The Benefits of Smoking Cannabis out of a Bong

It’s unfortunate that there’s a lack of research about cannabis consumption habits and the impact on your health. NORML state coordinator, Dr. Dale Gieringer recommends is to smoke a stronger strain so you don’t inhale as many harmful toxins. In other words, when you smoke more potent cannabis, you consume a smaller quantity of plant matter but can still achieve the desired effect. The idea is simple:
  • First, bongs help you conserve your cannabis which in turn saves you money.
  • Second, you now have more money and can afford higher-quality product.
  • Finally, you consume less plant matter but get the same result.

Eating edibles or smoking cannabis in a dry-herb vaporizer is the healthiest ways to smoke. However, many consumers often have difficulties adapting to a thinner vapor. As a result, they often find themselves wanting more flavor and an immediate effect. On the other hand, waiting for an hour or more for an edible to kick in can act as a deterrent, even though the effects may last longer. Thus, everyone has their own way of getting a high.

Why is smoking through a Bong healthier for You?

Another reason that smoking cannabis out of a bong is healthier for you is because the smoke is filtered by the water in the base of it, unlike a joint or pipe that provides no filtration at all. A study conducted by a group of Harvard Schools of Public Health researchers in conjunction with the University of Texas found that smoking through a bong removes two toxic substances – acetaldehyde and acrolein. These substances negatively affect the immune system and the lung’s defense cells. This makes it a healthier smoking option as compared to rolling a joint.

4 Benefits of smoking Cannabis through a Bong

So why do so many smokers prefer a bong to a dry pipe or a joint? Simply stated, it’s all about the following benefits of smoking cannabis through a bong:

  • For many individuals, the smoother hits you get when smoking through a bong is the biggest benefit of all.
  • Second, it doesn’t take a lot of education to use a bong. While rolling a joint properly can be a challenging task, using a bong is relatively simple.
  • Third, although more maintenance is required when using a bong (you can throw a joint away when you’re done with it), the maintenance is very easy.
  • Finally, bongs are available in a broad range of colors, sizes, and costs.

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