5 Ways to Rehydrate Your Weed

While it’s easier to prevent your weed from drying out than it is to rehydrate it, there are times when it can’t be avoided. When cannabis dries out, it loses aroma, flavor, and potency. The following 5 methods for rehydrating marijuana are all effective.

The Bread Method

Depending on the size of the slice, take a 1/4 to 1/2-sized piece and slightly moisten it by splashing or spraying with water, not soak it. Place the moistened piece of bread and your dry weed in an air-tight container and let the moisture distribute itself for 1-2 hours. Then check your weed to see if it’s been rehydrated sufficiently. If it hasn’t, repeat the process.

The Distilled Water Method

You can create a weed humidor by using distilled water and a jar or plastic food storage container. Place an opened packet of your weed in the jar or plastic container with a dampened (nor dripping) paper towel. Remember, excess moisture promotes mold growth and the reason you don’t spray dry buds with water directly. Seal the container with the packet of weed and paper towel inside for 2-3 hours.

The Fruit Peel Method

Not only will this increase the moisture level of your weed, it will enhance its aroma as well. But, if your buds are extremely dry, this method may not work. Place the fruit peel on top of your weed in an air tight sandwich or Ziploc bag, then check your buds after 2-3 hours. If your weed hasn’t reached its optimal moisture level but the peel is dried out, replace the peel with a new piece and repeat the process.

The Hot Water Pot Method

You need to be careful with this method because it can cause over-hydration. Boil a pot of water, remove it from the burner, and secure a washcloth over it so it’s sealed tightly. Place your buds on top of the washcloth and let the steam moisten it. Be sure to turn the buds every 3-4 minutes. You should be able to enjoy smoking your weed within 35-40 minutes.

The Lettuce Method

Since lettuce is composed of 90% to 95% water, it can do a suitable job of rehydrating your weed. Follow the same procedure as you did for the fruit method. This method rarely needs to be repeated due to the higher moisture content level of the lettuce.

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