6 Types of Materials used to manufacture Bongs

There literally thousands of bongs available on the market today. Cheap and expensive bongs, fancy and plain bongs; the supply is endless. But what characteristics define their quality and how well they perform when using them? In most cases, it has a lot to do with the material they’re manufactured from. However, there are certain drawbacks to be aware of with some materials and others that we would personally recommend for your smoking pleasure.

We’ve listed the 6 most common manufacturing materials below with the reasons why some should be avoided and others are recommended:

  • Acrylic – this is hands down, the worst material to use when manufacturing a bong. It can’t be cleaned thoroughly, it’s not good for flavor, it’s not heat-resistant, and it’s very unhealthy to smoke out of. The only real benefit to acrylic bongs is how cheap they are.
  • Borosilicate – as a runner-up for best bong material, borosilicate bongs are made using boric acid which increases acid resistance and strength. They are also the better choice where repeated heating and cooling applications are concerned.
  • Ceramic – before glass bongs became so popular, this was the original art bong. Many ceramic bongs were manufacture in a variety of forms such as skulls and wizards. While this type offers a better smoking experience, glass bongs will outlast them. Plus, they have a metal bowl which isn’t the ideal choice for flavor or a person’s health.
  • Glass – as one of the two best bongs you can smoke from, glass bongs are usually manufactured from one of two kinds of glass – 1) borosilicate or hard glass and 2) soda lime glass or soft glass. These are most hygienic, clean and hard glass beakers and bongs that are the preferred medium of use.
  • Metal – if you want to sneak a quick tote, the thermos style bong is probably your best choice. Unfortunately, the porosity of metal makes it difficult to get fully cleaned after use. Therefore, this is not the best candidate for repeated use.
  • Silicone – although silicone bongs are difficult to break and temperature-resistant, they’re typically made in China out of polysiloxane rubber, a material that doesn’t hold up to repeated cleanings. The more you clean them, the more porous the material gets, causing it to trap carbon, resins, and eventually mold.

Another durable choice is soda lime or soft glass bongs. These bongs tend to be heavier because of the thickness of the glass. Although this is also a great choice, the borosilicate bong still has the edge because of its strength. For the most durable and functional glass smoking accessories, contact Tank Glass by sending a message to business@tankglass.us today.

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