5 Essential Accessories no Cannabis Smoker should be without

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There are numerous smoking accessories and tools available on the market today that will enable you to have a more enjoyable experience. Thus, if you’re a beginning smoker and not sure which ones you should have, we have some suggestions for you. The following are the essential accessories and tools that you should never be without.

Metal grinder – you can still grind your product with a plastic one, but metal ones are far superior in every way imaginable. They’re easier to clean and maintain, last longer, look much cooler, and won’t retain residue or smells. We recommend a 3-chamber model which ensures that no material gets wasted.

One-hitter – imagine a pipe that’s the size of a joint. That’s what a one-hitter is. These are ideal for the person who isn’t that good at rolling. These are also the perfect choice if you don’t like inhaling burning paper. One-hitters are extremely durable, keep your product safe until you need some, and can be loaded if you’re on the go a lot. If you enjoy taking a couple of hits with your morning coffee, the one-hitter is essential.

Rolling papers – Before you start spending your hard-earned money on those fancier gadgets, keep one thing in mind. First and foremost, a self-respecting smoker should master the basics. In other words, learn how to roll a joint that doesn’t look like a crooked twig off a tree and use a filter. A filter helps to prevents nasty plant matter from getting in your mouth or your windpipe. It might help to buy a rolling machine as well.

Rolling tray – if you don’t want your product and accessories getting knocked on the floor by a careless or rambunctious friend, you need to purchase a rolling tray. With a carefully designed, high-quality rolling tray, your product, papers, and other accessories and tools will be safe and secure. The better rolling trays include a rolling area and a section for storing papers and filters.

Stash box – no collection of accessories is complete without a stash box to hold everything. Stash boxes provide a two-fold benefit. They keep your product away from curious eyes and keep it fresh in the process. Furthermore, remember this. A quality product deserves a quality container i.e. stash box. Don’t skimp when purchasing one. This is a must-buy if only for your peace of mind and nothing else.

While we consider the above accessories to be essential for novice smokers, you may add other items to this list, if you choose. We have an extensive collection of glass bongs and pipes that would suit every smoker’s requirement. Browse our collection today and if you have queries, call us.

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