7 Amazing Health Benefits of Smoking Marijuana

Cannabis has long-been recognized for its medicinal qualities. In fact, it’s been well-documented that the ancient Greeks and Romans along with people in the Middle East used it to help with earache and toothache pain. Since ancient times, cannabis use has come a long way and now provide the following 7 amazing health benefits:

  • Controls seizures – the internet has numerous videos circulating in which a child is seizing and the parent administers cannabis oil drops or a similar CBD product to them. Within a matter of minutes, the seizures are dramatically reduced or stop altogether. As a result of the evidence, the FDA recently approved the use of a plant-based type of CBD to treat seizures in children as well as adults.
  • Helps with inflammation – inflammation caused by acne, headaches, joint pain, and sclerosis can be relieved with cannabis use. Furthermore, CBD topical gels and lotions are also effective for inflammation relief. Certain aromatherapy products contain CBD as well as coconut oil, lavender essential oil, and shea butter.
  • Improves immune systems – if there’s one thing we’ve learned during the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s how we value our immune systems. Scientists have researched the CB1 and CB2 receptors in the brain along with the immune system and discovered that it’s possible for cannabis to help our bodies retain homeostasis, thereby enabling us to remain healthy and well.
  • Managing chronic pain – many arthritis, back pain, and migraine sufferers today are smoking marijuana and using CBD products to manage the pain from these issues. It also helps cancer and glaucoma sufferers. Thus, instead of taking chemicals it might help take different herbal products that might help you better.
  • Managing the symptoms of PTSD – PTSD sufferers tend to have flashbacks caused by intense amounts of anxiety, intrusive memories, and trauma. A 2014 research study concluded that CBD actually helped PTSD sufferers manage their symptoms, including easing their anxiety and enabling them to sleep better at night.
  • Promotes better sleep habits – one of the biggest breakthroughs in cannabis research was the discovery that the endocannabinoid system is responsible for endocrine system maintenance. It also provides the hormone that enables you to sleep through the night, especially for those individuals who toss and turn throughout the night due to anxiety and stress.
  • Reduces anxiety – roughly 40 million US adults suffer with some form of anxiety. If you’re one of those 40 million, you know how debilitating anxiety can be. Studies have shown that cannabis use, beginning with small doses, can reduce anxiety.

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