4 Tips that will help to prevent Bong breakage

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There is little that can compare to the love a cannabis smoker has for their favorite bong or water pipe. While some remain loyal to the very first bong they ever bought, others will pledge their allegiance to a top-shelf piece. Most of us will do whatever is required to extend the life of our favorite pieces and prevent any harm from coming to them. After all, you need your bong to get the best hits, but some of us are not so lucky and wind up breaking our bongs along with our hearts.

Here are 4 helpful tips that could ensure keeping our favorite bongs safe from harm and avoid the heartbreak of losing them:

  • Always carry your bong with care – while most bong smokers keep their pieces at home, there are those who enjoy taking theirs to a friend’s home or outdoors. If you do the latter, proceed with the utmost care as bongs are damaged or destroyed while in transit. Investing in a quality carrying case is recommended for cradling and protecting your favorite piece from breakage.

  • Break it down so you don’t break the bong – if you have a bong that you’re proud of, you’ll probably show it off. That’s perfectly normal. Unfortunately, placing it front-and-center in a high traffic area of the room with the downstem and bowl in place increases the risk of breakage. If you don’t want to have to replace your prized possession, we suggest you remove the bowl and downstem between uses.

  • Consistent cleaning – believe it or not, there’s more to cleaning your bong than ease of use and hygiene. It takes considerably more effort and patient to clean away residue that has gotten caked on over many months than what has built up over a week or two. There’s a higher risk of breaking your bong if an intensive deep cleaning is required. Delicate handling is easier to maintain when all that’s required is a quick cleaning.

  • Dump your dirty bong water – most cannabis smokers know to add the proper level of water to their bong before they use it. However, it’s equally if not more important to empty that water out after every use. Naturally, this is a good idea from the standpoint of cleanliness. However, it can also help you avoid breaking it. If a bong is left sitting in a room where the temperature fluctuates and the water’s mass expands, it could cause it to crack or shatter.

For more advice about protecting your bong from breakage, call Tank Glass and speak with one our representatives today. Additionally, you can browse our large collection of bongs and beakers, if you are looking to buy a new one.

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