Joints and Spliffs – What’s the difference?

There is a diverse range of options when it comes to consuming or smoking cannabis today. You have blunts, bongs, dabs, pipes, vape pens, and other devices that can vaporize your favorite concentrate or strain almost instantly. However, joints and spliffs are still the most basic and common methods preferred among many veteran cannabis users throughout the US today.


Joints are commonly rolled up in thin smoking papers but can also be made using empty cigarette tube with a filter attached. This helps prevent burning one’s fingertips or lips when holding it and refines your smoking experience. Joints are usually more compact and slimmer, but you can put as much weed in them as you want. For those of you who prefer smoking pure clean cannabis, joints are the go-to choose.


Spliffs are basically joints that contain marijuana and regular tobacco. Surprisingly, smoking spliffs isn’t something new that the younger generations concocted. Even with all the new weed delivery methods out there, spliffs are popular on a global scale. You may be thinking that only tobacco smokers prefer spliffs. But the reality is that cannabis smokers who don’t use regular tobacco with oftentimes use a little in their joints.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Joints

There are several advantages to smoking a joint that are worth noting. First, they can be rolled quickly and easily. They are easily carried in cigarette packs or small carrying cases. You can light them and put them out repeatedly, making it convenient to take a few hits now and again later on. There’s also the social experience involved when passing a joint among friends. Although there aren’t many disadvantages, the primary one is that they will burn quickly or unevenly they’re rolled too loosely or too tightly.

Although cannabis has shown medicinal properties, it helps to use cannabis wisely. If you are doing it for recreational purposes, enjoy using glass beakers and bongs on regular basis.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Spliffs

Mixing nicotine with THC can provide a different experience compared to that of a joint. However, this just depends on the smoker. Spliffs are characteristically more discreet than joints since the tobacco can mask some of the familiar cannabis aroma. But the big disadvantage to smoking a spliff is that the tobacco used in spliffs is potentially addictive and carcinogenic.

The bottom line is that joints and spliffs have advantages and disadvantages to be aware of. At the end of the day, the real difference between the two may just come down to a matter of preference. For the finest smoking experience, you can have, visit the Tank Glass website and browse through our fine line of accessories.

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