What is the best Temperature for keeping Cannabis fresh?

No matter how you store your cannabis, in order to keep it fresh and effective, the temperature it’s stored at can play a significant role in the overall process. While it’s imperative that you store it at the proper temperature, understanding how to keep it fresh at all times ensures having a more enjoyable smoking session and experiencing it when it’s the most potent. When storing your cannabis, keep it in the dark away from any sunlight and where the airflow is restricted.

What is the ideal Temperature for storing Your Cannabis?

You can’t have a discussion about keeping cannabis fresh without talking about what the best temperature is for storage purposes. If you store your stash somewhere that’s too hot or humid, you’re increasing the likelihood of mildew and mold growth. However, an environment that is too dry and warm will dry out your cannabis, causing it to get brittle and crumble. Granted, dry buds will break apart easily. But, they will most likely be harsh and unpleasant when smoking them.

The ideal temperature for storing your cannabis is around 70° F or 21° C. Furthermore, don’t store your cannabis in an environment that is regularly exposed to light or sunlight as this will accelerate the drying process. Look for areas around your home that are consistently cool, dark, and dry. Consider storing it in a cabinet away from sunlight and kitchen appliances, especially your stove and oven. Although no strain will last forever, following this advice ensures that your buds will stay fresh for quite some time. After all, your smoking experience will depend upon the quality of weed that you use.

Does Cannabis lose its Potency when it dries out?

As mentioned above the disadvantages of dry cannabis is that it gets brittle and can be easily broken apart. However, it will also become too harsh to smoke. Does it lose its potency as well? Yes, it does. In fact, as cannabis dries out, it loses increasingly more potency as the drying process progresses. As a result, you may feel very little when smoking dry cannabis. In turn, this will cause you to burn through your stash faster in order to achieve the same affects you would with a smaller quantity of fresh bud.

Learning how to store your cannabis and keep it fresh is essential for anyone who smokes. Storing cannabis properly not only preserves its longevity, it limits its exposure to certain contaminants and undesirable airflow. To learn more about properly storing your cannabis, call Tank Glass at (323)-364-7952 today. Additionally, there is a vast range of smoking accessories that you can browse to get the best for your smoking pleasure.

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