3 Possible Health Benefits of Marijuana for Seniors

Cannabis has been legalized in 18 states and Washington, D.C. while medical cannabis is legal in 37. Consequently, we are seeing increasing numbers of first-time users. What’s interesting is the fact that it’s not just younger adults that are smoking marijuana as many older adults are now using it, some more frequently than others. Whether you purchase your marijuana from a local area retailer or from a smoke shop online, here are 3 health benefits for older adults.

Marijuana can help with Anxiety and Insomnia

Many older adults struggle with insomnia. This is because it becomes increasingly more difficult to enjoy longer periods of deep sleep. Some individuals claim that smoking marijuana enables them to fall asleep faster and remain asleep for longer periods of time. Others have claimed that they enjoyed a deeper sleep, in addition to falling asleep quicker and staying asleep longer. That helps them recoup energy and feel better in the morning.

Be sure you give some thought to the type of marijuana you smoke. High THC levels are great for feeling more of the psychoactive effects of cannabis. However, if you’re smoking it to help overcome insomnia, you’ll want to try a strain with a higher CBD level and lower THC level. Cannabis is also effective for helping individuals with anxiety by helping them to calm down and relax so they’re not as anxious about what is going on around them. For people with panic and anxiety disorders, this is a boost.

Marijuana can relieve Pain

The primary benefit is that smoking marijuana can relieve pain. As we grow older, our bodies begin deteriorating and wearing out. This often leads to increased pain and discomfort in our bones, joints, and muscles. Cannabis helps to relieve the pain of arthritis and is ideal to use for inflammation. Even seniors with nerve pain may feel some relief when smoking marijuana. So if your prescription pain medication isn’t providing enough relief or if you’re considering an alternative, cannabis or even CBD could be good pain solutions.

Marijuana helps in the Treatment of Glaucoma

Cannabis can be effective for treating glaucoma, a disease that causes internal pressure within the eye and can adversely affect your ability to see things clearly. Cannabis helps to reduce that internal eye pressure. Although glaucoma can affect individuals in every age group, it is most common among older adults and seniors. Naturally, you should talk to your doctor about trying marijuana to help with your glaucoma. Just keep in mind that it can only help. It isn’t a cure for glaucoma. It only helps suffering individuals cope with the disease.

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