in conjunction with one another to maximize the effect. So you can intensify the effect of smoking marijuana by taking CBD with it. This is especially true where medical marijuana users are concerned. For example, CBG or CBN isolates can help to maximize the effect since both of these occur in low quantities in marijuana. Even without cannabis, CBD can be useful and beneficial – it’s always a good idea to have CBD on hand whether you’re using it with marijuana or not. This is due to the many benefits it offers such as: alleviates cancer-related symptoms could be beneficial for heart health may provide benefits for individuals with neurological disorders pain relief reduces acne (in some but not all cases) reduces anxiety and depression One of the more commonly asked questions by first-time CBD users is “Are there any side effects?” Although CBD is considered safe and is well tolerated by most users, some individuals may experience adverse side effects such as: decreased appetite diarrhea fatigue weight changes CBD is known to interact with certain prescription medications. So, before you start using any CBD product, be sure to discuss this with a physician to avoid potentially harmful interactions and to ensure your safety. Some people have no side effects but seems to improve their illnesses considerably especially those with neurological disorders. Thus, it is good to consult with your doctor first. More information is available by calling Tank Glass at (323)-364-7952 or sending us an e-mail at Our business representatives are here to assist you. Call now.
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Size Really Does Matter When Choosing the Right Bong

While choosing the right bong is often a matter of preference, it often comes down to finding a size that is tailored to your specific needs. Do you want to take bigger rips? Do you want to minimize smoke output because you nosey neighbors? Are you looking a smoother rip because you have sensitive lungs? It’s important to know what you should buy and what you shouldn’t buy so you’re not spending money unnecessarily. The following information should be helpful. Why does Size of the Bong matter? Because the cannabis market is oversaturated with hundreds of different bong types, choosing the right one can be a daunting if not frustrating task. Plus, everyone has a different preference when it comes to a bong size that fits their particular lifestyle. There are basically 3 different sizes of bongs to choose from:Mini bongs – due to their smaller size, mini bongs are the perfect choice for someone who is always on the go. In addition to portability, they’re lightweight and perfect for those individuals who want to keep their smoking experience as discreet as possible. However, there are a couple of drawbacks to using a mini bong, namely harsher hits and less airflow. Because of their smaller size and restricted airflow, the smoke can’t circulate efficiently and properly. Consequently, you get harsher hits. Medium-sized bongs – this is the more common size and what the name implies. In other words, they’re sized between small and large. You can still enjoy the benefits of a mini bong as well as what a larger bong can deliver. While medium-sized bongs aren’t as big as a large bong, it’s larger than a mini bong. Unfortunately, it’s not as discreet nor is it travel friendly. As with other size bongs, the pros and cons of each size need to be carefully considered before making your buying decision.Large-sized bongs – because of their larger size, these bongs are perfect for home use and tailored for the homebody and more experienced smoker. Because they feature the optimum in airflow and smoke filtration, many individuals consider this size the best of the three. Compared to mini bongs and medium-sized bongs, large-sized bongs offer smoother and tastier rips, thereby reducing lung and throat irritation for a more enjoyable smoking session.We can’t emphasize enough how size matters when it comes to choosing the right bong as well as one that best suits your needs. Thus, you will need to evaluate your persona; preferences and requirements before investing in a bong. For more information about our products, call Tank Glass at (323)-364-7952 today or visit our website by clicking here.
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3 Possible Health Benefits of Marijuana for Seniors

Cannabis has been legalized in 18 states and Washington, D.C. while medical cannabis is legal in 37. Consequently, we are seeing increasing numbers of first-time users. What’s interesting is the fact that it’s not just younger adults that are smoking marijuana as many older adults are now using it, some more frequently than others. Whether you purchase your marijuana from a local area retailer or from a smoke shop online, here are 3 health benefits for older adults. Marijuana can help with Anxiety and Insomnia Many older adults struggle with insomnia. This is because it becomes increasingly more difficult to enjoy longer periods of deep sleep. Some individuals claim that smoking marijuana enables them to fall asleep faster and remain asleep for longer periods of time. Others have claimed that they enjoyed a deeper sleep, in addition to falling asleep quicker and staying asleep longer. That helps them recoup energy and feel better in the morning.Be sure you give some thought to the type of marijuana you smoke. High THC levels are great for feeling more of the psychoactive effects of cannabis. However, if you’re smoking it to help overcome insomnia, you’ll want to try a strain with a higher CBD level and lower THC level. Cannabis is also effective for helping individuals with anxiety by helping them to calm down and relax so they’re not as anxious about what is going on around them. For people with panic and anxiety disorders, this is a boost. Marijuana can relieve Pain The primary benefit is that smoking marijuana can relieve pain. As we grow older, our bodies begin deteriorating and wearing out. This often leads to increased pain and discomfort in our bones, joints, and muscles. Cannabis helps to relieve the pain of arthritis and is ideal to use for inflammation. Even seniors with nerve pain may feel some relief when smoking marijuana. So if your prescription pain medication isn’t providing enough relief or if you’re considering an alternative, cannabis or even CBD could be good pain solutions. Marijuana helps in the Treatment of Glaucoma Cannabis can be effective for treating glaucoma, a disease that causes internal pressure within the eye and can adversely affect your ability to see things clearly. Cannabis helps to reduce that internal eye pressure. Although glaucoma can affect individuals in every age group, it is most common among older adults and seniors. Naturally, you should talk to your doctor about trying marijuana to help with your glaucoma. Just keep in mind that it can only help. It isn’t a cure for glaucoma. It only helps suffering individuals cope with the disease.To learn more, call Tank Glass today at (323)-364-7952.
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9 Ways to hide the Smell of Marijuana at Home or in Your Car

In recent years, significant strides have been made about the acceptance of marijuana use in society. Unfortunately, the substance is not legal everywhere. Landlords don’t want their tenants to use it on their rental properties while others tend to get angry or indignant when they smell it. If you want to enjoy your smoking experience without having to worry about recrimination, here are 9 ways that you can hide the smell of marijuana when smoking it. Hiding the smell at home: Although this should be fairly obvious, go outside to smoke – granted, this could be problematic in areas where marijuana is still illegal or you live near a bunch of nosey neighbors. However, if smoking outdoors doesn’t pose a problem, then go for it.Buy a smoke filter so that when you take a healthy bong rip, you can exhale directly into it – these are available at most head shops. Keep in mind that some work better than others. However, most of them do a decent job of eliminating most of the smoke. If you want to reduce or possibly eliminate the smell, put your buds in a tightly sealed container once you’re done smoking – properly storing your marijuana will help preserve the aroma and flavor. Keep it in an air-tight bottle. Open windows on both sides of your home to create airflow and cross ventilation – if possible, do the same with doors on the opposite sides of the house. Putting a fan in the middle of the room will also help to push the smoke around.Purchase an air purifier that employs advanced charcoal filters and a HEPA filter – the best air purifier is one that eliminates the smoke as well as any lingering odors.Use candles and incense like your grandparents did back in the 1960’s – there weren’t a lot of mechanical options for getting rid of the marijuana smell in those days. It’s not the ideal solution, but it can distract people enough from the smell. Hiding the smell in your car: Don’t take your bong with you – this is especially true if you’ve just fired up a couple of bowlfuls before heading out.If you or a passenger smells like marijuana, stop and get a cup of hot (black only) coffee – the aroma will overpower the smell provided it’s not too intense.Open your vehicle’s windows – since the area to ventilate is considerably smaller, this works even better than what you’ll experience when ventilating your home.For more information and tips on this subject, call Tank Glass at (323)-364-7952 today. We’re here to assist you with your specific requirements. Call now!
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4 Benefits of Smoking with a Borosilicate Glass Bong

Given their resistance to thermal shock (the rapid cooling of objects from high temperatures), it shouldn’t surprise you that borosilicate glass has become the industry standard for glass bongs and pipes. The use of borosilicate glass provides several benefits including its ability to withstand extreme changes in temperature, clarity, durability, and non-toxicity. And that helps to improve your smoking experience. These benefits explain why borosilicate is a better material than ceramic or regular glass and why your next bong should be manufactured from this durable material. Ability to withstand extreme Changes in Temperature Glass bongs must have the ability to withstand intense direct heat from flames. Unlike regular glass that can melt from the heat of a torch, borosilicate glass can withstand temperatures of up to 515° F and won’t melt until the temperature exceeds 550° F. Another benefit is that borosilicate glass can survive extreme temperature changes without breaking or cracking. Plus, it doesn’t expand like regular glass so there will be smoother transitions between temperatures. Clarity In addition to its strength against breakage and temperature extremes, borosilicate glass is known for its clarity, something that scientific glass aficionados love about this material. Additionally, it isn’t susceptible to browning or solarization and offers excellent light transmission as well. Of equal importance is its ability to hold up to regular cleanings and resist corrosion in process. Durability One of the more important benefits or qualities of borosilicate glass is its higher level of durability. We’ve all experienced that gut-wrenching feeling of dropping our favorite bong and watching as it shatters into hundreds of pieces. Conversely, borosilicate glass is less likely to break thanks to its higher tensile strength than what regular glass offers. Although a borosilicate glass bong feels sturdier and is far less fragile, you still need to exercise care in handling. And keeping it clean helps you get a better experience with no stale odors. Non-toxicity Another reason for the popularity of borosilicate glass among smokers is the non-toxic nature of the material. Borosilicate glass is BPA and lead-free. It’s even considered hypoallergenic. As a result, this glass is classified as “medical grade” and is found in hospitals. Plus, it is safe to cook in. Additionally, since it has an extremely high temperature tolerance compared to regular glass, you’ll never be exposed to any toxic fumes like you would be when regular glass burns.For additional information about borosilicate glass and why it is popular as a bong-making material, call Tank Glass at (323) 364-7952 today or if you prefer, you can send us an e-mail with your questions by clicking here.
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Unbreakable Glass Bongs? Seriously?

Since the inception of the first bong decades ago, smokers have been on a never-ending quest for an unbreakable glass bong. As with many other searches for an item that technically cannot exist, there is a great deal of misinformation floating around out there regarding unbreakable glass bongs and water pipes. So, again we ask, are unbreakable glass bongs a fantasy or do they really exist?When you consider that you could drive a heavy vehicle over glass or silicone bongs and shatter them into hundreds of little bits and pieces, the answer would technically be “NO.” Many people tout silicone bongs because they are slightly more durable than some glass bongs and won’t usually be damaged by dropping them. However, despite their durability, silicone bongs will melt when subjected to extremely high temperatures. What to consider when searching for an Unbreakable Glass Bong Finding a durable glass bong isn’t as daunting a task as you might think, provided you do some research and know what to look for. There are a multitude of options that need to be considered before you buy one. When it comes to finding a glass bong that satisfies your needs, here are 3 tips that you should follow: Tip #1: Always buy from a trusted source – it’s unfortunate but not every smoke shop sells the highest quality products. In fact, there are a lot of shady glass sellers and smoke shops online. Be sure the company is reputable and secure before doing business with them if you don’t want to regret buying from them later on.Tip #2: Make sure there’s a warranty – if you want to buy from a company that delivers what they promise, make sure you get a warranty with your purchase. Warranties are a company’s way of endorsing the promises they make about their products and standing by everything they sell.Tip #3: Read online reviews and customer feedback – obviously you’re not going to purchase just any bong out there without doing some research. And by research, we mean online reviews and customer feedback. Remember, it’s all about the positive aspects where brands, products, and customer service are concerned. A Word about Tank Glass The Tank Beaker is without a doubt, the most durable glass bong available on the market today. YouTube features several videos of people attempting to break this bong by dropping it on cement steps or throwing it off of a roof. Amazingly, even the bowl and the downstem don’t get damaged. Unlike glass bongs manufactured in China, this bong will last. For additional information about Tank Glass products, call us today at (323) 364-7952 or e-mail us at
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5 Most important Reasons for Cleaning a Bong

Besides its unsightly look, accumulated bong residue poses a significant threat for smokers. It is true that significant amounts of residue build-up may cause a fire when covering the carb and potentially burn your mouth and fingers. If you watch what you’re doing, you can prevent this from happening. Here are the 5 most important reasons to clean your bong on a regular basis.Bong appearance matters – if you’re a smoker, you understand and respect how smokers have a relationship with their favorite smoking device. For many, it’s love at first sight while for others, it may take a few good smoking sessions to understand the idea. Keeping your bong clean enables you to appreciate the glass artistry. Although it can be a bit challenging to find the right bong, eventually you’ll realize what a magnificent piece of artwork that it is.Cleaning your bong helps to maintain good hygiene – the “puff and pass” mentality is a key component of the group smoking experience and has been this way throughout the history of the device. Unfortunately, germs will invariably cling to the bong and get passed around with it. There’s nothing wrong with the concept of sharing, provided you keep the bong cleaned on a regular basis.Cleaning your bong means less ash and a better taste – more importantly, less ash means fewer carcinogens. Not only does cleaning your bong prevent contagion, it prevents or decreases carcinogens. Regular cleanings mean healthier smoking sessions. Furthermore, eliminating the ash helps to improve the flavor of your smoke. There’s no point in tasting ash when you can enjoy herbs that taste the way they’re supposed to.Cleaning your bong means less residue build-up – and fewer residues means a much more enjoyable smoking experience. It’s just that simple. When there is less ash to contend with, the smoke moves about freely and smoothly. If you use a glass pipe, you’ll have a much better smoking experience than you would with one that is clogged with ash.Consider purchasing an ash catcher to prevent the ash problem from getting out of hand. Additionally, it’s a good idea to use a cleaning solution of rubbing alcohol and salt mixed with hot water. Letting this sit in the water chamber for several minutes will loosen even the toughest residue, so cleaning won’t require an undue amount of effort. It is important to clean the bongs regularly so that you have clean smoke all the time. To learn more about the availability of bongs or other products, call Tank Glass at (323) 364-7952 today. Or if you prefer to e-mail us with your comments or questions, click here.
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Debunking the 5 Myths of buying from Online Headshops

If you’re planning on making a purchase at an online headshop in the near future, you’ll be in good company. It’s interesting to note that the market for smoking accessories generates about $10 billion annually in the U.S alone. Unfortunately, there are many consumers who have a difficult time entrusting their business to online retailers. This is primarily due to the 5 myths about purchasing items from an online headshop. Read on as we debunk each one.Chances are, your items will be broken when you receive them – FALSE. Online headshops don’t have huge warehouses where things move around on conveyor belts before getting picked up and packaged for shipping. In fact, the majority of these tasks are done by hand to ensure less breakage and damage. Additionally, each piece is individually wrapped in quality packing supplies so that there is minimum damage even if the package is roughly handled. It’s illegal to purchase items from an online headshop – FALSE. As long as you’re 18 years of age or older, it’s perfectly legal to purchase smoking accessories from an online headshop. Whether it’s a bong, pipe, or vaporizer, you can purchase it without fear of penalty or recrimination. This applies to any smoking device and accessories. As long as you’re of age, there’s nothing to worry about.Online headshops sell black market items or knock-off merchandise – FALSE. If they did, you can safely bet they wouldn’t be in business for very long. It’s a given that world-class brands have to compete with fake goods that are manufactured overseas by “sweatshops” who are proficient at reproducing the real thing. However, legitimate headshops can smell a fake piece of merchandise a mile away.Prices at online headshops are always higher – FALSE. Granted, prices will vary from one headshop to the next because of some exclusive items. However, for all intents and purposes, industry competition creates noticeable price parity or uniformity most of the time. In fact, online pricing is often cheaper because of less overhead, no taxes on square footage, and no monthly leases to pay.Your information won’t be private and secure – FALSE. Although no online site is 100% secure, protecting the customer’s privacy and the security of their personal info is priority #1. Online headshops are PCI/DSS compliant and never retain any credit card information or personal data without the consumer’s consent. Besides that, most shops feel that the less data and files they have to store, the better off they’ll be.Hopefully this has cleared up any doubts you have about shopping for your smoking accessories online. For more information, call Tank Glass today at (323) 364-7952 or e-mail us by clicking here.

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