Should You consider Cloning Your Cannabis?

Whether you grow your own cannabis plants for medicinal or recreational use or if you’ve considered starting to do so, you might want to consider cloning your plants instead of growing them from seed. Cloning is an easy and ideal way to preserve a plant’s genetics and growth from one generation to another. You’ll have to start growing your plants in normal fashion, but once they get going, you shouldn’t have to purchase seeds ever again.

What exactly is Cannabis Cloning?

While cloning refers to the process of producing individual organisms with the identical or near identical DNA, cloning cannabis is the process wherein a piece of a flowering plant is cut off, replanted, and nurtured until it begins to grow on its own. The process is referred to as cloning because it produces an exact copy of the mother plant. Although this may not seem like some significant event, the daughter plant will have the same genes, growing qualities, and traits as the original plant.

Consequently, if you clone a plant with high levels of cannabinoids and produce a large number of flowers, your chances of the daughter plant being identical are very high. Best of all, you want have to spend your money and time trying to start your plants from seed. Furthermore, cannabis cloning is dramatically different from growing plants from seed in that the seed contains different genetics from the mother plant. That’s just the way the biology of cannabis cloning works.

It’s all about choosing the right Plant

Unfortunately, not all cannabis strains make good cloning subjects. In fact, there are cases where plants of the same strain won’t make good cloning subjects. The bottom line is that it’s all about choosing the right mother plant to cut from. You need to ensure that you select the cannabis plant with the proper combination of characteristics and qualities if you want to maximize the bud yield. Basically, the strain is essential to the growing qualities and affects you want to achieve with the end product.

So, the question is should you try to clone your own cannabis? If you’re the type of person who always purchases their weed at a dispensary and let someone else worry about growing it, then trying to clone cannabis probably isn’t a good idea. On the other hand, if you’ve grown at least one crop of a particular strain, cloning is something you should try.

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