Bong water Alternatives

Throughout the years, hitting the bong, colloquially speaking, has gained more popularity among smokers because of its different types of water flavours. Not only will you get a chance to pick fruit-like flavours, but you’ll also be able to revel in the effects.

There are not really that many to choose from when it comes to the basic types. However, it’s almost guaranteed that each water flavour will give you a different impression. If you’re a fruit lover kind of person, trying these infused goodies will make you try the rest.

Interestingly, some people decide to get creative and try a few flavored beverages when hitting the bong. In other words, they pour fruit-flavored drinks in the bong and smoke what comes out of it. You can go for fizzy drinks if you fancy them, too.

If you’re already aware of the variety of water flavour bongs, perhaps becoming acquainted with the drinks will push you to give them an opportunity.

Many types of juicy flavors

It’s virtually impossible to tell you which ones you’ll fall in love with for sure because that’s up to your taste, but a brief description of some of them will probably entice you to give them a whirl.

In case you want to run wild with the fizzy drinks, go to your local grocery store and find some strawberry-flavored Fanta, pineapple-flavored Fanta, cranberry juice, or even Lemonade. Carbonated drinks are said to have a cool and sweet taste after the first puff; Lemonade, by contrast, is said to have a kind of tangy flavor in your throat that might not exactly meet your expectations, but some people love it regardless.

Assuming you didn’t pick any soda pops, you can go for the energy drinks as well. Bear in mind that you can mix liquids for a surprise. Gatorade is likely to be your first option, since it a famous brand, but don’t let it fool you because if you’re not a fan of Gatorade in the first place, it’s almost certain that you’ll loathe it as soon as you hit that bong.

A secret substitute that will surprise you

Looking for another substitute? There’s one last that might blow your mind away. Head straight to the kitchen and pour some milk mixed with Nesquick. It’s completely understandable if your stomach churns at the thought of trying this, but believe it or not, it’s got rave reviews from the people who have taken a stab at it.

Now you’ve got plenty of options to chew over, think things through when you buy the drinks. Choose at least three different types because there’s still a chance that the ones you hate might reach your expectations and the ones you think you love might end up being a total bummer.

However, you should use only the finest bongs to smoke if you want to enjoy as much as possible whatever the flavor you decided to use. If you want to take a loathe with an excellent bubbler, dial (323)-364-7952 and choose Tank Glass to sell you only the best bongs.

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