Complement Your Marijuana use with CBD Products

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Many marijuana smokers are enhancing their smoking experience by complementing it with CBD products such as isolate powders, isolate slabs, and shatter. So why do some consumers feel that these CBD products are the perfect complement? There are several answers including:

  • CBD helps you come down – if you find that you’ve gotten too high, CBD can help you come down by decreasing the psychoactive effects cause by THC. So if you’ve smoked too much and want to come down quicker than what you normally would, taking a little CBD will help where this is concerned.
  • CBD is already in the plant – the best proof of CBD’s efficacy when used with cannabis is attributed to its presence in the marijuana plant. Furthermore, the amount of CBD present depends on the specific strain of cannabis. However, having CBD isolates or some other CBD product on hand enables you to increase the content of it when smoking a strain with a lower amount of CBD.
  • Entourage effect – different parts of the cannabis plant, such as the cannabinoids and terpenes, work in conjunction with one another to maximize the effect. So you can intensify the effect of smoking marijuana by taking CBD with it. This is especially true where medical marijuana users are concerned. For example, CBG or CBN isolates can help to maximize the effect since both of these occur in low quantities in marijuana.
  • Even without cannabis, CBD can be useful and beneficial – it’s always a good idea to have CBD on hand whether you’re using it with marijuana or not. This is due to the many benefits it offers such as:

  • alleviates cancer-related symptoms
  • could be beneficial for heart health
  • may provide benefits for individuals with neurological disorders
  • pain relief
  • reduces acne (in some but not all cases)
  • reduces anxiety and depression

One of the more commonly asked questions by first-time CBD users is “Are there any side effects?” Although CBD is considered safe and is well tolerated by most users, some individuals may experience adverse side effects such as:

  • decreased appetite
  • diarrhea
  • fatigue
  • weight changes

CBD is known to interact with certain prescription medications. So, before you start using any CBD product, be sure to discuss this with a physician to avoid potentially harmful interactions and to ensure your safety. Some people have no side effects but seems to improve their illnesses considerably especially those with neurological disorders. Thus, it is good to consult with your doctor first.

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