3 Best Nutrients for growing Cannabis

In some cases, rookie cannabis growers tend to focus on certain growing aspects such as lighting set-ups, soil, and strain. However, the type of nutrients you feed your plants is also just as important. Naturally every grower, whether they’re a long-term grower or novice, wants plants that are healthy and productive. Consequently, feeding them the best nutrients is one way you can accomplish that goal. Healthy marijuana plants need a fertilizer that contains 3 important elements or nutrients:

  • nitrogen (N)
  • phosphorus (P)
  • potassium (K)

The combination of these nutrients is often represented on the fertilizer label as NPK. So if you’ve been wondering what that 3-letter combination means, now you know. Nitrogen is essential for leafy growth, Phosphorus contributes to bud and root growth, and Potassium promotes flower development. When given to your plants, these essential nutrients positively impact your plant’s overall growth in the following ways:

  • Nitrogen – this nutrient is vital to the production of chlorophyll which in turn spurns photosynthesis. It’s also a key component of amino acids, the building blocks of proteins. Basically, nitrogen is essential to every organic lifeform on the planet. As a result, cannabis plants must be fed nitrogen throughout their life cycle. Just as humans must have protein to build and maintain muscle mass, cannabis plants need it in order to build strong branches, leaves, roots, and stalks.
  • Phosphorus – in order to develop strong buds and roots that help strengthen plant structure, cannabis plants must be feed phosphorus to help them attain genetic integrity and reach its fullest potential. Although cannabis plants must have phosphorus during their entire life cycles, it is most important during the flowering stage. By maintaining adequate phosphorus levels, your cannabis plants will have a solid root system and be strong and vibrant as well.
  • Potassium – the immune system of a cannabis plant is based on this nutrient. Plants usually demand higher doses of potassium during the flowering stage in order to create chunkier, well-developed buds. In addition to increasing bud size, potassium helps the plants use water more efficiently, protects them from disease and infection, and strengthens plant tissue. Potassium is considered a “mobile” in much the same way as nitrogen and phosphorus. In other words, you can take potassium from the old growth and redirect towards the new growth. Without this nutrient, stems will be weaker and you’ll have a dramatically lower yield.

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