Why Do You Get Higher When Smoking With A Bong?

Many individuals have asked this question for years now. Without a doubt, bong hits affect you faster, feel considerably more powerful, and ultimately result in a more intense high than you’d experience with a bowl or pipe. There are several reasons for this but the two primary ones are:

  • Built-in filtration removes the harshness and unpleasant flavors from each hit and results in less interference with your high


  • Cools the smoke down which enables you to take significantly larger hits and avoid coughing which leads to bigger hits and a faster, more intense high

Just keep in mind that bigger bongs will produce bigger hits. So, when you consider the fact that bigger hits lead to bigger highs, size really does matter where smoking with a bong is concerned. That is why it helps to use the right sized bongs or beakers. There are plenty of these online that you can buy to get a luxurious smoking experience.

How to achieve the most Optimal High

Smokers often share a common myth – the longer you hold in your smoke, the more intense your high will be. Nothing could be further from the truth. This won’t get you higher, but it will result in an irritated respiratory system and prevent you from getting the proper amount of oxygen. That high that you may feel after holding in your smoke is most likely dizziness and not an intense buzz. Holding your smoke is unnecessary. Just breathe the smoke in for a couple of seconds. That should be sufficient.

Knowing Your Tolerance Level

So how many bong hits does it take to get high? Everyone has a tolerance level that’s based on how much and how often you smoke. You shouldn’t worry about whether your tolerance level is high or low as long as you’re aware of how much you need to smoke in order to get high. Regardless of your tolerance level, even the most avid smokers can get high almost immediately from a single bong hit.

Remember, every smoker’s tolerance level is different and there’s no perfect amount of hits that will get a person high every time. The bottom line is that smoking cannabis is supposed to be an enjoyable experience. You can experiment with bong hits and find out what is needed to get you high. Smoking from a bong is usually cleaner, cooler, and smoother than smoking through a bowl or pipe. You’ll always have enough time to experiment with your bong and be able to enjoy yourself in the process.

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