How frequently should the Water in Your Bong be changed?

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One of the more frequent questions we answer is “How frequently should I change the water in my bong?” Yet while it is commonly asked by new bong users for the most part, there are some veteran smokers that often neglect this simple task. Granted, your bong is still going to perform whether the water in it is dirty or fresh. However, the manner in which your bong will work can vary quite a bit. If you don’t believe us, just take a hit off a brand new bong with clean water in it and compare it to yours.

4 Important Reasons for changing Your Bong Water on a regular Basis

What is it that makes smoking weed from a bong a great experience? Two words – water filtration. However, the same thing that makes it so great can also be what ruins your smoking session, namely old, dirty bong water. Here are 4 important reasons why you should change your bong water on a regular basis:

  • The appearance – old bong water is brown and murky looking. Honestly, it’s just gross. Why would you even consider smoking out of a bong that looked like that?
  • The bacteria – this is the most important reason for changing your bong water on a regular basis. Old bong water is loaded with bacteria which can lead to respiratory infections and dozens of other health problems.
  • The smell – let’s be realistic. Old bong water stinks and if you don’t change it out on a regular basis, it can stink up an entire room.
  • The taste – you might as well assume that if bong water smells bad, it’s going to make your bong rips taste terrible. Unless you don’t care about how your weed tastes, we suggest you change your bong water regularly.

Are you convinced yet about the need to change your bong water frequently? If not, then you obviously don’t care about the quality of your smoke or your health.

How often should Your Bong Water be changed?

Chances are, you could ask a dozen different smokers how often they recommend changing their bong water and you’d probably get a different answer from each one. Some change theirs on a daily basis while others change theirs weekly, bi-monthly, and even monthly. So, what’s the answer? We recommend changing your bong water as often as it becomes necessary. It will help to keep your hits smooth and hygienic apar from, ensuring that the water is clean and clear.

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