9 Ways to hide the Smell of Marijuana at Home or in Your Car

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In recent years, significant strides have been made about the acceptance of marijuana use in society. Unfortunately, the substance is not legal everywhere. Landlords don’t want their tenants to use it on their rental properties while others tend to get angry or indignant when they smell it. If you want to enjoy your smoking experience without having to worry about recrimination, here are 9 ways that you can hide the smell of marijuana when smoking it.

Hiding the smell at home:

Although this should be fairly obvious, go outside to smoke – granted, this could be problematic in areas where marijuana is still illegal or you live near a bunch of nosey neighbors. However, if smoking outdoors doesn’t pose a problem, then go for it.

Buy a smoke filter so that when you take a healthy bong rip, you can exhale directly into it – these are available at most head shops. Keep in mind that some work better than others. However, most of them do a decent job of eliminating most of the smoke.

If you want to reduce or possibly eliminate the smell, put your buds in a tightly sealed container once you’re done smoking – properly storing your marijuana will help preserve the aroma and flavor. Keep it in an air-tight bottle.

Open windows on both sides of your home to create airflow and cross ventilation – if possible, do the same with doors on the opposite sides of the house. Putting a fan in the middle of the room will also help to push the smoke around.

Purchase an air purifier that employs advanced charcoal filters and a HEPA filter – the best air purifier is one that eliminates the smoke as well as any lingering odors.

Use candles and incense like your grandparents did back in the 1960’s – there weren’t a lot of mechanical options for getting rid of the marijuana smell in those days. It’s not the ideal solution, but it can distract people enough from the smell.

Hiding the smell in your car:

Don’t take your bong with you – this is especially true if you’ve just fired up a couple of bowlfuls before heading out.

If you or a passenger smells like marijuana, stop and get a cup of hot (black only) coffee – the aroma will overpower the smell provided it’s not too intense.

Open your vehicle’s windows – since the area to ventilate is considerably smaller, this works even better than what you’ll experience when ventilating your home.

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