Smoking with a Bong vs. Smoking with a Pipe

While there are obvious differences between bongs and pipes, both smoking gadgets have their advantages and disadvantages. Both accessories have evolved significantly over the years and have built a strong presence in the cannabis accessories market. Although it dates back centuries to Native American culture, pipe smoking became commonplace during the 17th century even though they were smoking regular tobacco. So how does smoking with a bong differ from smoking with a pipe and which method is right for you? This is an insightful though and we bring you quick facts about it.


Bongs are commonly used among younger demographics that are very serious about their cannabis smoking. This popular smoking device filters the smoke through water in order to provide you with a smoother hit. Bongs are typically cylindrical shaped with a rounded bottom that holds water. Once the cannabis is lit and you begin inhaling, the smoke passes up the tube of the bong once it has passed through the water at the base of the bong. This device is very easy to use and provides the smoker with a great high.

The primary benefit of smoking with a bong is that you get higher much faster. A more potent high results from the smoke percolating its way through the water. As a result, there is a second benefit – cost-effectiveness resulting from efficiency. Compared to a joint or pipe, smoking with a bong conserves a lot more weed. The only downside to smoking with a bong is that they are considerably larger than a pipe and are more difficult to travel with. However, with a range of portable mini bongs, you can still enjoy the experience.


The pipe is the age-old standby when it comes to smoking tobacco and weed. Having evolved over the centuries, pipes are now manufactured in many shapes and sizes. However, the more popular varieties are manufactured from glass. The main benefit of a pipe is that it simple to use, smaller in size, and therefore more convenient. Because of their size, glass pipes are easier to travel with. The only drawback is that they break and chip easily when dropped on a hard surface. So, whenever you’re trying to decide between a bong and a pipe, durability is an important factor to think about.

While there are many factors to consider when choosing between a bong and a pipe, the best thing to do is to weigh out the benefits of both. Ultimately, it’s a matter of preference. Some prefer the pipe while others cannot enjoy a smoke without the glass bong. For more information, contact us by clicking here or visit our website.

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