Unbreakable Glass Bongs? Seriously?

Since the inception of the first bong decades ago, smokers have been on a never-ending quest for an unbreakable glass bong. As with many other searches for an item that technically cannot exist, there is a great deal of misinformation floating around out there regarding unbreakable glass bongs and water pipes. So, again we ask, are unbreakable glass bongs a fantasy or do they really exist?

When you consider that you could drive a heavy vehicle over glass or silicone bongs and shatter them into hundreds of little bits and pieces, the answer would technically be “NO.” Many people tout silicone bongs because they are slightly more durable than some glass bongs and won’t usually be damaged by dropping them. However, despite their durability, silicone bongs will melt when subjected to extremely high temperatures.

What to consider when searching for an Unbreakable Glass Bong

Finding a durable glass bong isn’t as daunting a task as you might think, provided you do some research and know what to look for. There are a multitude of options that need to be considered before you buy one. When it comes to finding a glass bong that satisfies your needs, here are 3 tips that you should follow:

Tip #1: Always buy from a trusted source – it’s unfortunate but not every smoke shop sells the highest quality products. In fact, there are a lot of shady glass sellers and smoke shops online. Be sure the company is reputable and secure before doing business with them if you don’t want to regret buying from them later on.

Tip #2: Make sure there’s a warranty – if you want to buy from a company that delivers what they promise, make sure you get a warranty with your purchase. Warranties are a company’s way of endorsing the promises they make about their products and standing by everything they sell.

Tip #3: Read online reviews and customer feedback – obviously you’re not going to purchase just any bong out there without doing some research. And by research, we mean online reviews and customer feedback. Remember, it’s all about the positive aspects where brands, products, and customer service are concerned.

A Word about Tank Glass

The Tank Beaker is without a doubt, the most durable glass bong available on the market today. YouTube features several videos of people attempting to break this bong by dropping it on cement steps or throwing it off of a roof. Amazingly, even the bowl and the downstem don’t get damaged. Unlike glass bongs manufactured in China, this bong will last. For additional information about Tank Glass products, call us today at (323) 364-7952 or e-mail us at support@tankglass.com.

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