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Short-Term Effects Of Smoking Cannabis On Memory

One of the most important questions that first-time cannabis smokers often ask is “Does smoking cannabis affect a person’s short-term memory?” The short answer is “YES.” However, acknowledging this opens the door to smoking weed in a way that minimizes its negative impact. Anyone who smokes weed on a regular basis is well aware of the ways it impacts their short-term memory.Whether it’s about forgetting what someone just said to you, forgetting what you just said to them, or getting halfway through what you were saying and forgetting the rest, the effects are easy to perceive. Here are 7 short-term effects on the different facets of a person’s short-term memory: Attention – while attention is not a form of short-term memory, memory is completely dependent on paying attention. Understanding how cannabis adversely affects our short-term memory might not be possible without understanding how it impacts our ability to pay attention. Emotional memory – although they are typically minimal in nature, the short-term effects on emotional memory are always present. With the exception of remembering negative emotional cues, emotional processing is usually uninhibited. Learning and memory – when it comes to cannabis adversely affecting learning and memory, research findings clearly indicate a clear correlation. Not so surprisingly, consuming more cannabis resulted in decreased or poor recall. That is one of the reasons that students get poor grades when they use these substances. Motor memory – studies show that cannabis reduces motor inhibition, in other words, your ability to stop an ongoing task. This was tested by employing a “stop signal” task – starting a motor action on a start signal then halting it on a stop signal. Spatial memory – the ability to recognize and remember specific environmental details is known as spatial memory. It’s what enables us to find our way out of a maze or recall where we left our car or house keys. Verbal memory – cannabis adversely impacts verbal and non-verbal memory alike. It’s one of the more observable effects of smoking cannabis. When this type of memory is affected, it’s often difficult to keep track of conversations. However, it is short term and wears off eventually when you stop smoking it. Working memory – this is the ability of a person to process information in real time. It’s typically utilized in the learning process and enables you to build connections. It’s also about your ability to further process a train of thought. Although we have a considerable way to go when it comes to understanding how cannabis impacts memory, we do know it’s likely to be negative. However, for the best smoking experience, check out the high-quality accessories at Tank Glass by e-mailing your questions to support@tankglass.us.
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The Impact on a Relationship when Couples smoke Cannabis

Smoking weed together in a relationship can be a great source of enjoyment as well as relaxing and stimulating. However, if you overdo it, it can damage relationships and drive couples apart. Where relationships are concerned, cannabis and alcohol use can have good and bad consequences depending on the extent of their use. Either way, weed is going to have some type of effect on your relationship. This isn’t a matter of it being good or bad, but each individual’s personal circumstances. You also have to consider their relationship with weed as well as their relationship with the other individual in the relationship. For many couples sharing a blunt or a joint can be a great way to unwind after a long day and spend some quality time together. For others, their cannabis habit may become detrimental and adversely affect their ability to respond to their partner’s specific needs, thereby damaging the relationship over time. While sharing cannabis is often a positive experience, you can’t be too naïve about it. Basically, doing it in moderation can keep the spark alive but overdosing on it can be detrimental for your relationship. We see several benefits of smoking cannabis with your partner. Please note, these benefits are referring to individuals who occasionally use cannabis rather than getting high together on a regular basis: It can align each other’s moods and thoughts – when you get high with your partner, it enhances your connection with each other and your ideas tend to align with theirs. It doubles your creative energy as a couple – whether drawing, playing music, or writing, being creative after smoking cannabis is a great source of enjoyment, It enhances physical intimacy and sex – getting high together increases our mental and physical sensitivities, thereby making physical intimacy very special – whether it’s sexual or not. It helps you unwind together – one of the primary reasons couples love smoking weed together is because it enables them to relax and unwind together. Consequently, relaxing with your partner can be a very satisfying experience. It makes us smile and laugh – smoking cannabis with your partner brings out smiles and laughter which can make you more attractive to one another. It promotes intuitive understanding – it’s safe to say that smoking weed enhances your ability to communicate and become more intuitive. Prior to smoking together, couples should always discuss cannabis use together, if not just for the sake of conversation but to express each other’s expectations regarding the experience. When smoking together, enhance your experience by using the highest quality smoking accessories. We have a large collection of unique products to enhance your smoking experience. To learn more, contact Tank Glass by sending us your questions to support@tankglass.us.
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What is Cannabis Microdosing and what are Its Benefits?

If you enjoy the many benefits of smoking weed, but it’s hurting your productivity, you might want to consider microdosing your cannabis. Although you won’t experience the high you’re accustomed to, you’ll still enjoy most of the benefits that weed provides while at the same time staying lucid and productive. While the term “microdosing” has its roots in the psychedelic 60’s, cannabis is an ideal candidate for this practice as well. Furthermore, microdosing your CBD and/or THC intake may enable you to boost your creativity and focus, provide sensitive smokers with a more pleasant experience, and reduce the likelihood of the typical side effects. Additionally, microdosing cannabis has some attractive benefits, including but not limited to the ones listed here: It enhances your creativity – the same can be said for a person’s creativity as their focus. Some artists and musicians prefer drawing from their creative mental space after consuming larger doses of cannabis while others find improved cognitive endurance and greater successes by microdosing their weed instead. It has been seen that mild use can enhance your brain activity. It helps during withdrawal – whether you choose to quit smoking weed altogether or just want to take a brief break from it, microdosing cannabis will help to fend off those unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. Although this may seem counterintuitive, taking smaller doses of THC can help you reset your endocannabinoid system gradually over time which is a much gentler option than quitting cold turkey. It helps minimize the side effects – as with other substances, cannabis is not without some side effects. Microdosing allows you to experience some of weed’s benefits without the same level of dry mouth, potential anxiety, and “red eye syndrome.” It increases your focus – subjectively speaking, veteran microdosers find that smaller quantities of cannabis enable them to focus more effectively than if they consumer normal to larger doses. This can lead to individuals being distracted and, in some cases, overwhelmed by the high they’re experiencing. It’s a great starting point for novice smokers – when you consider the potency or strength of many current cannabis strains, microdosing enables new smokers to take a smaller, graduated dose of cannabis instead of jumping in blind. By slowly increasing each ensuing amount, you’ll find the dose that works best for you. As a rule of thumb, start low and proceed slowly. Going fast would nullify the whole experience. Once you’re confident that you’re doing it right, you can microdose throughout your daily routine. You can browse our collection of smoking aids and see what works out best for you. For more information, contact Tank Glass today at support@tankglass.us.
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Should You consider Cloning Your Cannabis?

Whether you grow your own cannabis plants for medicinal or recreational use or if you’ve considered starting to do so, you might want to consider cloning your plants instead of growing them from seed. Cloning is an easy and ideal way to preserve a plant’s genetics and growth from one generation to another. You’ll have to start growing your plants in normal fashion, but once they get going, you shouldn’t have to purchase seeds ever again. What exactly is Cannabis Cloning? While cloning refers to the process of producing individual organisms with the identical or near identical DNA, cloning cannabis is the process wherein a piece of a flowering plant is cut off, replanted, and nurtured until it begins to grow on its own. The process is referred to as cloning because it produces an exact copy of the mother plant. Although this may not seem like some significant event, the daughter plant will have the same genes, growing qualities, and traits as the original plant. Consequently, if you clone a plant with high levels of cannabinoids and produce a large number of flowers, your chances of the daughter plant being identical are very high. Best of all, you want have to spend your money and time trying to start your plants from seed. Furthermore, cannabis cloning is dramatically different from growing plants from seed in that the seed contains different genetics from the mother plant. That’s just the way the biology of cannabis cloning works. It’s all about choosing the right Plant Unfortunately, not all cannabis strains make good cloning subjects. In fact, there are cases where plants of the same strain won’t make good cloning subjects. The bottom line is that it’s all about choosing the right mother plant to cut from. You need to ensure that you select the cannabis plant with the proper combination of characteristics and qualities if you want to maximize the bud yield. Basically, the strain is essential to the growing qualities and affects you want to achieve with the end product. So, the question is should you try to clone your own cannabis? If you’re the type of person who always purchases their weed at a dispensary and let someone else worry about growing it, then trying to clone cannabis probably isn’t a good idea. On the other hand, if you’ve grown at least one crop of a particular strain, cloning is something you should try. If you would like information on the best smoking accessories on the market today, send your inquiries to support@tankglass.us today. Additionally, you can browse our products gallery online to suit your need for beakers, bongs and pipes of various designs and sizes.
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4 Types of Pests that can ruin Your Cannabis Crops

There are numerous organisms that are associated with different types of cannabis, some of which can be very beneficial while others are extremely harmful. Those that are considered harmful to cannabis grown indoors are pests such as aphids, fungus gnats, spider mites, and thrips. The following information will help you identify these pests and the grow room environmental conditions that are conducive to their rapid breeding and spreading. Aphids Although they are quite small, aphids are visible to the naked eye. They may be black, brown, or yellow in color and while adults typically have wings, their young don’t. This pest sucks the leaf tissue and secretes a sticky, sugary substance that attracts ants. Most species of aphids multiply at temperatures from 68° F to 82° F (20° C to 28° C) and relative humidity ranging from 50% to 80%. Fungus Gnats Fungus gnats look like small flies and, just like aphids, are visible to the naked eye. These pests are attracted to cannabis crops and initially breed in the when humidity levels are high. Although they don’t eat the plant, their larvae may eat the root hairs. When a plant is infected with fungus gnats, the leaves turn yellow and wilt. Their ideal breeding and growing environment is warm and wet with higher-than-normal humidity levels. So don’t overwater your plants. Spider Mites As one of the more common pests found on cannabis crops, spider mites are small arachnids with a population comprised of nearly 1,200 different species. Furthermore, these pests often require the use of a magnifying glass to spot them. They are less than 1 mm or 0.04 inches in size and are typically brown, green, or red in color. They breed and multiply quickly when temperatures reach 80° F (27° C) and humidity levels are 60% or lower. Thrips These small sap-sucking insects feed on cannabis plants while living inside them. Most thrips have elongated bodies that range from 0.6 to 3 mm or 0.02 to 0.12 inches in length. They often appear like small dots moving on the leaves of the plant. Early warning signs of thrips are shiny silvery and white that looks similar to rice grains on the plant’s leaves. When temperatures are high – 77°F to 80° F (25° C to 27° C) – and humidity levels are between 60% and 85%, thrips tend to reproduce quickly.Apart from using good quality herbs and cannabis for your smoking pleasure, it helps to have the right smoking apparatus. Whether you prefer a water pipe, beaker or bong, check our eclectic collection online. For information regarding the highest quality smoking accessories available, contact Tank Glass with your questions at support@tankglass.us.
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How does Medical Cannabis differ from Recreational Cannabis?

In recent years, we’ve seen an increase in the use of medical cannabis. However, we’ve also seen an increased use of recreational varieties as well. Regardless of the form in which it’s consumed, the evidence has clearly shown that there are numerous benefits of medicinal strains. While medical and recreational marijuana are smoked by different people, there are significant differences between the two varieties to be aware of. So we ask the question, how does medical cannabis differ from recreational strains? Advantages and benefits – depending on the country or state that the patient lives in, medical cannabis entitles them to a broad range of benefits. These benefits aren’t available to individuals who use recreational cannabis. Some of the benefits include higher quantity doses, legal access for minors with cancer and epilepsy, lower prices and taxes, and THC potency limits. CBD and THC Levels – the primary difference between medical cannabis and recreational cannabis is the CBD (cannabidiol) and THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) levels. While CBD is a proven medical remedy for numerous conditions, THC is what causes the high we feel. Ease of access and availability – due to legal restrictions, possession of recreational cannabis can still have legal consequences in many and isn’t readily available. On the other hand, medicinal cannabis is readily available for those individuals who require it from medicinal purposes. Legal issues – there are legal aspects involved with both varieties. While medical cannabis is widely accepted for its medicinal benefits, recreational cannabis still faces a lot of legal challenges and restrictions. Quality – there is a significant difference between the quality of medical cannabis and recreational cannabis. While they both are grown in similar fashion, there are certain differences in the cultivation and production processes. These differences depend on whether the final product is for medicinal or recreational purposes. Shopping experiences – another key difference between medical cannabis and recreational cannabis is the way in which a person shops for the product. Patients must show there medical cannabis card and photo ID when shopping for the medical variety whereas stores that sell the recreational strains aren’t allowed to give medical advice. Variety of purpose – while recreational cannabis is used for personal satisfaction and social enjoyment, medical cannabis is used for its medicinal benefits as well. Since medicinal cannabis can be used by minors and the elderly, it’s more versatile. Whether you smoke a medicinal or recreational strain, it’s important to use a high-quality smoking accessory when you do. We know that you have a personal preferences of beakers, pipes and bongs. We have a wide range of accessories to suit all your needs. For information about our products, e-mail your questions to Tank Glass at support@tankglass.us.
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Advantages and Disadvantages of moderately good Cannabis

Whether you’re a newbie or veteran cannabis smoker, you may have heard the term “mids” thrown around in discussions about different weed strains. Mids are a one of 4 categories that make up the cannabis quality spectrum along with “regs”, “beasters”, and “headies.” In order to understand the cannabis quality spectrum, it’s best to differentiate things by the following: Low quality or regs Medium or moderate quality or mids High quality divided between low-high quality and highest-high quality or beasters and headies So what exactly are mids? If we use the 3-tier scale above, mids represent the midway point between the lower grades of cannabis and the top-shelf strains. What Characteristics or Factors make Mids moderately good Cannabis? We typically look at 5 characteristics or factors that define mids as moderately good weed. These include: appearance concentration of cannabinoids effects flavor price What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Mids? First and foremost, the primary advantage or benefit of moderately good cannabis is the price. Although you won’t be able to buy it with the loose change found in your car, you won’t need a second mortgage loan on your home either. Some other outstanding advantages of mids include: Its attractive green color compared to cardboard-looking regs The different levels of high you experience depending on if you’re a first-time, regular, seasoned, or veteran smoker That being said about the advantages of mids, there are 3 disadvantages to be aware of. These include:  Appearance – despite being more attractive than regs, mids are still highlighted by the basic browns and greens of the average strains that are out there Mold – depending on who you purchase your mids from, some buds may be moldy Seeds and stems – the likelihood of seeds and stems being present is higher in mids than what you would find in beasters and headies High-quality Cannabis provides the best Smoking Experience It goes without saying that if you want the best cannabis smoking experience possible, fill your bong, bowl, blunt, or joint with high-quality, organically-grown, and sustainably-sourced cannabis. Remember, it’s not so much about the quantity that you smoke, it’s about the quality of bud you smoke. When you’re searching for the best cannabis, always go for beasters or headies, provided you can afford them. You’ll get more out of a small amount and have a better smoking experience. Plus, your stash is going to last considerably longer when you purchase higher quality weed. And then you need to keep it safe and dry to enjoy the best hits. Additionally, to learn more about the best smoking accessories to burn those beasters or headies in, contact Tank Glass today at support@tankglass.us.
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What are the 4 Benefits of Dabbing?

To understand the concept of dabbing, you need to know what a “dab” is. A dab is a cannabis concentrate that is available in a variety of textures. It can be consumed in one of two ways. You can vaporize this concentrate in a dab rig or a vaping straw. Furthermore, dabs are available in different colors including amber, brown, white, and yellow. They’re also available in different forms such as “budder”, “shatter”, and “wax.” There’s no right or wrong when it comes to choosing the best dab. Different people have different choices and tastes. Dabbing requires temperatures of 400-600° in order to vaporize cannabis properly. It is usually done in an accessory such as a dab rig or vaping straw. If you’ve never seen or used a dab rig, it reminds you of a bong. Just like a bong, a dab rig is constructed from glass and has a water chamber. However, instead of a bowl for your cannabis, there’s a banger and dab tool called a nail.Just keep in mind that dabbing isn’t for everybody, especially if you’re a novice user. It is best to use the bong early on till you figure out more complex devices. Most importantly, remember to always use products that are clean and tested, no matter what your preference. On the other hand, if you have had plenty of THC experiences and it’s done properly, you’ll enjoy the following 4 benefits of dabbing: Cleaner and purer – concentrates and extracts are much cleaner and purer. As a result, it’s much easier on your lungs than if you smoked your cannabis from a bong or a pipe. Smoking cannabis produces hot smoke and resin, which can be unpleasant. Dabbing eliminates a large percentage (if not all) of these while still delivering the basic cannabinoids, terpenes, and numerous other compounds. Fast-acting – some individuals are anxious or impatient about getting high and want to feel the psychoactive effects of smoking weed immediately. Dabbing is the best way to have a fast-acting, stronger hit. Flavor – another key benefit of dabbing is the flavor experience. The best concentrates will produce the same aroma and have the same flavor as a fresh strain of cannabis. This is due to the extraction process that is used when producing a concentrate. Potency – the primary reason that so many individuals are dabbing today is because of its potency. Once a person has developed a high tolerance for cannabis, they often look for a stronger weed experience. And dabbing provides that. Even if your tolerance level isn’t that high, you’ll enjoy the overall experience. For more information send your message to Tank Glass at support@tankglass.us.
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The Benefits, Legality, and Uses of THC-JD

As of 2020, a new cannabinoid has joined the ranks of the current ones and is called THC-JD. While there hasn’t been enough information produced from research studies, we want to share what is known as of this point in time. We are aware that scientific research is often hard to come by. Consequently, the only information we can share here is what we’ve learned from anecdotes and firsthand experience. What we also know is that THC-JD occurs naturally.However, it’s only found in trace amounts, just like other minor cannabinoids. But, unlike Delta-8, HHC, and THC-P, THC-JD is extracted directly from marijuana. No additional isomerization or synthesis is required. Another aspect we’re aware of is there are 8 carbon chains in THC-JD compared to 5 in THC. So this THC variant will form a stronger bond with CB1 receptors. Whenever that happens, you experience a more pronounced high. This is one of the reasons for its popularity. Benefits and EffectsUsers have reported that the effects of THC-JD are similar to regular THC only stronger. So if you use a vape pen to smoke your THC and feel happy, hungry, and ready for bed, then you can expect THC-JD to intensify those feelings. Just be forewarned that consuming too much of this cannabinoid, as with others, will cause some unpleasant side effects such as anxiety, dizziness, loss of coordination, nausea, and paranoia.Furthermore, some users have reported it’s more like an Indica high instead of a Sativa high. In other words, it causes “couch potato” syndrome. Still other users claim that THC-JD is energizing and boosts their mood. The reality is that all cannabis strains affect individuals differently. Without additional research and studies, we are still in the “getting-to-know-you” stage with THC-JD. The Big Question: Is it Legal? The Farm Bill of 2018 legalized hemp which allowed for the sale and distribution of products manufactured with this material. Hemp has an extremely high THC content and the aforementioned Farm Bill led to the dramatic release of CBD products, thereby creating a new consumer market. Other cannabinoids soon followed suit, some of which will result in getting high. Smokers looking to experiment love such stuff and create a demand in the market. So is THC-JD legal? Yes and no. It just depends on its source of origin. So if it’s extracted from marijuana, it can only be sold in a dispensary. On the other hand, if it’s extracted from hemp, then it falls into the legal loophole, provided it doesn’t contain more than 0.3% of Delta-9 THC. For information on our high quality glass accessories, visit our website e-mail your questions to support@tankglass.us.

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