What is Cannabis Microdosing and what are Its Benefits?

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If you enjoy the many benefits of smoking weed, but it’s hurting your productivity, you might want to consider microdosing your cannabis. Although you won’t experience the high you’re accustomed to, you’ll still enjoy most of the benefits that weed provides while at the same time staying lucid and productive. While the term “microdosing” has its roots in the psychedelic 60’s, cannabis is an ideal candidate for this practice as well.

Furthermore, microdosing your CBD and/or THC intake may enable you to boost your creativity and focus, provide sensitive smokers with a more pleasant experience, and reduce the likelihood of the typical side effects. Additionally, microdosing cannabis has some attractive benefits, including but not limited to the ones listed here:

  • It enhances your creativity – the same can be said for a person’s creativity as their focus. Some artists and musicians prefer drawing from their creative mental space after consuming larger doses of cannabis while others find improved cognitive endurance and greater successes by microdosing their weed instead. It has been seen that mild use can enhance your brain activity.
  • It helps during withdrawal – whether you choose to quit smoking weed altogether or just want to take a brief break from it, microdosing cannabis will help to fend off those unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. Although this may seem counterintuitive, taking smaller doses of THC can help you reset your endocannabinoid system gradually over time which is a much gentler option than quitting cold turkey.
  • It helps minimize the side effects – as with other substances, cannabis is not without some side effects. Microdosing allows you to experience some of weed’s benefits without the same level of dry mouth, potential anxiety, and “red eye syndrome.”
  • It increases your focus – subjectively speaking, veteran microdosers find that smaller quantities of cannabis enable them to focus more effectively than if they consumer normal to larger doses. This can lead to individuals being distracted and, in some cases, overwhelmed by the high they’re experiencing.
  • It’s a great starting point for novice smokers – when you consider the potency or strength of many current cannabis strains, microdosing enables new smokers to take a smaller, graduated dose of cannabis instead of jumping in blind. By slowly increasing each ensuing amount, you’ll find the dose that works best for you.

As a rule of thumb, start low and proceed slowly. Going fast would nullify the whole experience. Once you’re confident that you’re doing it right, you can microdose throughout your daily routine. You can browse our collection of smoking aids and see what works out best for you. For more information, contact Tank Glass today at support@tankglass.us.

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