Comparing Indoor, Outdoor, and Greenhouse growing Environments

Most marijuana enthusiasts are classified in one of two categories namely consumers or growers. Granted you can grow your own plants and be a consumer as well. However, the majority of individuals we’ve spoken to either grow their own or buy it at a local area dispensary. If you’ve decided to go the DIY route (grow your own), the question that often arises is “Should I grow my weed indoors or outdoors?”

Keep in mind that the environment you choose for growing and raising your plants will have a direct impact on every other decision you make in the future as both consumer and grower. The following are the 3 types of marijuana growing locations and how they differ from one another:

Indoors – most DIY’ers as well as a handful of commercial growers prefer to cultivate their plants indoors. It can range from 1 or 2 plants in a closet or spare bedroom to 100 or more plants in a basement or outbuilding with a controlled climate. Those who only grow a couple of plants will use only one grow light while those who grow 100 or more plants may set up a high-tech hydroponics system. The 3 primary benefits of growing your plants indoors are:
  • less exposure to disease and pests
  • more control over each plant’s life cycle
  • more stable growing conditions
Outdoors – whether you grow marijuana commercially or are just a DIY’er, you can raise your plants outdoors as well as indoors. Many individuals choose the outdoor method because they live in climates that are conducive to healthy marijuana growth. In so doing, plants benefit from the day-night cycle and natural light that is essential for each plant’s flowering stage during their development. Although many outdoor growers feel this makes their plants “organic”, the risk of exposure to environmental pollutants, heavy metals, pesticides, and a host of other toxins is much greater.

Greenhouse – this is the 3rd option of the indoor vs. outdoor growing debate. Most DIY’ers don’t have access to greenhouse environments. However, some commercial growers choose this environment because it’s the ideal compromise between controlling plant growth indoors and the natural elements of outdoor growth. Greenhouse grown plants benefit from the day-night cycle, controlled humidity, and temperature along with the sunshine. Controlling pests is considerably easier and relatively non-toxic as well.

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