The best Fertilizers and Nutrients for Your Marijuana Plants

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Rookie marijuana growers tend to focus primarily of factors such as lighting set-ups, plant strain, and the soil. However, the type of fertilizer used and the nutrients you feed them are equally as important. When you fertilize your plants, you want to focus on feeding the soil, not the plants. Every plant’s success is determined by the soil they’re living in. Although light and water are critical elements, it’s what you put into the soil that will determine the results. Sunlight is an important component of ensuring that the plants get enough natural light.

Healthy marijuana plants require a fertilizer that contains nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium in order to produce higher flower yields and have strong roots. These 3 elements will be represented by the letters “NPK” on the packaging. However, these aren’t the only ingredients in a good marijuana fertilizer. Your plants will also need micronutrients such as calcium, magnesium, sulfur, and a handful of others. Here is what the 3 primary nutrients provide your plants:


  • Nitrogen – not only is nitrogen important for leaf growth, it’s essential to every organic lifeform on the planet. It’s also vital to chlorophyll production which stimulates the process of photosynthesis and a key component of amino acids. Marijuana plants require nitrogen throughout their life cycle. Just as humans require protein for energy and to maintain healthy muscle mass, plants need nitrogen in order to produce strong branches, leaves, roots, and stalks.
  • Phosphorus – this nutrient helps to strengthen the structure of the plant by creating strong buds and roots. Phosphorus is also required for metabolism, photosynthesis, and the intake of other nutrients. Basically, it enables a plant to achieve its genetic integrity reach its maximum potential. Like nitrogen, phosphorus is required during a marijuana plants entire life cycle. However, it plays an even more significant role in the plant’s flowering stage.
  • Potassium – cannabis plants require extra doses of this nutrient during the flowering stage. In some respects, it is like the plant’s immune system. Potassium helps the plant produce chunky, fully developed buds. In addition to promoting larger bud size, it protects the plant from disease and infection while strengthening plant tissue and using water more efficiently. Potassium is a mobile nutrient like nitrogen and phosphorus. In other words, it can take it from older growth and direct it towards new growth.

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