The Impact on a Relationship when Couples smoke Cannabis

Smoking weed together in a relationship can be a great source of enjoyment as well as relaxing and stimulating. However, if you overdo it, it can damage relationships and drive couples apart. Where relationships are concerned, cannabis and alcohol use can have good and bad consequences depending on the extent of their use. Either way, weed is going to have some type of effect on your relationship. This isn’t a matter of it being good or bad, but each individual’s personal circumstances.

You also have to consider their relationship with weed as well as their relationship with the other individual in the relationship. For many couples sharing a blunt or a joint can be a great way to unwind after a long day and spend some quality time together. For others, their cannabis habit may become detrimental and adversely affect their ability to respond to their partner’s specific needs, thereby damaging the relationship over time. While sharing cannabis is often a positive experience, you can’t be too naïve about it. Basically, doing it in moderation can keep the spark alive but overdosing on it can be detrimental for your relationship.

We see several benefits of smoking cannabis with your partner. Please note, these benefits are referring to individuals who occasionally use cannabis rather than getting high together on a regular basis:

  • It can align each other’s moods and thoughts – when you get high with your partner, it enhances your connection with each other and your ideas tend to align with theirs.
  • It doubles your creative energy as a couple – whether drawing, playing music, or writing, being creative after smoking cannabis is a great source of enjoyment,
  • It enhances physical intimacy and sex – getting high together increases our mental and physical sensitivities, thereby making physical intimacy very special – whether it’s sexual or not.
  • It helps you unwind together – one of the primary reasons couples love smoking weed together is because it enables them to relax and unwind together. Consequently, relaxing with your partner can be a very satisfying experience.
  • It makes us smile and laugh – smoking cannabis with your partner brings out smiles and laughter which can make you more attractive to one another.
  • It promotes intuitive understanding – it’s safe to say that smoking weed enhances your ability to communicate and become more intuitive.

Prior to smoking together, couples should always discuss cannabis use together, if not just for the sake of conversation but to express each other’s expectations regarding the experience. When smoking together, enhance your experience by using the highest quality smoking accessories. We have a large collection of unique products to enhance your smoking experience. To learn more, contact Tank Glass by sending us your questions to

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