A Basic Guide to the 3 Types of Bongs

Although the bong has become a common item among smokers today, many novices, if you’ll excuse the term, are unaware that this smoking device can be manufactured from materials other than glass. According to history, the bong is one of the oldest smoking accessories available in the cannabis marketplace today. The reason for their growing popularity is that they prevent those heavier particles from getting into your mouth or worse, your windpipe.

Furthermore, you get a much smoother hit every time compared to smoking cannabis in a pipe or rolled in paper. So let’s take a look the 3 types of bongs you should consider having in your accessories collection:

Acrylic bongs – every type of material used in the manufacture of bongs has certain advantages over the other. In the case of acrylic bongs, the main advantage of this material is its durability. For instance, if a hit is too harsh and causes you to break into a coughing fit, an acrylic bong won’t shatter if you drop it. Furthermore, acrylic bongs are ideal for traveling because of their durability. The downside is that acrylic tends to affect how your smoke tastes, especially if you don’t clean the bong frequently enough. Over time, the material will hang on to different flavors and smells.

Glass bongs – unlike bongs made out of acrylic materials, glass won’t affect the smoke’s flavor and makes for a much cleaner taste. The only thing you will taste is the dry material you’re smoking. Glass bongs are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Additionally, you have a choice of styles such as the beaker type or the standard straight tube models. Although the straight tube variety is easier to clean, they have a smaller base and can be tipped over easier whereas the beaker type is more stable and less prone to tipping.

Silicone bongs – these bongs are considerably easier to clean because they are made for the same food-grade material as most cookware which means that nothing sticks to them. Nor do they hold onto flavors or smells so every hit is very clean tasting. Like acrylic bongs, silicone bongs a durable and difficult to break which makes them ideal for taking to parties or traveling. The only reason they’re not as popular as glass bongs is that some styles make silicone bongs look like toys which they clearly aren’t. Plus, the opaque body of a silicone bong makes it impossible to see resin build-up.

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