Advantages and Disadvantages of moderately good Cannabis

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Whether you’re a newbie or veteran cannabis smoker, you may have heard the term “mids” thrown around in discussions about different weed strains. Mids are a one of 4 categories that make up the cannabis quality spectrum along with “regs”, “beasters”, and “headies.” In order to understand the cannabis quality spectrum, it’s best to differentiate things by the following:

  • Low quality or regs
  • Medium or moderate quality or mids
  • High quality divided between low-high quality and highest-high quality or beasters and headies

So what exactly are mids? If we use the 3-tier scale above, mids represent the midway point between the lower grades of cannabis and the top-shelf strains.

What Characteristics or Factors make Mids moderately good Cannabis?

We typically look at 5 characteristics or factors that define mids as moderately good weed. These include:

  • appearance
  • concentration of cannabinoids
  • effects
  • flavor
  • price

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Mids?

First and foremost, the primary advantage or benefit of moderately good cannabis is the price. Although you won’t be able to buy it with the loose change found in your car, you won’t need a second mortgage loan on your home either. Some other outstanding advantages of mids include:

  • Its attractive green color compared to cardboard-looking regs
  • The different levels of high you experience depending on if you’re a first-time, regular, seasoned, or veteran smoker

That being said about the advantages of mids, there are 3 disadvantages to be aware of. These include: 

  • Appearance – despite being more attractive than regs, mids are still highlighted by the basic browns and greens of the average strains that are out there
  • Mold – depending on who you purchase your mids from, some buds may be moldy
  • Seeds and stems – the likelihood of seeds and stems being present is higher in mids than what you would find in beasters and headies

High-quality Cannabis provides the best Smoking Experience

It goes without saying that if you want the best cannabis smoking experience possible, fill your bong, bowl, blunt, or joint with high-quality, organically-grown, and sustainably-sourced cannabis. Remember, it’s not so much about the quantity that you smoke, it’s about the quality of bud you smoke. When you’re searching for the best cannabis, always go for beasters or headies, provided you can afford them.

You’ll get more out of a small amount and have a better smoking experience. Plus, your stash is going to last considerably longer when you purchase higher quality weed. And then you need to keep it safe and dry to enjoy the best hits.

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